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Rumor Minutiae: Lakers Could Deal for Paul Via Houston, East Rivals Beef Up

Mannix and Amick over at Sports Illustrated are¬†twitting that LA’s working on a deal to get Chris Paul in a three-team trade with Houston, sending Pau Gasol to the Rockets, who would offer New Orleans a meaty bunch of players in return for Paul.

Houston also expressed interest in Paul at one point, and they have the combination of picks, vets, and young talent to put together a tempting package for the Hornets. But the Rockets management may be worried that Paul won’t sign a long-term deal in Houston, and they’ve been targeting size as well: now that Tyson Chandler and Nene are likely off the market, they might be okay with Gasol as a consolation prize underneath.

This hypothetical three-team deal would hypothetically go up against the Celtics’ three-team deal with the Pacers, where Darren Collison and probably some other assets would be sent to the Hornets.

UNINFORMED PREDICTION: Once this trade offer from LA and Houston is finalized, the Hornets will call up the Clippers and tell them they’re going to pull the trigger unless the Clippers are willing to part with Eric Gordon. The Clippers will bite.

The Lakers are also one of the last three suitors for Delonte West, along with the Celtics and Mavs, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of Twitter.

Meanwhile, some of the C’s rivals in the East are adding valuable pieces all over the place.

  • Tyson Chandler appears to be heading to New York, according to Marc Stein at the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. That’s a huge move, as Chandler changed the defensive face of the Mavericks and could do the same for the Knicks. He’s also Chris Paul’s best friend forever and ever, but Chandler’s contract is going to make signing Paul next season almost impossible without trading Amare Stoudemire, which word is the Knicks are willing to do.
  • Shane Battier will play for Miami next season to compete for a starting spot with LeBron James. Should he lose that position battle, he’ll deepen one of the league’s weakest benches last season.
  • Other free-agents who’ve left the market: Shannon Brown (to the Suns), Mike Dunleavy Jr. (to the Bucks), Caron Butler (to the Clippers), and, less recently, Chuck Hayes (to the Kings, for more than the Celtics would have been willing to pay).
  • Jay

    All these teams making moves & Danny is fuckin around with this Paul trade, that isnt going to work out..we are not going to have anyone on our team longer he waits

  • ripsonics

    If the lakers get CP3.. I'll Cry.

    and secondly.. the Celtics will have to keep Rondo, because he is the only other PG in the league that could attract DH to boston.

    Go C's

    • bleedGREEN

      dwight doesnt want to play with rondo. i think his only considerations are cp3 and deron williams

    • Los

      you better bust out the kleenex then. It's not looking to good for the C's

  • I_Love_Green

    At this point, it would be devastating if Paul was traded to the Lakers.

  • rondeezy

    reportedly dell demps said ok to the trade but LA backed out

  • I_Love_Green

    Whelp. That ends that. Wojo is reporting that LA is sending Bynum and Odom to NO for Paul.

    Now what do we do? I'm at a loss for words…

    • Mike

      Unless Ainge has the proverbial rabbit under his sleeve, basically I have no will to watch basketball this season…

      • Los

        Yeah I'm pretty much depressed before the season's started. The present isn't looking too good and the future looks bleak. Everyone brace yourself, we've got some rough years coming up

  • -JP

    I have a bad feeling this is going to be a horrible free agent period for us, we won't get Paul, as all of the other offers I have heard are better for the Hornets, and we won't get any other decent free agents since other teams are picking them up and we are focused on this trade. I see us bringing back the same crew as last year and probably losing in the same round again to the same team.

  • rondeezy
  • I_Love_Green

    I guess now we'll just re sign everybody and run it back.

  • Mike

    The proposed trade is gasol and odom for paul… pathetic nba….

    • Los

      Yeah I know. Houston came out of nowhere and voluntarily gutted it's team in order for the lakers to get Paul. All they get back is a 31 year old PF on the backside of his prime years. How does this make sense for the Rockets?

  • george

    I don't want to think about this scenario. Even worse LA would be legitimate contenders for DH. (or by giving Gasol) I don't either want to think Rondo out of Boston. Then I would have no intention to watch the Celtics the coming season. I can't understand why the GM of Boston is so terribly obsessed with the CP3 trade. it will only make the team's future more uncertain. In my opinion, for the current season we must focus on acquiring the right pieces to support the big 4 and re-sign Green, big baby and west in affordable cost. Then a lot of opportunities may come up after some players being amnestied and possibly with the veterans' minimum.
    Next year if Mr Ainge is capable of luring DH or any other superstar ( point guards excluded, cause celts do not need any upgrade in this position) and persuade KG and RA to step up for another run something is happening. Otherwise that is the end of an era for Boston and the next awakening none can reckon when will come.
    What is more, all the previous years Mr. Ainge failed to collect the right pieces to support the cast. For the success of the team I can only give credit to Doc and to the determination of the big 4. i am wondering if this is the time for a change in management…..

  • redcon

    God people must think rondo is no better than Avery Bradley i mean pau gasol on the down side of his career and some mid level players from the rockets the NBA owned team making this trade seem fishy