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Celtics Media Day Coverage: Jeff Green Confirms Health “Is All Good.”

Celtics media day is going on as we speak over at the team’s practice facility over in Waltham. CelticsHub contributor Rich Keefe is on the scene and will have us covered on all of the day’s events, but for now, I’d encourage everyone to check out the Celtics.com live streaming coverage with Peter Stringer and Marc D’Amico.

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In addition, Tom Lakin over at ESPNBoston.com caught up with Jeff Green earlier today to address and in turn, calm the concerns about Green’s health after his failed physical:

“I’m all good,” Green said at the team’s media day at HealthPoint. “People are spreading rumors, trying to assume that I’m some kind of way but I’m fine.”

So what did doctors find?

“I have no idea,” Green said. “I went to the doctor and I guess they saw something, but it’s nothing serious… I didn’t ask [what it was]. I was more concerned with trying to get to practice. When they said that I had to wait, I mean I’m a patient guy, and we have a long short season. So I’m not gonna rush. I’ve been here, I’ve been still doing some things and still trying to keep up. I just haven’t been able to scrimmage with the team.”

Green stressed that whatever his mysterious ailment is, it’s not as grim as some have imagined.

“No, it’s not all these heart rumors, or anything else that all these bloggers, or any of you guys are starting,” he said. “It’s nothing.”

Check out Lakin’s video of Green, after the jump

  • rondeezy

    if he seriously wants us to believe that he something came up during his health check up and didnt even ask what it was……

  • Morpheus

    He has to step up, 6th man of the year STEP UP.

  • Batman

    Damn i watched the entire media day clip

  • I used to have some hope for Jeff Green, and he seems like a nice guy, but the way he overuses the word "myself" makes me think that he's not really that serious as a person or a player.

  • Look at keyon dooling's part, about the 19 minute mark. His knees worry me, they look swollen. You can't even see the outline of his knee joint. Maybe that's just how he has always been, but as a medical student, I saw that right off the bat and I'm thinking there's fluid in there.

    • KG with the compression pants. Is that normal for him during practice days?