Post-game Reactions

Media availability just wrapped up here in Waltham and despite a late start to the day, it was an active session with Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Marquis Daniels, Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo addressing the media. A quick snapshot of the major events of the evening, before we follow up with further quotes and analysis later tonight and tomorrow.

– Nine players were in camp today and in uniform. They included the six players currently under contract (Big Four, Jermaine O’Neal and Avery Bradley) as well as new signees Marquis Daniels, Chris Wilcox and training camp invitee Greg Stiemsma. Doc hoped to have 12 bodies in uniform for tomorrow.

-The other rookies had not signed their contracts yet, but were expected to do so in the next day or so. Seems a procedural issue for JaJuan Johnson, E’Twaun Moore, and Gilbert Brown.

-Chris Wilcox was signed for a one year veteran’s minimum contract.

-Doc acknowledged Jeff Green had signed a one-year deal, in all probability for the 5.8 million dollar qualifying offer the C’s had made.

-Rajon Rondo had a very candid and cordial seven minute session with the local media, cracking jokes, speaking openly and honestly about the trade rumors swirling around him. He admitted they had hurt him “since he’s human,” but he has been in close touch with Danny and feels reassured and happy to be in Boston. Definitely one of the more upbeat sessions Rondo has ever held with the media (he is usually very reserved), so a very good sign to say the least. We will have a full breakdown with quotes and more later tonight from Rondo.

-Doc spoke glowingly about Brandon Bass and Keyon Dooling, although he did not speak about them officially, since the deals had not gone through yet. He also stated he had an emotional goodbye with Big Baby earlier today.

An updated look at the projected roster as it stands now (14 bodies):

Paul Pierce
Rajon Rondo
Ray Allen
Jermaine O’Neal
Kevin Garnett

Marquis Daniels
Avery Bradley
E’Twaun Moore
JaJuan Johnson
Keyon Dooling
Brandon Bass
Chris Wilcox
Jeff Green
Gilbert Brown (non-guaranteed)

The Celtics still have the mid-level exception to play with, so look for Delonte West or one more big body to fill that void. The C’s added size with Wilcox but clearly could still use another center to hold court as well. But believe it or not, the roster is coming into full form and it’s looking better than most C’s fans could have hoped for.

Full quotes on the way later tonight.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Morpheus

    Before i duck and hide, how's Rondo's jumper looking?

    • Mike

      I'm more interested in his free throws.

      • DAC

        you can not play basketball like rajon rondo, so shut your mouth MIKE. Free throws are for the college. NBA is where people dunk.
        But in a more politcal reserved statement, i would approach this piece of media with the idea that Rondo needs a better sports agent to help him manage his market and publicity.
        He has helped this region win a championship, he doesnt need to be able to shoot high percentage, because he is a play maker, who are you mike?


        • Mike

          I'm Mike

  • skeeds

    I like the Wilcox trade, bit of Rayray recruiting maybe? Dude can jump and play the pick n' roll, could be a better rebounder, but definately has some scoring ability.

    Suddenly, we're STACKED at the 4. KG, Jajuan, Green, Bass and Willcox. Not bad, not at all bad…
    They still DON"T COUNT AS CENTERS Ainge. Go use that midlevel and your amazing trading charisma to find a decent freakin center.

    • Ryan

      Green is more of a 3 than a 4 and I think Wilcox can play both the 4 and the 5

      • skeeds

        eh, you can't say he can really play the 5 though, I mean, we need much more than Baby coming in to give Perk a breather kind of center. To be realistic about JO's abilities right now, we need a someone who can play the 5 for 25 minutes…

    • Mike

      Apparently they sigh Stiesma(?) as a center. And Ainge got a pick for '12 for taking in Dooling. (lotsa picks now 4)

    • ElRoz

      Well, with these players, Green would play as Small Forward…he rounds like one and his physical strength is more akin to a SF…Daniels will play the Shooting Guard.

      But yes, with Green at SF, Boston still has KG, Bass, Wilcox, and if they get West – then something is up. If this means JO is leaving…J. Johnson and KG are the centers then? There are not too many 7 foot NBA centers today; many centers don't present an offensive threat in the post anyhow, so it could work with JJ and KG…or Wilcox even, but I don't think that's how Danny and Doc are planning it.

      Of course something will have to be changed…some of these guys might end up being traded.

  • High Rollers

    All ya need is an attention span longer than 15 seconds to not be at all surprised.

  • BoomBay

    To be honest, it looks llike a usual Rondo interview.. Just more to talk about.

  • Kudos to DA and company for putting this roster together with so little flexibility. Why hasn't there been a KG sighting yet? Seems like he's completely under the radar

  • High Rollers

    DA’s covering all the bases (should be easy for a former MLB draftee). Meanwhile, the Big 3 are turning into fitness gurus (even the Captain) and RR cherishes being a Celtic. If the Internet didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be a bad vibe in all of Health Point.

  • skeeds

    Aldridge just tweeted the C's are close to a deal with David West. Might this have anything to do with Green not showing up?

  • kingdingaling

    holy shit are we really satcked with big men( better then last year). we got kg, j.o, green,bass,wilcox,johnson that can all play the 4 or 5. i cant wait to see kg toughen up johnson cuz i think johnson is the type of player we needed. im sad to see baby leave but a trade for bass…im happy. bass is tough as hell, we all saw it when the celtics played the magic every year.even tho bass and wilcox dont score as much points, going to a defensive team like the celtics im sure they will be perfect by just playing solid D. like rebounds,pick and rolls,blocks, well be good. im just a lil scared that we dont sign D.West. we all know that we need him behind rondo.go get your man DA!!!!!!!

  • SK35

    Just added another PF – David West. It looks like O'Neal might go to the Hornets in a sign and trade though so they have tons of 4s and 1 center in Wilcox? At least they have scoring off the bench!

  • skeeds

    what in god's name is Ainge thinking? It's clearly something slightly genius and at the same time mad to the bone. The PF position is as of now, perfect. KG and West can split a game 24 minutes each, no team can handle that. Question is hat the deal will be with Bass… He's nowhere near a 5. Neither is KG or West…
    Which means, there has to be one more big piece of news coming up…

    • Jack

      yea wouldnt be surprised to see bass or green traded soon

      • ElRoz

        I'm with you on that…I'm not sure who would be traded soon…but one or two guys might.

        If they get rid of Green, who is their Small Forward off the bench (don't tell me Green is not a SF – he ain't not PF)…Marquis? Ok…good…but then who is their Shooting Guard of the bench? I'd love to see Bradley, but that might be a stretch to expect Doc to play him 16-18 min a game. But all in all, a back court of Dooling and Bradley of the bench would provide good defense as a substitute to the Rondo-Ray Allen offense…I guess one could sub tough d for good offense….but if no Green, then it's Dooling and Bradley as your back-court subs and Marquis at SF.

        • Jack

          Wafer? i always thought he deserved more time last year.

          • Jack

            also heard avery may be part of the west trade

    • ElRoz

      A KG-David West 24/24 split at PF looks darn juicy!
      Wilcox at center…..what to do with Bass? After last season I feel like they ought to have 3 quality guys for every position, a la Perk, Semih, JO, and Shaq…still wasn't enough!

  • ripsonics

    this is madness.. i aggree with Skeeds however.. i cannot see this being DA's final go. we have no true 5! unless we start CW at the 5, and then bring in the PF's to rotate that 5 spot. I dunno… these shenanigans aint over yet tho. I gotta say.. after losing CP3 – DA has been really effing impressive.

    Go C's

  • Kricky

    Interesting stuff. We're stacked at the 4 right now. And Danny is reportedly sending JO to NO for West. So we have no real 5 on the roster.

    I'm sure we'll be making a move for a 5. We have some interesting pieces to offer another team now. Maybe we could swing one of those bigger name FA centers in a sign and trade?

    Danny must be working the phones 24-7.