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We all had a lot of fun late last night speculating about whether or not some of the new pieces the Celtics accumulated yesterday might be part of a package deal for a superstar, specifically Dwight Howard. Look: it was a Friday night, and things got a little out of control. But now the harsh light of day has fallen on the NBA landscape, and Dwight Howard has requested that he be traded to the Nets.

Josh Robbins of the Sentinel first broke that Howard asked for a trade, and Woj confirmed that it’s to the Nets. Woj: ballin’ out of control this weekend.

A trade package from the Nets would certainly include Brook Lopez, and would require that the Nets take on the devil’s handshake with Hedo Turkoglu. Beyond that is unclear, although the Nets would likely have to ship out some picks and other young pieces, potentially rookie Marshon Brooks.

Also relevant is that were Dwight Howard to be traded to Brooklyn, he would not be playing for the Lakers.

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  • The Truth

    Smart move Dwight..Fuck the lakers, the Nets future is very bright

    • los

      Not to mention that if the CP3 trade goes through the entire lakers front court consists of Bynum, who is due for his annual knee injury once the season gets underway

      • Mark

        There has been mentioned the revised trade for CP3 would include Bynum to the Hornets.

      • The Duke

        Id' prefer to keep Pau, but the reality is the Lakers will have D12 and CP3 by the end of next week…. suck it boston!

        • Mike

          Ahahah you're funny (in Peter Griffin's voice)
          But seriously get of the pipe. OKC is gonna embarrass you fakers from now on so worry about "your" team

          • The Duke

            Seemed to me like this string of comments was about "my" team . . . maybe you guys should keep "our" names out of "your" mouths

          • Mike

            err…. what? It seems like ''we'' don't go onto other teams blogs to troll though. So…yeah thats that.

        • troll

        • erMPic

          How would that be possible, u know nothing about lakers and their shitty trade specimens. Even hornets said so.

  • Best things about this post: the fact that he wouldn't play for the lakers, and also the picture

    • My auto-correct wanted to correct lakers to make it capitalized. I have vetoed this correction for "basketball reasons"

  • guest

    If he really does go to the Nets it will be beautiful. Not only will the Lakers lose their main objective but since the Nets are going to Brooklyn, whenever I visit my dad I can just ask to go to Nets games and watch D12 instead of spending a ton of money on a Knicks game.

  • High Rollers

    Hope it gets done. Respect D12 much more for this pick. The idea of D12 becoming the second coming of Russell was entertaining speculation, but NBA basketball’s just in a different place now. I’d say it’s a good time to court KLove by winning this year. I don’t care how many times Minnesota matches our bids next summer. Get the Rebound King!

  • ElRoz

    I hope it gets done as well: Orlando get weaker, LA doesn't get him, and the Nets are stronger, but still the Nets…

  • Ryan DeGama

    That would line up Nets, Knicks, Bulls, Heat as class of the East for the next few years, along with whatever Danny pulls together, assuming he can.

  • tbunny

    Fine. I don't like Dwight anyway. He's a punk.

  • Morpheus

    DWill and Dwight. Yikes. Seriously…YIKES.

    No seriously….YIKES, If Jersey pulls this off, that duo will propel them to top 3-4 in the East.

    • I'm going to look at the Nets roster now

      • Ok, players on the Nets, in order of height:

        Jordan Farmar
        Deron Williams
        Travis Outlaw
        Brook Lopez

        Sundiata Gaines
        Marshon Brooks
        Anthony Morrow
        Stephen Graham
        Damion James
        Jordan Williams
        Bojan Bogdanovic
        Johan Petro

        It's gonna take more than Dwight to make them top 4 (aka better than the Knicks) in my opinion

        • Morpheus

          They'll resign Humphries and they'll have to take on Turkey. They also have the full MLE to play with. Believe me, if they get Dwight….top 3-4 in the East.

          • Still skeptical, but if that all happens I'll make sure to come back and give you credit.

            Heat/Bulls 1 & 2
            Celtics 3
            Knicks 4

          • Morpheus

            You heard it here first 🙂

      • Morpheus

        No need to, it's DWill and Dwight. They'll have Morrow who can knock down 3s, Outlaw – ho hum- who knows, maybe getting Dwight and getting back to the top will motivate him to play at that level he was playing at in Portland – his best years. And possibly Humphries.

        We've all seen how lethal a p&r can be with Nash and Amare, near unstoppable.

  • hype

    Does this mean Humphries could soon be involved in a sign and trade to Orlando? I've been anxiously waiting for Kris to get signed, he's on my fantasy team

    It's interesting how the players in the NBA are all of a sudden deciding which teams *actually matter* haha… everyone wants to play in Los Angeles, or Chicago, or New York… big markets. Fortunately Boston is a pretty big market and has a stacked history. However, I think we're destined to chase non-superstars; such as Kevin Love, Danny Granger, etc. Players every bit as good as the superstars, but that just don't have star-power going for them. We'll carve out a niche and quietly be the best team with the hardest workers and the humblest guys, and it's going to be sweet. We are the class of the east.

  • Kricky

    The kid is smart. While CP3 may be slightly better than DWill, Dwill is a lot more durable and hasn't had any major knee issues. Those two will complement each other nicely and given the right complementary pieces will contend for the title in a year or two.

  • redcon

    Because David Stern is the kingdom ,the power,and the glory forever and ever Amen .

  • High Rollers

    Oh my, oh my. CP3 to LA trade falls apart. LA now on Nets' heels for D12. Chauncey ready to implode for being amnestied; also chomping at bit to compete against NYK now… as long as it's with a contender. (Fair enough, Mr. Big Shot.) Lamar off to Dallas. Huh.

    Whatever. I still don't see Paul or Howard in green. If we get a chance at Chauncey, I hope DA snags him.

  • High Rollers

    Like grabbing at fire now. Truly advise DA to lay off CP3. Very well could be lawsuits galore.

  • skeeds

    Hard to wish bad for Howard, even if he chooses to go to the Lakers. There's nothing I don't like about this guy. Every year he's a better player. Every year he plays like a beast, and if it weren't for the devastatingly incompetent organization he played for, he would already be a champion by now.
    If he goes to the Nets, it would be awesome. DWill, D12, they persuade AK47 to come back from Russia, and that's a Heat killing squad if there ever was one!