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Ray Allen Speaks On Future With C’s

The senior member of the C’s Big Three was the latest in  WEEI’s round of interviews with players today: The entire interview was a good read, but a couple questions about Ray’s potential long-term future with the team and in the league are worth pointing out:

On his NBA future: “When I decide to stop playing, it won’t be because of me. I think it will be more because of my circumstances. … Obviously, for one, if I’m not here anymore, that’s a huge deterrent. You end up having to play somewhere that’s not to the standards of where I’ve been in here for these last four or five years. Physically, I’m in a great place. So, I don’t worry about that at all. But again, there’s so many unforeseen circumstances that can take place that can cause me to say it’s time for me to hang it up.”

On re-signing with the Celtics when his contract expires after this season: “Am I thinking about it? Yeah, of course I’m thinking about it. I don’t need or want to go anywhere. But we’ve got to get the rally hats going so we can sign that new deal. That’s a Danny Ainge question. But of course I’d love to continue to be here.”

We’ll dissect the cap situation moving into the next week, but it’s certainly promising to see Ray showing his true colors here. The problem Allen and Ainge will be facing for that matter, as he admits is the fact keeping Ray and signing a premier free agent in 2012 will be a tough move for Ainge to pull off.

Ray is a prideful guy, so I don’t see him settling for a veteran’s minimum deal, or something close to that while he still producing at a high level. If you want to see him back though, in addition to a max-type player, that kind of paycut, or a very significant one at the very least, may be what it takes. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that for another year at least.

  • smalltownID

    I have immense respect for the man, however, I don't think he is a guy I would want to hang around with. He has a real condescending tone, kind of like an Ivory Tower professor. I too would be surprised to see him go for a veteran's minimum.

    • Morpheus

      What are you serious? Or are you high as a kite today?

    • Morpheus

      Ray is one of thee most humble players in the league. He's that one guy who 90-99% of NBA fans actually like. You have Kobe haters, KG haters, Bron haters, Bosh haters, Dwight haters, BUT you'd be hard pressed to find any Ray haters.

  • Aaron

    I had the lucky chance to hang out with Ray at a charity event in Seattle when he played for the Supersonics. Very intelligent, down to earth, kind, and respectful. He made me feel like I mattered to him while he answered my questions and gave me feedback, and was very humble and generous with his time to everyone else at the event.

    Pro sports (and our society) needs more Ray Allens.

    We really miss him and the NBA in Seattle.

  • JR99

    Thing to do is keep Ray at a fair price, and let KG walk. Personally, I'm pretty sick and tired of watching KG disappear EVERY YEAR for the past 4 years, for a month at at time, always after some mysterious "injury" which no one has ever actually witnessed. Whatever…. gimme Ray over KG anytime.

    • Jim Dolan

      Agreed. How about trading Pierce and Rondo for Roy and Oden at the same time?

      • nick

        B-Roy retired dummy.

        • Captain Obvious

          And I suspect that may not have been the real Jim Dolan either!

      • Tes

        Injury prone Oden!? Really?

      • Tes

        Trading Paul Pierce i totally agree with. Rondo.. not so much. Y'all must've forgotten that Rondo single handedly(quite litterally) beat the heat in the only game the celtics won last post season. y'll continue to underestimate Rajon Rondo. multiple 17-18 apgs last year. yea ok.

    • Tes

      u must be a fool. who's the most dominant player on the celtics? it's ok. i'll wait. he's exactly what we need to get lebron off his game. even if it's just talking crap. but u are right about the misterious injuries though. though i would'n cast him away. it's called REST my friend,

  • dtlala

    C's will announce the Vujacic signing on Monday.

    • Kricky

      Have we completely lost out f****ing minds???

      • Morpheus

        Come on stop playing, this is simply not true. Provide a reliable, legitimate source.

  • Ryan

    Hope we sign Adam Morrison… he got his groove back in Europe and could flourish in Jeff Green's place and with supportive veteran leadership (Kobe wasn't exactl supportive leadership in LA).

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