Post-game Reactions

It was a great day for the players to try on their Celtics uniforms (some for the first time) and smile big for the cameras.  The entire C’s roster posed for individual pictures and the vast majority took time to speak with the media, including Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett as well as new comers Chris Wilcox, Keyon Dooling, and Brandon Bass.  The defending Atlantic Division Champions held their 2-hour media day from 10am-12pm at their practice facility in Waltham today.  Here are some quick comments and observations.

  • Ray Allen feels as though the season is being rushed.  For a guy who is very routine oriented, you can tell he is frustrated by the short training camp, 2-game preseason, and little practice time.  I get the impression it’s not about conditioning for him (always in top shape), but timing, both individually and with the team.
  • Kevin Garnett is still clearly annoyed about the lockout.  He mentioned Stern and the Chris Paul deal almost out of no where, and made a point to say that no one should be surprised by how Stern is dealing with this.  KG also mentioned the fact that the league is a business more than any other player.
  • Paul Pierce doesn’t think the window is over after this season.  Despite Doc Rivers saying this, and Allen and Garnett’s contracts up after this season, Pierce never even thought that this could be it.  He acknowledged that Ray and KG’s contracts are up, but believes both will play next season, either here in Boston or someplace else.
  • Brandon Bass and the guy he was traded for Glen “Big Baby” Davis have been close friends since they were 13.  Bass said it’s crazy down in their hometown right now following the news that they were traded for each other.  Bass already admitted that he likes practices here more than Orlando.  (He held back saying “Stan Van Gundy is awful.”  But I think he wanted to.)
  • Marquis Daniels is as healthy as he has ever been, and that is saying something after his neck injury almost cost him his career.  That’s great news, but probably not as interesting as the fact that he got the number “4” branded on his left arm when he was 11.  BRANDED… 11!  His cousin did the honors.  He will wear #4 this season, I’d say he earned it.
  • I asked Keyon Dooling if he has talked to Ray Allen about the fight they got into when Ray was with the Sonics and Keyon was playing for Orlando.  Dooling said the next time they saw each other they talked, and they both have more respect for each other than they did before.  He was asked who won that fight, his response, “Man, nobody wins in a basketball fight… The NBA won, they got all the fine money.  They always win, right?”  I like this guy.
  • Jeff Green  thinks that the time he spent with the team last season will help him this year.  He says he already feels more comfortable.  Call me crazy, but I’m still worried about him.
  • Doc Rivers said the team had a great practice yesterday (finally had enough guys to scrimmage) but in the same sentence said they are not in shape.  With just 12 days before the season (and Christmas), you got to think teams with good coaches are going to have an advantage early.
  • Despite having only one true center (Jermaine O’Neal) Doc believes he has a number of guys who can play that spot, naming Garnett, Bass, and Chris Wilcox.  I was surprised to hear him say that if Bass and Wilcox were on the floor at the same time, Bass would be the center with Wilcox at the 4 spot.
  • Speaking of Wilcox, the guy has never played in a NBA playoff game.  After winning a National Championship at Maryland, Wilcox has spent 9 seasons in the league with the: Clippers, Sonics, Thunder, Knicks, and Pistons.  If he makes it through the whole season, I’ll go out on a limb and say he sees his first post season action.
  • The very soft spoken JaJuan Johnson is eager to learn from all the quality veterans on the roster.  He wants to gain weight, but it’s not his only priority.  A did say he wants to be able to defend 3’s-4’s-and 5’s someday. 


Rich Keefe is the Celtics Reporter for 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and writes the “Around The NBA” column for the CelticsHub.  You can follow him on twitter @Keefe21 and check out his blog The Sports Brief.

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Rich Keefe

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  • skeeds

    Oh please. The Celtics were destroyed under in the paint in game 7 in 2010 when Perk went down. Now, 2 years later, there's no way an older KG can do what he couldn't do for 1 game, and pull it off for a whole season. It's such a stupid suggestion to make, that in this league, you don't really need a center. Doc sohuld know, not having one cost him 2 championship runs.

    I know none of us buys this, Doc doesn't buy this either, he knows JO and Wilcox aren't enough. So he either knows he's gonna have trouble soon, and there's nothing he can do, or he's pretty much praying Ainge comes up with something fast.

    Ainge, you fool, why the hell didn't you trade Bradley instead of Semih?

    • I_Love_Green

      We have Greg Steimsma don't forget!!

    • Mark

      Even though the C's lost Perk and got "destroyed" in the paint that is not the reason they lost game 7. They lost because they couldn't score a damn basket in the last 6(?) minutes of the game. The starters were dog tired because Ainge assembled a horrible bench beyond, surprisingly, Big Baby. If that team had this bench I'd bet a years worth of salary they close out that game 7 easily.

  • janos

    Hi rick
    My name Janos, I like make post Celtics NBA. Are you new web manager working team?

    • Morpheus

      Rich been around for a while Janos. He just doesn't post as much as the other guys, well sort of.

      • Morpheus

        I assume you meant Rich, not Rick?

        • janos

          Thank you morpheus. wonder maybe he do a hack or somethings of website. if he post go laker know is hack.

  • Stokes

    What about 6-foot-11, 260 pound Greg Steimsma? From what I've seen he should be able to do anything Erden did, but with more of a defensive presence and athleticism. He was last year's D-League Defensive Player of the Year averaging something like 3.7 blocks and has videos of multiple blocks of Blake Griffin's dunks during the Summer Circuit a couple years ago. Why is no one talking about him?

    • I_Love_Green

      Greg will definitely be more of a defensive presence, but on offense Semih was way ahead of him in terms of catching a Rondo pass and dunking it.

  • Morpheus

    Stiemsma could be useful, he's a big body and has that natural knack for blocking shots. I'd like to see Doc play him heavy minutes in our pre season games.

  • skeeds

    Well, I don't have anything against Steimsma, and I'm not saying Semih would save us, off course.
    After all these days of wondering if we're ever gonna have 2 decent, real centers in this team at the same time, it just got on my nerves.

    Big guys are very hard to come by. And they're always overpaid. Look at that scrap Kwame, who was about the best we could do. Signed for 7 freakin million. And Kwame is a godawful player. He's 12 feet tall and Rondo posts-up better than him.
    When you're fortunate enough to draft a center with the 60th pick, who can give you anything at all, let alone start and play mature, grownup basketball, you keep him.

  • Morpheus

    I got a feeling the Cs aren't going to fare well. What happens if by the trade deadline we're sitting 5th? I think Danny pulls the plug. Just saying.

    • skeeds

      We're gonna be better by trade deadline. Very good chance we end up 5th when season ends though. It's after the deadline that things will go south. That's when old knees decide to go on strike. Remember all those road games we have at the end of the season? That's about the time young teams like the Warriors, the Kings, the Wolves and the Pacers will be having a party. Boy will they have fun with us…

      • Morpheus

        Exactly, those young teams who don't give a flying about seeding, position whatever, they'll be really tough too towards the business end of the season. Rondo needs to have developed a deadly jumper for us to stand a chance against the other younger EC teams who are on the come up. I doubt he has.

        Here's another bummer, shortened training camp shorter amount of time for the new guys to familiarise themselves with our system. Even Ray's not comfortable.

        Here are the teams i see making the playoffs. Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Philly, Boston, Indiana, Milwaukee, Orlando, NY.

        Out of those teams i think top 5 looks something like this: Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, NY. Indy, Milwaukee and Philly could sneak in there at some point, even Orlando.

        KG will be on a steep decline this season, he's at the same stage as Tim Duncan in terms of years/age. The playoffs are going to be tough as these younger EC teams will start running circles around our old legs.

        • skeeds

          yeah, depending on how the whole Dwight Howard thing resolves, there's a spot in question. Basically, the team he ends up in, is in the playoffs. Not at all exaggerating, a 20-20 center dpoy is a ticket to the playoffs…

          KG I'm not at all worried about, because of Bass. He is a definate upgrade over Baby, a tested and experienced starter and can handle playing 35 minutes for a lot of games if he has to. Doc and Ainge have thought the KG-JO situation through, from who they drafted to who they spent their midlevel on. If the West trade went through, the team could even handle KG playing 1 every 2 games.
          Still, as things are now, if everyone stays healthy, and Jajuan brings his A game, KG and JO should average around 25 minutes each without the team being in any danger.

  • Zee

    VIDEO 1: Lamar Odom talks Dallas trade 'I wasn't informed' http://on.nba.com/uIIQGK

    VIDEO 2: Media Day Presser with Odom: http://on.nba.com/u9r7MG When asked why LAL got nothing in return, Odom says "I think the objective was to let me go." He seems very uncomfortable.

  • -JP

    Not totally related, but the Pacers could be a really good team this year. Their starting 5 is something like Collison, Granger, West, Hibbert and some no-name 2 guard. That is pretty decent for a starting 5, with a good mix of defense and offense. They could give a good team REAL problems in the playoffs, especially considering what they did to Chicago last year.

  • -JP

    Also, its increasingly clear that The Celtics will need to play Rookies for major minutes, meaning Johnson and Steimsma. Seems like we are quietly building for the future by playing these guys and also saving the veterans legs. Its not a huge deal if we don't have much from the Center position, Baby played it pretty well last year and Bass will be a big upgrade I think.



  • ElRoz

    Of course the writer is worried about Jeff Green…so am I…he still does not appear to have had a full serious practice with the team….for all I know he is as out of sync with the rest as he was last season. He needs to go and practice with the team as much as he can right now – otherwise he will stink.
    If he does practice, I expect good things.

  • LACelticsFan

    Well we didnt get the overall length improvement we all were looking for but did get the necessary athleticism boost we sorely needed. Now if Doc can play those younger legs to save the older legs we should do well this season. Note no big name FA wanted to really come to Boston, period. They only flirted with the idea. But Dooling, Green, Bass, Wilcox, Johnson all finish at the rim, something that we couldnt do very well last year. That for this team is worth at least 10 points per game. During some of those back to back games I really hope Doc lowers the starters minutes to about 20, and let some of these younger guys finish it off. BigStem should bring something to the table is the DLeague D POY.

  • New English

    How did you guys miss this new addition to the KG analogy hall of fame-

    "Timing is everything. Chemistry is something that you don't just throw in the frying pan and mix it up with another something, then throw it on top of something, then fry it up and put it in a tortilla and put in a microwave, heat it up and give it to you and expect it to taste good. You know? For those of you who can cook, y'all know what I'm talking about. If y'all can't cook, this doesn't concern you."

    • Zee

      Someone PLEASE see if it's on video somewhere! 🙂

      • Morpheus


    • Zee

      Just saw it on NBA TV. 🙂

  • ariele