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To start off your Tuesday, you must make it a priority to read this wonderful piece from long-time C’s beat writer Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald. In the tremendous profile piece on the past and present relationship the C’s have with their current All-Star point guard, Bulpett is able to dig into the turmoil during last season and uncover an anecdote about a Rondo blowup during a film session between Game 2 and 3 of the Miami series. And if that wasn’t enough, he actually got Rondo and Doc to comment on it:

According to multiple sources, Rondo’s errors were being pointed out when he arose and began discussing the mistakes of his teammates. Loudly. Using harsh language.

Coach Doc Rivers got up and fired back, and Rondo threw a bottle that shattered the video screen. He bolted from the practice facility and was prevented from returning when he tried later.

“It had nothing to do with Doc,” Rondo said of the outburst. “Doc said something to me because nobody else said something to me. But it wasn’t directed toward Doc. I was frustrated about the loss. I think we were 0-2, I was on film a lot and I was frustrated. Doc wasn’t even running the clips. I was just venting. Lawrence Frank and coach (Armond) Hill were running the film session. Doc was just sitting on the floor. I was just frustrated, and I wanted things to be addressed that weren’t being addressed. It’s as simple as that. I stood up and I did what I did. Doc stood up and said something, and that was it. I stormed out and left. That was it.

“I went home that night and thought about my actions. I talked to KG (Kevin Garnett), and I came back the next day and apologized to the team.”

Here’s Doc on the event:

“Stuff like that happens,” Rivers said. “It does. But that’s the stuff that has never bothered me. I’d rather have a guy with passion than a guy that just sits there with no (expletive) passion. But then they’ve got to control it. They have to have responsibility with their actions and with their passion. When things like that happen, you lose the trust of your guys for a little while, and you have to gain it back. For me, I was (upset) about it because it was in the middle of the playoffs and it hurt our team for that second. But I don’t worry about the actions; I worry about what is said.

That’s only a taste of the comments from Doc and Rondo on the situation, so do yourself a favor and check out the full piece at The Boston Herald. It’s not exactly shocking to hear about events like this, but it’s hopefully a sign both sides are willing to turn the page to be able to talk so candidly about it.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Zee

    Yeah, I caught this late last night. Was very encouraging.

  • High Rollers

    Just read it a minute ago. Not entirely surprising. Disappointing and encouraging at the same time. Should take some of the heat off of DA for the Rondo shopping days. At the same time, gives Rondo a real chance to be a Celtic lifer. All he has to do is follow through. Cards are on the table.

    • Zee

      DA had no heat from me. Everything Rondo said pretty much confirmed what I believed anyway. It was pretty clear all past season. The trade talks added some much needed fire under Rondo's behind, and some humility has arisen. What was great to see LIVE today was Paul Pierce saying he was expecting big things from Rondo this season, and that he's matured quite a bit.

      I'm optimistic about this season, as long as our core players are all on the same page.

  • redcon

    This is why people should get real when they talk about amnesty for KG he is the leader of this team on and off the court when guys are having problems they look to him to help make a bad situation better and Rondo is a extremely talented player but immature and the reason why i like this celtic team this year is because they have gotten rid of most of the immature players you can have one knuckle head but not a team full

  • -JP

    Rondo sounded great in the article, I hope he backs it up. We may say this every year, but we need him more than ever. We don't really have a full front court, so that means the back court will need to be that much better. Hope he and that elbow are healed and he can handle it.

  • Batman

    Damn sounded intense

  • bobdon

    I watched JoJo, Tiny, Dennis. Never would they put themselves before the team. A great talent but this kid's got a lot of growing up to do before he measures up to these guys when it comes to being a team player. Maybe just another sign of the times.

  • jarsea

    wow! didn't know he had that side to him…… is there any truth to david west comin to the C's?

    • Stokes

      West signed with the Pacers because New Orleans couldn't find a(nother) team interested in JO for a 3-way trade after Dallas traded for Lamar Odom. At least we have Bass and Wilcox.

      • High Rollers

        Bass and Wilcox sound like cop names.

  • Louis

    We all keep talking about rebounding and bigs.I agree and there might be an answer sitting out there,unsigned,and a solid rebounder who could help.Rebounding is an art and some guys just have the knack for getting to the ball even though they might be undersized.Kevin Love from Minn.isa prime example.Now,why not Kris Humphries.He finished 5th in the League last season and is still unsigned as far as I know.I'm sure N.J.is keeping him in the fold in case anything happens with Dwight Howard and his request to come to Jersey.Reggie Evans is not our guy,but Humphries might just work.