Post-game Reactions

In the hopes of diverting everyone’s attention from Jeff Green’s situation (which sucks and we all wish him a speedy recovery), here are some highlights from last night’s scrimmage.  In this seven minute clip you’ll see Rajon Rondo take a very confident jumper, Brandon Bass show why you won’t cringe when the Cs backup power forward takes a fifteen-footer, and that Keyon Dooling can really stroke it from deep.

Again, I apologize for the lack of sound.  I’ll get that figured out for next time.  If you missed this scrimmage, you can catch most of it here:

Almost all of the Celtics’ Open Practice Scrimmage.

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  • Batman


    • Batman

      I miss being a Rondo homer
      Offseasons suck

  • JCP

    Really good to see the young guys in action… hopefully their scrimmage confidence carries over in to the season. 'Quis is looking pretty sharp, too… wasn't avoiding contact and was actually looking pretty physical.

    And man… have I missed just watching Rondo pass the ball.

    • Batman

      its beautiful

  • jay-v

    Impressive though it's a scrimmage game these guys look good!

  • rondeezy

    keyon looked good.. marquise looked REALLY good, definitely not a vet min player. moore also looked good, hope he gets some good minutes

  • ripsonics

    looks like keyon can shoot a little bit

    and wilcox might be better than expected…

    Go C's

  • phillip

    look we need to go out and get michael redd, AK 47.. and a backup pg.. we r gonna need a center too oneal wont last

    • phillip

      i hope or wish someone in the celtics orginization hears this because this is true WE NEED THESE PEOPLE OR CLOSE TO THEM

    • skeeds

      AK47 for the vet minimum? No chance man. Yes, he was being overpaid this season at 16.5 mil, but he's worth much more than the minimum.

      Anyway, you're basically saying we need 4 more players. Yes, that would be nice, but you're being unrealistic. There's no way to get all these players. This team is what it is, there might be 1-2 adjustments, but basically we're done.

  • ariele


  • Zee

    Paul still not able to practice? Where was KG? Are all these guys on our team? We look pretty deep! LOL

    • IBleedGreen

      KG was out with sore thumb, not serious though

  • onoff

    who is 43?

    • strips

      i think that's sweetney…he's been on the pre-season roster for a few years now, right?

      • onoff

        looks like he's in a good shape 🙂