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The news is still coming fast and furious today on the fourth day of free agency, as we inch closer to the start of the regular season. Many moves are still to be made by the C’s and other teams at this juncture, but here’s a roundup for today, while the Clippers could be on the verge of landing CP3 for quite the package.

We will begin with Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald who confirms, what we guessed yesterday about the proposed David West deal. A lack of a landing spot, combined with money were the main issues.

The Celts fell out of the David West running when the New Orleans Hornets couldn’t find a place to send Jermaine O’Neal (Lamar Odom going from the Los Angeles Kings to the Dallas Mavericks got in the way). New Orleans was looking for a another trade partner, but the Indiana Pacers stepped in with a two-year, $20?million deal for West, who received much more annually than the C’s were offering.

Besides, the Hornets have a bigger issue on their plate in the form of Chris Paul. New Orleans was reportedly looking to the Los Angeles Clippers yesterday for a deal, but the Celts could still get back in the running for the guard according to two sources.

Chris Forsberg over at ESPNBoston gets us up to speed on the C’s latest depth signing in Sasha Pavlovic. You could certainly do worse with the veteran’s minimum at the end of the bench, and given Sasha gaining some familiarity with Doc’s system at the end of last year, the deal makes sense. No word yet if he’s expected in uniform today Here’s more from Forsberg:

The Boston Celtics are set to re-sign veteran Sasha Pavlovic, reports ESPN.com’s Marc Stein.

The ninth-year swingman joined the Celtics in early March and stayed on the roster for the remainder of the season (though he did not appear in the playoffs). In 17 regular-season games, he scored 31 total points in 149 minutes of action (19 of which came in the finale against the New York Knicks when he connected on four 3-pointers).

Finally, Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports is reporting the C’s are interested in Reggie Evans still in lieu of the West deal falling through. They are competing with Portland, New Jersey, and Toronto, but according to Spears “nothing is close.”

More on the way today…

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • the pope

    odom was traded from the los angeles lakers not the los angeles kings. the kings are (for now?) in sacremento

    • SteveB

      I thought he was slamming the Lakers by referring to the hockey team in LA.

  • Mr Cross

    Basically, The failure get cp3 to lakers meant no west for us, more cp3 rumours, and we might get reggie evans ( Plan C)

  • rondeezy

    isnt there a possible trade with atlanta? maybe get a sign and trade going with crawford, and apparently they were trying to trade josh smith and he said himself that he'd like to play for the celtics.. and considering how smith and howard are good friends maybe that can lure howard to the c's.. or a three team trade involving (hurts me to say) rondo to the pacers while pacers give orlando hibbert and some pieces while we get dwight.. then next summer dwight can bring deron williams. either way something has to be done, this current roster isnt going to win a championship

  • smalltownID

    What the hell is going on with DELONTE???

    • OKCeltic

      If I had to guess, he may be looking for a little more money/more years than the mini-Mid-Level which is the most the Cs can offer. With several teams looking at him, he may be able to get a little more and still go to a contender.

      • ElRoz

        If Boston has Dooling, Daniels, and Bradley off the bench, it might do ok without Delonte, who gets hurt a lot anyhow.

  • Kricky

    Sasha Pavlovic. What a crappy consolation prize.

  • Reggie Evans toughness and ability to rebound in traffic would be a great addition for the Celtics.

    • ElRoz

      Yes..but would they ship JO off somewhere then?
      Otherwise, they'd have KG, JO, Wilcox, Bass, and Evans
      (I'm not mentioning the rookie Johnson)…I'm not against extra big men (remember last season's injury mess?)…but just wondering.

    • Celtics do need a person like Reggie Evans. Averaged 11 rpg last season hes 31 and he said he wants to play for a contender. I just dont know if hes willing to come for 3 mil a season.
      JO/ Wilcox/ Bass/ Evans maybe. Thats 3 bigs coming off bench who play 4-5. Heat are still undersized only people to worry about is knicks with chandler but they still have no bench or point guard.

  • Ray Allen, Chris Wilcox, and maybe Reggie Evans? Maybe they can have a Sonics night 🙂

    Ray should recruit Rashard Lewis too… just in case we need another 4. Ooh… what about Danny Fortson!

  • Kricky

    Reggie Evans would be awesome, and in some ways maybe a better fit than DWest (we already have plenty of stretch 4s). We could definitely use another rebounder.

    But his services will be in high demand, and with our limited cap space he's probably a long shot.

  • skeeds

    There's no way in hell the roster is finalized. Yes, Bass is likely an upgrade over Baby, Dooling hopefully cancels the Delonte departure. But, we're a Shaq and a Perk short by my count. With the midlevel exception still in unspent, something has to happen…

    There is the chance Ainge might be holding off till trade deadline and praying for the best. Best case scenario, no one gets hurt, J.O. plays his contract's worth, one of the rookies makes a splash, and Green performs to a high level, so come deadline, they can be traded in a package to grab someone who can have a strong impact, like West would.

  • ghelton03

    C's seem to be aimlessly floundering around, with no direction or plan for what they want to do.

  • dtlala

    I'm getting confirmation from my sources in the front office that the C's have signed Sasha Vujacic for a two-year deal. No details on money.

    • hope it isn´t truth.. hate this f*cker

    • Kricky

      That is too cruel, even as a joke.

      Considering our luck this off season I bet this move would free up enough cap space for the Nets to pull off that D12 deal.

      BTW: Red's army has pics of a lean and mean Perk. The dude dropped 30 lbs on the off season. Looks ready to ball this year!

      • Mike

        Don't like him one bit and last I heard he didn't have an NBA out clause so seems unlikely.
        Bring back James Posey!

        • Morpheus

          Come on guys "confirmation from my sources in the front office ", this guy's obviously wanting attention, for basketball reasons.

      • skeeds

        Saw some picks of him too… He looks fantastic. (no knee brace in practice either). Truly happy for him, with the kind of team OKC has been developing, he's desined to have one hello of a career…

        • skeeds

          ^hell of.

  • Morpheus

    Anyone know why Jeff Green isn't praciticing?

  • skeeds

    Interesting tweet about Green not being expected to practice. Is Ainge allowed to trade him if he gave his consent? Weird stuff anyway…
    I hope we don't trade him for some scrap big though… Given Delonte's uncertain status, is it possible we sign and trade him along with Green and maybe Bradley? that's a pretty attractive package for a decent center/forward. A lot of weight will be placed on Marquis in that case though, to back both Ray and PP up…

    …yeah, I'm just pretty much going mental on every possibility by now…

    • Mike

      I think he can't be traded for 60 days and has to consent on trade because the team taking him would lose his bird rights. But the reports were that he signed for more than QO so it's just probably the 60 day thing I believe.

  • skeeds

    team is running "tests" on him, according to Ainge. Also, we used the exception on Wilcox. Seems like we're pretty much done then… damn it…

  • -JP

    Missing out on West was huge, he would have been a bigger help to us this year than CP3 would have been to LA