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Celtics Trade Glen Davis For Brandon Bass

Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports tweets the Celtics are sign-and-trading Glen Davis to the Orlando Magic for Brandon Bass.

The 26-year-old, 6’8″ Bass is entering his seventh year in the league, after averaging 11.2 points per game last season for the Magic. He also registered career-highs in starting 51 games and averaging 26.1 minutes per. His contract calls for $4M this season, with a player option for the same amount for 2012-13.

One of Bass’ key strengths is his mid-range game, which is an improvement over the departing Davis. Bass hit 47% of his shots from 16-23 feet last season, while Davis was far more erratic at 35%. Overall, beyond 10 feet, Bass shot 46.1%.

Bass has a reputation as an offensive black hole, so with ball-sticking being such a sin in the C’s offense, we can expect Doc Rivers to find some teachable moments in the early going.

One downside: Davis and Bass are basically a wash as rebounders. Which means more mediocrity.

As Brian noted this morning, this has been coming for a long time for the C’s. Davis’ relationship with the Celtics has always involved flare-ups, usually centered around Davis’ meandering road to maturity and his constant concerns about whether he’s being featured enough on the offense and the team. He gave the Celtics many good games, many of them under pressure and may yet be a starter in this league. But it’s not going to happen with Boston.

UPDATE: The Davis deal with Orlando is for 4 years/$26 million.

  • Zee

    This was a good move for the C's.

  • Kricky

    I love this! BBass is a stud!

  • guest


  • Samson

    Great trade Danny I love it!

  • Bass is always in good shape, right? That’s not going to be an issue anymore?

  • hdavenport

    Glen Davis will now be playing in the city where he did this:

  • Dan Gilbert

    It would be a travesty to allow this trade to go through. I cannot remember ever seeing a trade where a player ran over a small child and then got traded to that very same city! And it appears that the Celitcs are going to save over $500,000 in diet-related bonuses.

    I just don't see how we can allow this trade to happen. I know the vast majority of owners feel the same way that I do.

    P.S. Why is there no option to format comments in Comic Sans?

    • Aljr


  • skeeds

    this should turn out gold for us. Finally someone to play pick n' roll with Rondo who can take it to the rim. Excellent pick n' pop player also, his midrange game is top notch.
    Other than that, it's all about the attitude. If he understands what is needed from him, play with intensity and is willing to study the defensive schemes of the team, he can easily handle a lot of KG's workload.

    This offcourse leaves the C's still in need of a center. Bass is in no way a player to put at the 5, although he's slightly taller than Davis. This means Ainge has something in mind, or else he wouldn't "spend" Davis to get another PF. At least I hope so. Forcing a player to play out of his spot never goes well.

    • Ben

      Height is a wash actually. Davis is listed at 6'9", Bass at 6'8"

  • ripsonics

    this is 'bass ass!' hah..

    Really though.. this is a great move. He will definitely be first off the bench, and can offer significant minutes at the four. Hes bigger, and better than BBD, and less of a whiney baby.

    Plus he's not a fatty.

    Go C's

  • Kricky

    Highlights of our new PF torching the heat:

  • KBa

    Good move… hopefully he can be productive on both ends of the floor and take over a majority of mins at the PF on back to backs from KG. He has a decent and expiring contract too so doesn't hurt cap space going forward.

    Still need a center though, would have been good if Kristic had stuck around. He had a decent offensive game (which we really need) despite his flaws.

  • Zee

    David Stern Statement: “Since the NBA purchased the New Orleans Hornets, final responsibility for significant management decisions lies with the Commissioner's Office in consultation with team chairman Jac Sperling. All decisions are made on the basis of what is in the best interests of the Hornets. In the case of the trade proposal that was made to the Hornets for Chris Paul, we decided, free from the influence of other NBA owners, that the team was better served with Chris in a Hornets uniform than by the outcome of the terms of that trade.”

    • skeeds

      Stern needs to shut up, he's making more a fool of himself by trying to justify this decision. Free from the influence of other owners my ass. He's just scared he won't be able to sell the Hornets with no CP3 on the floor.

  • dwillis

    I' m so glad Davis is gone, I'm really shocked someone else wanted him. I pray he doesn't fail the physical

  • Brian

    Not a bad move by Ainge. Bass can actually finish baskets at the rim.

    • Ryan DeGama

      Actually, they finish at the rim at around the same rate.

      • I_Love_Green

        And that is shocking.

  • CG12

    I like it. I always wondered why Bass didn't play more for Orlando.

  • Renato Afonso

    Good move by Ainge. He learns some stuff from Garnett and next year he becomes the starter.

  • W2.

    Brian…..I totally agree. I like Baby. But Bass can get off the floor. How many times have we seen Rondo make a quick dish to Perk or Baby and see the defense rotate in time despite them previously being wide open. Baby cannot play above the rim. Bass certainly is not D12, but the guy can get off the floor.


  • james patrick

    Shrek and Donkey no more. lol

  • I_Love_Green

    I like it. Better shooter, more athletic, and hopefully willing to learn from KG and others. Baby just had to go though.

  • Very happy about this. Bass is a little nastier than Baby, and more open to influence

  • Bass boost!

  • Kricky

    I'm very happy with this move. But I just don't get Orlando's logic. Resigning BBD to a 4 year contract?! Now that he's gotten paid get ready for him to pull an Oliver Miller and balloon to 400 lbs.

    This is another bonehead move by Otis Smith. It shows that it is always worthwhile to trade with this guy. I hope Danny keeps pitching him trades for D12.

    • KBa

      LOL – definitely… VC, Arenas, Lewis… lot of bad contracts on his record. JO for D12 😉 ?

    • Wouldn't be surprised if Davis is part of another trade this season. Maybe Houston will help out

  • I_Love_Green

    Rondo is gonna like this guy.

  • Ray Ray for 3

    I like this trade. Everlasting Bass! He's definitely an upgrade.

  • I_Love_Green

    So now for backcourt we've got Rondo, Ray, Dooling, Bradley, and Moore.
    At the 3 we got Pierce, hopefully Greenie, Quis, and most likely Gilbert Brown.
    At the 4 there's KG, BB, and JJ. The initials men.
    At center, well, we got JO. ): Heard talk about Chris Wilcox possibly coming here, and same with Kyrylo Fesenko.

    Guys like Moore and Brown will spend some time in Maine, if not most of their time.

    • Mike

      I want Delonte and Mbah Moute for depth and Wilcox as the back up center and its a go!

      • I_Love_Green

        Well thats just not happening. Sorry!

    • ripsonics

      Wilcox is actually a good player when utilized. Ray Allen played with him back in Seattle, and he was actually quite a big contributor. Great pick and roll guy, and can finishwell. I wouldn't mind seeing him in green, especially for the minimum.

      Fesenko… hes huge. and scored 9points and grabbed 4.4 rebounds off the bench last year in only 18mpg. He wouldn't be bad either. We all know Danny isn't done yet… now we just have to buckle up for the ride.

      Go C's

  • Cristian

    Me gusta mucho el intercambio, siento q Bass puede ayudar mas al equipo q Beby

  • Batman

    i'M pretty happy with the moves we've done so far
    Dooling honestly is just as good as west and hes not injury prone
    Big baby was awesome but Brandon Bass isn't fat

  • Kaela

    so glad baby's gone!!! he wasn't committed to our team. one week he would be in shape&then the next he would be trailing behind! he's a professional athlete,i remember in one of the Nba playoff games he missed a lay-up completely by himself with no one covering him this sad! he complains about everything. i give him props he did what we could. but we need height&someone who won't let the celts down

  • guest

    Hopefully they can talk Leon Powe to coming back and since the Knicks just used the amnesty rule on Chauncy Billups MAYBE they can convince him to come back to his first team. If this all works out we're in great shape.

    • I_Love_Green

      Leon wanted to come back but the feeling wasn't mutual. He's most likely going back to Memphis.

  • Bassplane

    Dooling as good as West??? That's laughable. Dooling is a *decent* defensive minded back up PG at best, but is absolutely attrocious on offence. He shot BELOW 40% FROM THE FIELD each of the last two seasons. Sadly, this indicates to me that Doc is still unwilling to give Bradley a real shot at spelling Rondo off the bench.

    • Morpheus

      He has shot a low percentage throughout his career, but if there's one thing Dooling does well it's looking after the rock. Percentages aside, there's not much of a difference between Delonte and Keyon and Danny probably didn't have much choice since Del would be looking for bigger money anyway and he only gave up a 2nd round for Keyon, not bad if you ask me.

      • Batman

        Delonte isn't that great of a PG
        They both are middling average backups

  • hype

    Garnett and Bass. Looks like we're all set at PF.

    During the rebuild, I would hope we could enquire about Kevin Love.



    • Scott

      Nahh. He’s too pale.

  • ozcelts

    According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Davis' contract with Orlando is worth $26 million over four seasons. Additionally, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel reports the contract includes neither a player option nor a team option.

    Davis' deal is worth $2.5 million more annually than Bass' deal, which he signed for Orlando in 2009.

    Does Otis Smith ever leave any meeting with his pants in place?

  • Scott

    Rip Hamilton…? Can still contribute I’m sure.

  • erictong

    Bass is definitely an upgrade over Davis.

  • erictong

    Anyone want Vince Carter? I think he'll be a good backup for Pierce.

  • what about Humphries or Turiaf?? and Nick Young is free :-O oh my.. he would be good too

  • sightline75

    hahahahahahahahahaha………………hahahahahahahahahahaha………….. Great trade.

  • Morpheus

    HELL YES Danny, excellent trade.

  • ed judson

    Jeff Foster – defends pick and roll, and rebounds