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Practice Report: Jeff Green’s Condition “A Big Concern”

Some quotes from Doc Rivers today in Waltham, as the team ran a four-hour practice, with some longer breaks staggered in. Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green did not practice with the team during the session, and Doc shared some concern over Green’s condition:

“It is a concern. It is a big concern. When anything is red-flagged you are concerned. Waiting for the test results to come back, I think we will know by tonight or tomorrow.”

Doc also addressed how Jeff was handling the setback:

“He isn’t handling it great, because one thing he wanted to do was start early. He didn’t want to fall behind, because that was one of the things he thought that hurt him when he was traded, so obviously he is frustrated.”

Clearly not a happy situation for everyone involved, but we should know more about how serious the Green mystery ailment is tomorrow, before the team practices at the TD Garden.

We also got a couple updates from Doc on the minor injuries to Paul and Rajon:

“Pierce practiced yesterday, but his foot got sore, so we decided to shut him down for a couple days. Eddie (The C’s trainer) thought we should sit him a couple days.”

Doc on Rondo’s injury:

“Rondo did some stuff today, but we didn’t want him running. It’s a sprained ankle but it’s too early to push that. Eddie thinks a couple days for him too.”

More on the way from rookie JaJuan Johnson later tonight…..

  • Morey

    This proves beyond a shodow of a doubt that Perkins for Green trade Destroyed the Celtics and should go down as the WORST NBA TRADE IN ALL NBA HISTORY..

  • Zee


  • Kricky

    The mystery around this illness is ominous. I just hope it's nothing serious. I never loved Green's game but I do wish him all the best as a human being.

    • dslack

      Some rumors (probably just completely baseless speculation from fans) indicate that it's a cardiac issue. I certainly hope that's not the case.

  • Morpheus

    I hope he's alright.

    In other news… we can move past CP3 now and on to Dwight for the next 3 months.

    • skeeds

      Yep. Gotta feel a little bad for poor CP3, if he signs that extension. He's getting nowhere with the Clips… That organization is ran by chimpanzees.

      Anyway, I think now that CP3 is off the table, there's a window of opportunity with Howard, IF he does go into free agency. Of all the teams with the flexibility to sign him and also have room to bring talent of his liking around him, the C's have the top hand, because of the pieces already in place. Don't forget about Doc. I bet Howard would kill to play for a real coach for once. Can't get much better than Doc.

      • Morpheus

        I think even a team with CP3, Griffin, Butler, Billups run by chimpanzees would be good enough to get them to the playoffs though.

      • Doc is great, but SVG is a great coach on his own. Perhaps different styles, but I have a lot of respect it him.

    • strips

      heard the hornets plan on flipping kaman…

      any chance we could get our hands on him?

      more wishful thinking?

      • skeeds

        Sorry man… In a league that Kwame Brown makes 7 mil, a center like Kaman, who can actually play basketball, won't sign for minimum.
        There's a lot of teams eager to throw money at him.

        • dslack

          He's not a free agent. The question was whether the Celtics could trade for him.

  • strips

    on second thought, you are right skeeds…considering that kaman has money-spending problems (saw that in an interview), i think he'd go for big money than a championship ring.

    interesting how danny's going to address the issue at the 5 though…anyone seen that recent pick of perk? dude is trim.

    (falls to his knees and screams at the heavens) damn you for letting him go, danny…damn you~uuuuu! ! !

  • Carlos R

    Just what we need 11 days before tip off , a sick Green. Hope he gets well soon.

  • ElRoz

    Who would have thought that JO would have outlasted Green as far as health is concerned?!

    Wow…a sad state of affairs for this team…but hey, the fans already have 3 excuses stored as to why this will be another disappointing season. Jeff Green -God bless him! But he just has all these different ways of letting you down. Rondo cannot afford a sprained ankle because he already does that 2-3 times a season…so he is one behind already. W/o Green the bench is going to be quite stinky…they needed Green. If he cannot play, the ought to do that amnesty waiver thing for him.

    • dslack

      It would be a horrible use of the amnesty. It doesn't get the team below the salary cap, so it wouldn't gain them any flexibility, and they'd still have to pay his salary. Plus, his contract is for just 1 year, so it's not like it clogs future years' flexibility either. It essentially does nothing for the team to amnesty him.

      • ElRoz


        I thought maybe for this one year – because if he cannot play, who's the back-up SF? Pavlovic?

        So you're saying this will not free up the same amount he is signed for?

        • dslack

          It will not get the team under the salary cap. So it does not good.

          • skeeds

            I think Green can't be amnestied since he signed a contract under the new CBA anyway…

          • dslack


  • It never ends, this shit.

  • High Rollers

    Y'all are kinda harsh. Don't forget… The reason we have 'Quis back is because his teammates treated him like a human being and a friend, going to visit him in the hospital and keepin' up with him. Whatever's up with Jeff, I hope he gets that same kind of treatment.