Post-game Reactions

Our buddy Chris Forsberg on Twitter has been tweeting updates live from practice as Doc and Danny Ainge gets us up to date on the latest with Jeff Green and the rest of the C’s walking wounded.

On Green, the C’s still sound evasive. Here’s Forsberg with plenty from Doc:

“Usually you pass your physical by now,” admitted Rivers. “Listen, I’ll give you guys more tomorrow for sure. But I’ve been around long enough to know that if you haven’t passed your physical yet, then there’s something going on. I just haven’t found out, but I’ve been around long enough to know there’s something going on.”

Rivers pleaded ignorance, saying he had been in basketball meetings all morning and hadn’t conferenced with Ainge yet to talk about the latest test results. Ainge admitted more results were in, but wouldn’t offer any indication about what was found.

“We will know more about Jeff tomorrow, [he’s] completing all tests and all results should be known by tomorrow afternoon,” said Ainge. “We’ll wait until then to give you guys all that information.”

Pressed on if the early results were good or bad, Ainge said, “It’s all based on perspective. But I really don’t want to talk about that. It’s not fair for me to share Jeff’s information right now. So we’ll wait for tomorrow.”

A couple other items of interest. Paul Pierce will sit out Sunday’s exhibition game against Toronto with his sore right heel. Rajon Rondo will try to play despite his sprained right ankle, and Sasha Pavlovic will miss practice today with an injured hand he suffered yesterday.

We’ll have plenty more on the Green situation as it develops.

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Brian Robb

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  • jimmy

    I hear green may have 2 retire 🙁

    • The Wilfork Way

      You cant throw stuff like that around with out sources

    • phillip

      WE NEED HELP..our frontcourt backups r sorry..we should sign micheal redd as a backup and a better pg then we DO need a center

  • steveb

    Kwame Brown signed for 7 million with the Warriors. Seriously? What lockout?

  • Jay Patel

    Get well soon Jeff 😀

  • srb

    Meanwhile, Perkins dropped 30 pounds and looks ready for battle.

    Just sayin'

  • far east man

    jeff green = reggie lewis?? morbid, morbid. i pray to God not. Get jammin' jeff!

  • KBa

    Lets end the Perk talk guys. He was coming off an injury when he was traded and JG was well and healthy (although not very productive). There is a case to be made but it's time to move on…. Perk would have been quite expensive as well especially considering a lack of offensive game. It's tough to be a good offense when you have two non scorers. Seriously, the offense was insane when Shaq was in there with Rondo – just sayin'

  • ElRoz

    the team is already falling apart…even Pavlovic is hurt, no Pierce, and hobbled Rondo…Jeff Green is a new Shaq-JO – a mystery that will linger.

  • I_Love_Green

    Yeah this is looking pretty bad. This is something you never expect to happen to anybody, and of course it would happen to Jeff Green. I would really feel bad for this dude if its a career threatening thing.

    The Sasha Pavlovic re signing makes more sense now…

    • Tos

      Except he is injured already too. This is crazy. Can any of our guys remain healthy? WTF, Ray needs to start having KG smack people and follow in his foot steps because apparently nobody listens or watches ray's training. THIS IS CRAZY.

  • Dying to know what the hell is going on

  • redcon

    This reminds me of the, Magic Johnson situation or Reggie Lewis, it doesn`t give me a good feeling

  • LACelticsFan

    One thing to note, even by theoretically removing his $9 million from the Celtics' current cap, the team is still over the luxury tax threshold (let alone the salary cap) and would still be limited to mere minimum contracts to fill out its roster.

    The Celtics don't gain any cap flexibility by voiding his contract, they would only save tax money. No small amount, but not money that they wouldn't gladly spend if Jeff Green could help us this year and beyond.

    So first things first. Get him tested and correctly diagnosed. Then we will see what we will see.

    You are an absolute slug if you are caring more about getting banner 18, than this young man's health. Period. When we lost Reggie and Len, our franchise changed for the worst. If Green was to be the future of our franchise at the 3, then we could be very well ripe to suffer through that again. And with, Perk, come on, he wanted more cash than Danny and Wyc wanted to offer. So business wise he had to go. Nate, well as you see he can be replaced easily. Dooling and West are/were much better than he.

    Praying for JG to get healthy, because it would be a shame if he couldn't continue his career.

    • Tos

      Ugh. It annoys me that you are calling us “slugs” for analyzing the team right now. It’s not that anyone doesn’t care for JG, but to date we have nothing to worry about because we have been told NOTHING. tommorow when things come out (supposedly) we will know WTF is going on. Until then, I’m a glass full kind of guy so let’s assume it’s nothing major.

  • SteveB

    My only hope is that Jeff Green's diagnosis is not life threatening. Career threatening would be bad but…life goes on. I'm sure he is worried about his career but I have to think he is more worried about his health and life expectancy. Having been through a lot of tests for heart and lungs in recent years I know it can be a trying time when you are worried that a health issue you weren't aware of may take 20 years off your life or worse. Basketball is a game. Even though we are the best fans in the world in following the Celtics, the greatest team in the world, it is still just a game and this is a man's life. Get well Jeff Green.

  • skeeds

    Let's hope it's nothing career ending. After all this guy took the 1 year deal to come back to Boston and prove himself, earn a spot in the "new" Celtics for the coming years. It's a shame for him not to be able to try.

  • phillip

    OMG..If we dont do somthing about our back court backups..we r gonna lose ALOT of games and leads because of that dont know why we dont get a micheal redd as a backup sign a better pg and we actually need a center if we can do this then u better believe we will b just fine but without this we wont do nuthn this year

  • Morpheus

    I seriously can't believe Danny would pass first and foremost on Delonte? Then Rip Hamilton and now possibly Redd. All those players could have been a HUGE help to our scoring and depth off the bench. He must have a lot of faith in Marquis and Bradley, both of whom aren't known as shooters, but oh well.

  • we need reggie miller

  • lakershater13

    Seriously by now they should come out and say whats up with this guy. Green is in Boston with great hospitals and doctors and nobody can say for sure whats going on? It has to be some kind of heart/disease problem. If it was a muscle or bone issue they would have already done something to fix or rehab the problem. Can Doc, Ainge or Green just make an announcement and let us know?