Post-game Reactions

Celtics’ fans got the first look at this year’s team as the Cs held an open practice on Friday night. The scrimmage was fairly entertaining throughout but the entire game didn’t compare to the last second heroics of both E’Twaun Moore and Avery Bradley. Check out the last 30 seconds below and stay tuned for analysis.

(Apologies for the lack of sound)

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  • Batman

    Watched the whole thing great fun

    Make sure you analyze rondo hitting that jumper curling around that screen 😀

    • I know. It was so smooth, but I've been burned by preseason Rondo jumpers before…

  • Morpheus

    Yeah i wanna say Moore looks like a steal right now, but it's only practice so i'll reserve judgement. And i missed that Rondo jumper can you upload the replay? Kudos for the vid too.

  • redcon

    anywhere i can see in entirety

    • I'll upload most of it tomorrow

      • Here's most of it. It's a few minutes in (you miss a sweet layup by Ray Allen) and there's no sound. Again, my apologies.

          • redcon

            just finished watching if Jeff Green would have remained healthy our bench would have been dominant offensively as i seen a lot i liked still wish bradley would become more aggressive driving the ball as he got to the rim at will when he tried

  • Batman

    Btw Brendan do you know who that tubby kid was on the gray team?

    • Batman

      nvm found out its Micheal Sweetney

  • Batman


  • skeeds

    Watched it, loved it. I think it's fair to only say the positive now, after all it was only a practice.
    1. The rookies can shoot their ass off. Excellent form, high release, the whole package.
    2. I'd go on a limp and say that with Moore, we won't really miss Delonte.
    3. What Rondo's shooting lacks, is only him getting used to it. He shoots per.fect.ly. Can't stress that enough, I've watched him play since he was a rookie, since then, he has developed a technically excellent jumper. All he has to do now is get comfortable with it.
    4. JO does look as Doc advertised him, in great shape. Slimmer, faster, he even jumps now!!! He also reads Rondo better, he got himself open 3-4 times and got the easy bucket.
    5. Marquis is the sh$t. So very happy for him, he looks like twice the player he was until last season. I hope he has no more setbacks, if he stays healthy he's an extremely versatile offensive weapon.
    6. Bass and Wilcox, you get what you paid for. Which is great.

    All we need now is for KG to bark some defense into them!

    • ripsonics

      skeeds my man… I hope you're right – cause now I am excited.

      Go C's

    • I agree with it all skeeds and one more comment to add, Keyon Dooling can shoot his @$$ off. Hey rained about 4-5 three's with that ugly release he has.

      • skeeds

        oh yeah, forgot all about him. He did have a hard time staying in front of Rondo, but then again who wouldn't? I think he'll be much better guarding the 2. Basically, Doc will probably play a switch offence-defence 1-2 with him and Bradley. His shooting is deceptively good though!

    • High Rollers

      Good call, skeeds!

  • So is it me or is Moore traveling when he takes that shot? I count 3 steps after gathering the dribble, even though they're uber-quick steps.

    Not trying to be a debbie downer, just trying to understand what I was looking at.

    Also, I'm excited to be a Celts fan. Also also, glad we have a lot of young legs/arms/bodies/shooters for this season. Yikes.

  • Zee

    Highlights from the game with sound here:

  • Batman

    Jeff Greens out for the season……………….

  • High Rollers

    Jeff, go get that heart repaired by those excellent docs, rest up, and we'll see you next year, buddy!

  • I_Love_Green

    Well atleast its something they can fix, and nothing life threatening. Would've been awful if it affected the way he lived.

    But for basketball, now what? James Posey?

  • SteveB