Post-game Reactions

…you knew that headline was coming.  Sorry.

According to Tzvi Twersky of SLAM Magazine, the Dallas Mavericks have signed Delonte West.  I’d like to say I’m surprised, but the Mavericks have made some amazing moves since losing Tyson Chandler and the Celtics put themselves out of the running today by revealing they gave the full MMLE to Chris Wilcox.  More on why that’s not the worst thing in the world later tonight.

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  • Zee

    Good to see the Celtics making all of these great signs and trades.

    The above was sarcastic banter. :-/

  • Tos

    Better than seeing him in purple and yellow.. But damn.

  • Morpheus

    Damn Mavs making some good moves.

    • Morpheus

      They gettin Vince as well.

      • Mr Cross

        +1 for delonte, -1 for VC

      • I thought you said they were making good moves? Zing!

  • Morpheus

    And yes i'm pissed Danny signed Wilcox for the full mmle

  • Kricky

    F***K! Wilcox gobbles up the whole MLE!

    That means that we are pretty much stuck with what we have. Forget getting Evans unless we trade for him.

    Besides the Bass trade, it's a pretty mediocre off season. Green, Wilcox, Pavlovich – what an uninspiring bunch! They do nothing to help establish the team's toughness and identity, which we lost with the Perk trade.

    I think the Big 3 deserved more in what promises to be their last playoff push. The roster we have now will barely get us past the first round of the playoffs.

    • Morpheus

      Yep means we aint getting Evans. I still think we're top 3 in the East, it's the playoffs i'm concerned about .After March and April it's going to be a struggle for our aging core.

      • OKCeltic

        Maybe when March rolls around, we can look to get Kenyan Martin and/or JR Smith coming back from China.

    • OKCeltic

      You sound surprised with what DA was able to get. Everyone knew the limitations with only the MMLE and vet mins to offer. If it hadn't been for Stern, DWest would be on the team, and everyone would be cheering how well DA did. That didn't go through so it was back to the original plan. Didn't expect to get Chandler or Nene with the MMLE did you?

  • Kricky

    Bulls and Heat are making moves to get much better. On paper our roster is worse that last year.
    Only hope is that we got lucky with one of those Rookies we drafted.

    • High Rollers

      Nobody plays basketball on paper.

  • Mark

    Everyone should have prepared themselves for what reality was going to be like this year. This is year 4 of a 3 year plan. The window was always this small and the only thing that would change that is blowing up the Big Three. The only game changers -CP3 and Howard – weren't ever going to choose to be a Celtic. It would only be forced upon them by trade and, sadly, anyone putting their hopes into a blockbuster failed to realize this team has next to nothing in assets the New Orleans NBAers or Orlando Magic would want. The only real asset is Rondo and he isn't enough, by himself, to net much.

    This was always the rebuild year and because of the 2010 Finals run Ainge did the very thing he said he would never do. He let the Big Three go on too long. That isn't to say they aren't top players in this league but they aren't good enough for heavy starters minutes. Maybe Pierce is but he's showing signs that a decline is eminent.

    Next year is the big year because the C's will be way under the cap and some very good players – not game changers – just might hit the market. Kevin Love, Roy Hibbert, Eric Gordon, JaVale McGee, Greg Oden etc. That and a possible high draft pick in a very deep draft and this team could very well be young and athletic for a number of years in no time. I wouldn't mind KG and Ray playing quality reserve minutes if the price is right.

    • Mr Cross

      Next year then i suppose, KG and Ray could get new, less expensive deals which would mean we could get better players.

    • Nicely done Mark.

    • Mark

      The second sentence should read year 5 of a 3 year plan.

    • nbsmatambo

      Greg Oden? excuse me lol?

  • ariele


  • CG12

    The moves Danny hasn't been made haven't been splashy, but they are the right kind of moves for this team in this off-season. He will ride with the Big 3 for one more year, and then look to make a big move next off-season, to go with the complementary pieces he is already putting in place. This looks like a good but not great team, which is probably the best we were ever going to get this year. Danny has shown he is not afraid to make a bold move for the present, but he is also not going to mortgage the future for anything. That is good planning and good management.

  • Zee

    The Perkins trade still isn't making much sense.

    • Daniel in LA

      Seriously can you imagine if we still had perkins.
      (See Trad chip for Howard)

      • Daniel in LA


        • Batman

          Perkins isn't a trade chip whatsoever