Post-game Reactions

The attempts by the Lakers, Rockets and Hornets to revise the deal that would move Chris Paul to L.A. fell apart late Saturday night.

ESPN’s Marc Stein had the story:

The Los Angeles Lakers have pulled out of the three-team deal with New Orleans and Houston that would have landed Chris Paul in L.A., according to sources close to the talks.

The reason for the Lakers’ withdrawal was not immediately known.

The Hornets, Rockets and Lakers had been working for the past 48 hours to complete a reconfigured version of the trade that the teams struck Thursday that had been vetoed by NBA commissioner David Stern.

The Hornets, according to sources, will now redouble their efforts to trade Paul elsewhere. Paul can become a free agent at season’s end.

Immediately afterwards, it was reported that the Lakers would move Lamar Odom to Dallas, which slots him into the trade exception created in the Tyson Chandler deal. The Lakers will now turn their attention eastwards and battle the Nets for Orlando GM Otis Smith’s affections and his starting center Dwight Howard.

The Celtics will likely get back in on Paul now, but their bid is weakened — if not outright crippled — for a couple of reasons:

1) With Jeff Green signed to a one-year contract, he is ineligible to be traded until March 1st so the deal would almost certainly have to be a three-way affair to get Dell Demps interested. Boston has a number of assets on its roster, but few that fit the kind Demps has to acquire to get a deal through the league office. In addition, he’s been reportedly cool on Rondo the whole process.

2) The L.A. Clippers immediately emerged as the leading contender for Paul. They previously bowed out when New Orleans insisted upon the inclusion of Eric Gordon, who was off-limits as recently as Thursday. That may have changed. If so, the Celtics are likely done as a legitimate contender.

What’s more, even if the Celtics were able to put together a deal for Paul, there’s no guarantee the league would approve it.

Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

As a rival league executive told Yahoo! Sports on Saturday night about the possibility of getting involved in the derby for Paul now: “My initial reaction is, ‘Who wants to go through that headache with the NBA playing God?’ You want to do a deal. New Orleans’ front office wants to do a deal. And the third party – the NBA – says you can do it? Should I call Stern and see if they’re going to waive Patrick Ewing Jr., since he’s only partially guaranteed? ”

The Hornets had delivered a reconstructed framework of the three-team blockbuster trade that would have sent Paul to the Lakers into the NBA office for approval Saturday, but the NBA still refused to approve it.

Beyond all this, the rumored David West deal may or may not be affected by this chaos.

Earlier Saturday, it was reported that the deal was being held up until the conclusion of the Chris Paul saga. Now that Paul will be headed elsewhere, it’s unclear whether the deal is still feasible, or even desirable to New Orleans. Or if there’s a larger deal with New Orleans that might include both Paul and West.

Or, as Wojnarowski reports, if Larry Bird might steal West from Danny Ainge’s grasp:

The Celtics have been discussing a four-year deal with West, sources said. Still, Boston is limited under sign-and-trade rules with how high it can go with an offer. The Celtics can offer the first three years in the $24 million to $25 million range, but the fourth year would likely not be fully guaranteed.

Several sources believed there would be a resolution Sunday.

Indiana has been discussing a two-year deal with West but with a higher annual salary, sources said. The Pacers have cap space to sign West outright, while Boston, which is over the salary cap, needs the sign-and-trade scenario to acquire him. With the Chris Paul to the Lakers deal falling apart again late Saturday night, the Hornets still hadn’t made any calls to pursue re-signing West, sources said.

So, that’s a lot to process.

And here’s a final sobering thought. Or an amusing one.

The Celtics open up their exhibition schedule one week from today in Toronto.

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  • Ryan DeGama

    Sorry this is kinda backwards in terms of importance guys. Woj's stuff on West and Indiana came after the post was already up or I would have made it the lead.

  • hype

    I'm so over Paul at this point. Don't want him at all. Get that David West deal finished. Big 4 + David West = epicsauce

    • los

      exactly. When these rumors came out I was all for the trade. But if there is any way to improve this team and keep Rondo I'd rather have that. Rondo's reaction to it all was both mature and professional, while CP3 responded to the trade veto with threats of a lawsuit and possibly missing the Hornets training camp. If that's the kinda of attitude he brings to the table, then good riddance.

  • ripsonics

    In a sign and trade, I am pretty sure that West has to approve the deal.

    In this case he would not approve of Indiana because they aren't going to be winning anything anytime soon. Therefore, if it comes down to the Pacers and the Celtics… I am not sure what the hold up would be.

    Now.. if we get West, which honestly, I would be shocked that we didnt.. How does this trade look to y'all (and yes.. i am jinxing it because it isn't going to happen):

    New Orleans Gets:
    1. Rajon Rondo
    2. Brandon Bass
    3. Jermaine O'Neal
    4. Draft Pick/rookie/two rookies/some combo

    Boston Gets:
    1. Chris Paul
    2. David West via sign and trade

    I mean… Paul did say he was going to be sad not to play with Dwest… Just sayin..

    Go C's

    • Mark

      Keep dreaming.

      • Mr Cross

        At this point, i think most celtics are over cp3.
        West is our priority now.
        Personally, i think rajon + JO + 1 draft pick and 1 rookie is more than enough if the deal is to go though

        • dslack

          Wait, trading away Rajon to get West? That's a terrible idea.

          • Sam

            No.. U obviously can’t read. The man is basically saying rondo bass and picks for cp3. Which is what the original trade was. And then JO for west.. Which also is what the trade was originally for..

        • los

          good thing you're not our GM. Rondo was never included in the West deal. That's a terrible idea. It would be JO another player and possibly our rookies.

          • Rick

            Dude.. That’s what he wrote.. I agree with Sam. If you separate the trades it’s basically the two trades for dwest and cp3 combined.

      • ripsonics

        i know mark.. that is why i said "i am jinxing this because it isn't going to happen"

        however… i still think its a fair trade.

  • skeeds

    yep, I think the CP3 fiasco has put many people off, me included. Honestly, with all the moves we made, (even though they're all good moves), I'm much much more comfortable with Rondo making the calls but anybody else.

    Oh, and most of all, no, I'm not all about Celtic pride, and I'm trying to be realistic, but you know what? This is the most historic and important franchise in the NBA. He doesn't want to play for us? Well screw him, he can go wherever he wants. It's not like we're an allstar PG short.

  • mr realities

    Are we NOT ALL ready to just move forward. I agree totally skeeds – eFF C.Paul already. If these young silver bullets wanna be so desperately shot onto the target board called LA then fine-orama to them. Anyone who just wants to play ball without the spectacle and desire to become more famous than they alreaady are would be more than blessed to play in Boston.

  • mr realities

    We are known to be the working class so CP3 can kiss our tulips. Besides, DH WAS our true target and the ONE who would have helped us the most WITH THE PCS WE HAVE, so we must risk letting him go wherever. If he wants LA too then we don't need that type of guy here. These guys love the club-med fiesta-like atmosphere rubbing shoulders with personalities long lost to their Souls – LA. LA is taking on radiation from Japan and your dumb-ass wants to poly out there. You deserve the yellow, not the green CP3 or anyone else ..

  • mr realities

    For the record and as a question to anyone here: Who wants A. Bynum? Why all the hoopla? He is too young to be this broke in his knees. It is a matter of time for this young man before he is retiring. His skill-set IS superb, but who would want him as I still cannot figure this out. It's like the kid played on the Trailblazers. DH to Jersey makes sense because Lopez has far more practical potential ie; he's not headed towards premature retirement. Why do these jock-riding "analysts" never mention that large risk as it seems ESPN gets off on DH to LA ?

    • los

      Because that's what the espn machine is all about. They don't want to see competitive balance and they could care less about team basketball. It's all about these young super teams that can give them the most highlights and stories. When's the last time you've seen an example of good fundamental basketball or chemistry on a top ten reel? No one cares about the stuff. The Celtics aren't about glamour, stars, or highlights, just winning. I, for one, am just fine with that. It's the reason I love this team.

  • mr r

    It goes to show how many people are living in lala land and not about anything relavent, anything real. SPORTS AT THIS LEVEL ARE USE-LESS IN THE BIGGER PICTURE AND SERVE AS ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! That's why, to answer my own query! We are in the midst of loosing our Constitutional rights and we're still flapping on about CP whatever. He dribbles a ball for a living and has no idea what the rest of us go through to earn our living – like so many of these overpaid, cry-baby, juvenile-minded psuedo-celebs. Maybe CP wanted a Kardashian. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Kobe.

  • mr r

    Meanwhile we're gonna be here still teething off these mind-less distractions until we begin to awake to WHAT REALLY MATTERS. Play ball for the love you once had and STFU about where you wanna play. Reality check homie(s). You guys would really cry if you worked in retail and your ball days were irrelavent. SMDH hoping LA gets NOTHING. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Suck it up Jack and go sit with Billy at a Clips game. LOL for even wasting this much time writting this nonsense I'm writting, but I do enjoy this site – thanks fellas! One more thing, we're better off goin BIG than PAUL and his iffy knee. Can't compete with Miami being small and quick as they are big and quick.

  • ElRoz

    The amount of time NBA – including owners, players, and the commissioner – has left to itself to allow trades, training camp, and pre-season is pathetic…they screwed themselves up…pre-season exhibition is going to suck, and the early games of the season will have teams and rosters out of whack, messed up plays and miscommunications…..look for Bass, Wilcox, and Dooling to be 50% clueless as to what Doc wants them to do…look for Doc to bench them and rely on longer minutes for the big 4…the very thing he wants to avoid. NBA sucks…they all should have just cut out more games and given more time to trade, training camp, and pre-season.

  • I_Love_Green

    I don't want CP3 anymore. Two weeks until the season opens, we do not need to be making drastic changes like that.

  • Morpheus

    West deal dead. FUCK.

  • Mike

    David West to indiana what a joke….

  • skeeds

    damn it. NOW we're screwed, because the reason the deal fell through was no one wanted to pick up Jermaine. Which means we have no chance of trading him in any other way. If Ainge also signs the rookies today/tomorrow (they have to start practice at one point) we have no available trade chips except the big 4…

    kinda blew up in our faces this one…

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