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Punctuated by news of the David West-to-Pacers deal, Boston’s third “practice” of the season just wrapped up here in Waltham. Only Ray Allen, Doc Rivers, and new signee Chris Wilcox spoke to the media, but a few notable tidbits came to light:

Rajon Rondo sprained his right ankle during the middle of practice. Rondo was attempting a shot and came down on a defender’s foot. Doc says the injury is “not serious” but obviously the team is being cautious with him.

Paul Pierce did not practice for the second straight day with a sore right heel he suffered during Friday’s first practice. Like Rondo, the team is understandably being cautious with Pierce, but Doc maintains the injury is not a big deal.

—The team had intended to do a full court scrimmage with NBA referees, but didn’t have enough bodies once Rondo went down with the injury.

Chris Wilcox held court with the media for the first time today. The veteran forward/center was open about how excited he was to come play for Boston and have a chance to make the playoffs, something he hasn’t done over the length of his career.

— No rookies at practice again, and still no Jeff Green or Brandon Bass either as they wait for their paperwork to be finalized by the league. The hold up on the rookies may have been over a potential inclusion in the JO/West deal, but we should know more about their potential future with the team tomorrow at practice, (where they’ll either be suited up or not). It’s important to point out that those guys can’t be traded for 30 days after they sign their deals, which may explain their absence.

—Green will practice tomorrow and speak to the media for the first time.

Full quotes on the way later this evening……

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Batman

    Did rondo hit the jumper?

    • Tos

      My guess, since it says "attempting to" would be nope. Haha

  • Zee

    Man, was really hoping we'd land West. And ALREADY getting injuries is ridiculous!

  • I_Love_Green

    No David West, injuries, and two weeks to go. Oh man.

  • High Rollers

    The man had his arm turned inside out, came back to play in the same game, and returned completely healthy five months later. Any injury to Rondo from here on out will be compared to that miracle. Fairly or not. I think the little dude's an ox at this point.

  • Tos

    Unlike most of you guys, I think we dodged a bit of a bullet with the West scenario.. I mean, do we really need 4 power forwards that are really strictly just power forwards (meaning can't play the 3 or 5, and actually if you count Green as a PF then things just get silly). Plus he's likely to be injured this season too, not exactly the type of guys we need here.

    • los

      forgot that our center is the very definition of health. At least with West you had a legitimate low post threat with a great mid range game. He had more upside. What would you rather have? JO or West?

    • MikeD

      I dont care what positions they play. If you can replace JO with David West, you do that 100 out of 100 times

    • Morpheus

      Dodged a bullet?!? We've basically placed ourselves in the bullets path.

      • Tos

        West is over rated, we wouldve been paying him like a starter and for 3 years. He’s coming off an injury so no real guarentees, we need a center and JO at least proved during tge playoffs that he can help out.

        I’d rather have Jo for one year than get stuck with a bad contract on an overrated player.

        So, while things haven’t been working out in the trade/FA market, I’m staying positive that things. Will work out for the best.

        • strips

          i think people would've rather taken a chance on west considering how fragile JO is. dude, fairly decent rebounder and defender, and a great offensive asset. if JO were healthy 90% of the time, it would be a whole different issue though (but we know that ain't happening). it doesn't matter now though, since indiana has him.

          i wonder if danny'll try and go after dalembert though…

          • Tos

            Right, I guess what I should've said was I am okay with the deal not going through, not that we dodged a bullet.

    • ElRoz

      JO will play about 50% the time (22-24 min) and also half the season – injuries. West is a legit scorer and a healthy one.

  • High Rollers

    Really no reason to hold this one against JO. Blakely put point blank, Dallas was the third team in the trade and with LO they wouldn't need JO. JO feelings really didn't have much to do with it. Get the feeling that most players are feeling that way these days.

  • ElRoz

    Wow…the team is already injured even before the season starts. Pierce and Rondo are very likely to have problems with these injuries throughout the season and into the playoffs…don't kid yourself about them getting over these – ankles are Rondo's chronic problem and he is already behind, so to speak. Pierce's problem is probably more serous – he has now missed two practices. and the team has the Injury-prone J. O'Neal.

    As for David West – when you pay KG, Pierce, and Allen the money you're paying them, you have very little to bring in an additional quality player.

    • Zee

      ??? Why so overly negative? Don't exaggerate the injuries more than needed.

    • Rob

      love the optimism

      • Batman

        death to the negative nelly!

  • ElRoz

    Wow…the team is already injured even before the season starts. Pierce and Rondo are very likely to have problems with these injuries throughout the season and into the playoffs…don't kid yourself about them getting over these – ankles are Rondo's chronic problem and he is already behind, so to speak. Pierce's problem is probably more serous – he has now missed two practices. and the team has the Injury-prone J. O'Neal.

  • ElRoz

    So if Green and Bass seem to have no idea what they are doing on the court when the season starts, we'll know why: they never had a preseason or training camp…..and Doc will probably sit them and rely on the starters – which he says he wants to avoid.

    There goes my hope that with a training camp and pre-season, Green will show what he is made of…but since he is not participating, I would not be shocked if he stunk for the first half as he did for the last half last season.

  • Morpheus

    Whatever happens, Danny needs to get our roster finalised quick. This is why i don't see Danny making any major trades from here, not long till season starts.

  • Mark

    ElRoz— Aren't you just a ray of sunshine!

    • Rob


  • Morpheus

    I think there's a BIG move coming from the Lakers. A $9 mil TE, Gasol and Bynum on the block, Kobe's pissed off….wonder if they're thinking Bynum, Gasol, draft picks, TE for Dwight, Turk.

    He's baaaaaaaaaack. No not MJ, Pavlovic. I think Danny's sticking with what we've got, see where it gets us.

    • Mike

      Instead of getting a center…
      What goes in Ainge's head is something like : ''I'm going to make everybody think I'm trading for CP and then West to keep them looking one way, while I get Pavlovic. I really am an evil genious ahahha''

  • steveb

    With limited preseason and practice I hope Doc really finds a reliable second unit. That unit will be able to practice during the season and get comfortable with each other. First team can get some rest during games and play the bench more. Every team will have to do this to some extent, if they’re smart. I’ll take JO, Wilcox and the D leaguer we got at center. At least the team should have more atheletic rebounders this season.

  • High Rollers

    Stiemsma! I forgot D-League DPOTY Stiemsma! Another big! Aha!

  • tbunny

    To me it seems like the team got some depth and youth. Losing West hurts a lot but they got Bass, who seems like more of an inside force and less of a head case than Baby. They signed a bunch of guards. They got Marquis who could turn out well as a 2-3. They've committed to Green at 3 and hopefully that will turn out well. They have good depth everywhere except 5. I'm skeptical of them being an elite title contender without a legit 5. Maybe Jermaine has a miracle season in store. Without strong play at 5 I think you have to say they are probably a top 4 team in the east but not exactly the dominant team they have been at times in the past, not with Miami and Chicago led by franchise players in their prime.

  • LACelticsFan

    Bigmen still available – Dalembert, Przybilla, Aaron Gray. We need one of these guys.

    • Mike

      Gray is in Toronto, Przybilla doesn't want to play right now wants time with his family and Dalembert is way out of what the Celtics can give him. So yeah.

      Reggie Evans is pretty much it…

  • skeeds

    Well it seems that there's no move expected for the 5 position. There are no bigs on the market anyway. It's a shame, because if Ainge pulled off signing a decent center, this team would immediately turn into a top contender…
    They seem content with splitting the minutes at 5 between Wilcox and JO, maybe a bit of KG… Not a fun scenario against all these young, athletic centers around the east….

  • Batman

    I'm pretty excited for this season regardless

  • As a former Sonics fan, I keep thinking this really could be worse. We have a team with good players and great personalities, a player's coach, and an evil genius upstairs (DA) who is mostly known for making the right moves. I understand the championship mentality, but for this year I'm glad to just have basketball and root for a team that is better than most. Those people that will piss and moan about how much it sucks are starting to sound like laker fans to me.

    Rule #76 No excuses play like a champion

  • ariele

    Grinch Secrets You Never Knew

  • DR JJ

    Don't laugh, but we could sign mbenga. You can get him for a minimum, he plays good defense and is able to give you 6 fouls in 10 minutes. Could be useful. And i believe we also have a mid-level available right?

    • We have that chris johnson guy. I'd rather see him get minutes, and I don't think he'd be any worse than mbenga