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As the team finished through a walkthrough at TD Garden this morning, we should expect to know more about Jeff Green’s health and ability to participate with the C’s this season moving forward. Doc just spoke to reporters at the Garden this morning and informed them that Green is meeting with more doctors today, and the team should announce a resolution this evening, according to Paul Flannery of WEEI.

For now though, Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald has some insight about Green’s potential condition according to sources close to Jeff:

The 25-year-old has said the trouble was detected during a stress test, which would likely indicate a heart issue, but he has not expanded on the matter and declined comment yesterday as he shot around before the team’s workout.

According to sources close to Green, his health is expected to be fine in the long run, but there is a question now as to how long it will take to get him there. The Celtics are said to be concerned on both fronts.

Physicians are still dealing with test results, and it will be determined whether Green needs to undergo a procedure or if his condition can be controlled with medication.

A very delicate situation for both sides. Putting all health concerns aside, which come first and foremost obviously, this development leaves you wondering what exactly would be the team’s Plan B if Green was out for an extended length of time? Is Plan B (Sasha Pavlovic) already on the roster? Would bringing in Michael Redd for more potential offensive firepower help at all? More questions than answers at this point obviously, but we should know much more tonight. CelticsHub will be live at the Garden covering it all.

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Brian Robb

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  • What is Michael Redd's health status? The last time he was effective was the Beijing Olympics. With that said, I like his style but seriously is he ready to play a season?

    Another point, why this getting detected only now? Unusual for a fit person his age to suddenly have a heart condition. It could be really bad, or perhaps the C's have a very perceptive medical staff. I'd like to believe the latter…

    • redcon

      I`m on the other side in believing even with green`s injury we don`t need another player green has a huge upside and whomever we get in free agency that`s available is not very good or a once good player who`s skill set is rapidly deteriorating

  • Mark

    Does the NBA have an IR for medical purpose — similar to the NFL — where they could temporarily stash Green for some time this season and gain a roster spot?

    • redcon

      even if so it wouldn`t really matter for this Bos team which is far over the salary cap but in answer to your question the answer is no usually in these situations you have to release a non guaranteed contract to make room for a new addition a injured player stays on your roster

  • ElRoz

    W/o Green, the bench will be weak offensively…they need to get another guy – perhaps they can amnesty Green's contract? There is no offense on this bench. So he didn't pass the physical test – does that affect his contract?

    • DR JJ

      I believe it isn't possible to amnesty contracts made after the lockout.

      That being said, let us hope for Green, who is a nice and friendly guy, that he will be able to continue to play basketball

  • Kevin

    Man, I've played basketball against his younger brother who is a nice kid. That's terrible news for a guy in his physical prime, or any age really. Isn't Richard Jefferson about to clear Amnesty?

    • Batman

      he's hasn't been ammnesited yet

    • Darius

      I don't think he will be.

  • Darius

    Would Redd take the veteran's minimum?