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Not So Fast: NBA Kills CP3 to Lakers

So, this just happened:

More to come…

  • Kricky

    Subhead: Daryl Morey gets caught at Houston International with suitcase full of unmarked bills and 8 oz of cocaine.

    • ripsonics

      well.. this confirms that he is in fact..

      A TOTAL DUMBASS. Serves him right. he was probably high when we signed off on that trade.

  • Rob

    the backlash from this is gonna unreal, get ready stern

    For the record, fuck chris paul he can go to New York with this buddies. If he comes here and gives us 50% for a year (which is what he's gonna do) he won't even have a chance to sign with another team, because Kevin Garnett will kill him..

  • guest

    Suck on that, Laker Nation.

  • ripsonics

    if you arent running around doing fist pumps, you suck.

    My only question…. if we make another offer to NOH, will the nba veto that one? they almost have to dont they? So now what…?

    • skeeds

      well, even if the nba doesn't veto, if I was Chris Paul and they let the next offer go through, I'd be so pissed I'd play the whole season walking backwards and shooting at my own basket. So now, I say we back off.

  • guest

    I never thought I'd ever say this in a million years but David Stern is the man for killing this.

  • Louis Hohl

    Yes David Stern is the friggin man right now!!!!!!! Lets hope Laker Nation has lost its "magic" when it comes to player trades. I

    • ElRoz

      I'm sure I might be somewhat off here…but with Gasol and Odom the Lakers might be better than w/o them but with Paul? Big is big….you got two 10 reb/game bigmen who hang around the inside a lot.

      However, if this makes the Howard deal to LA less likely, then it's quite ok with me…but the Lakers still look quite strong…especially now that Dallas seems to be disintegrating. What's with that? You got a championship team…and you don't work to hold it together? Chandler is leaving…Butler is leaving…maybe Barea. What's the philosophy there?

      • dslack

        Totally with you. Dallas's disintegration in pursuit of salary cap space next summer is quite puzzling.

        • Mac

          Cuban is the all-time king of breaking up a good thing. Thought he’d changed his ways, but back to the same old idiocy (and back to first round exits for Dirk’s tenure). Cuban is high on some bad laced shayt.

  • Jay

    LoL…so what if they agreed to trade to Boston, would they cancel that? I would assume that would be no different.

    • Los

      they'd have to only on principle. I think the owners intervened to save the entire league from the rockets ineptitude. I guess they saw that essentially they'd be getting paul and still have the cap space/ pieces to get howard as well so they just shot it down before it got any further. That's enough of you L.A. you already got Pau for a bunch of D leaguers

  • Morpheus

    So how the hell does CP3 escape NOLA now if the owners have the power to veto any CP3 trade?

    • ripsonics

      I think our boy DA is trying to figure that out right now…………

  • Morpheus

    So……..now…………what? CP3 stays in NOLA?

  • High Rollers

    Why didn’t Stern put a moratorium on Hornets trades until there was new ownership? I guess juggling the “nuclear winter” threat of the lockout and lawsuits, the save-the-season rushed CBA ratification, and the potential superstar trade fallout all at once was just all too much for the guy.

  • Kricky

    As much as this veto made my day (thanks Stern!) I don't think it will stick. The leagues just can't allow the owners to veto trades like this.

    How sweet would it be if CP3 goes to someone other than LAL?

    • Tos

      My thoughts too. Bc this trade cancelling thing is absolute bs. And I’m a celtics fan. When the NBA bought out the hornets they claimed that they wouldn’t interfere with what the teams management does, UMMMM… I think this counts as interfereing….

    • CG12

      Agreed. It just doesn't make sense for the league to be in the business of judging the business wisdom of trades which are agreed to on an arms-length basis. How can NO possibly trade Paul now? The league totally undercut their ability to make any deal. This deal is going through.

      As much as it is scary to see the Lakers acquire such an awesome player, it comes with serious risk. And they lose a lot of their size which has been such a big asset for them in their recent run.

  • james patrick


  • janos

    Haynes, I just want say thank you KILL trade. I learn good lessons today celtichubs. DOnt like trade, tell Haynes, trade DIES. I save whiskey for xmastimes but i crack open today. Day go bad, good, bad, so bad, hate everything NBAS bad, ok, what, very good, best, whiskey.

    Thank you Haynes.

    • I_Love_Green

      Janos, MY MAN, lord I missed your comments during the lockout. Welcome back!

    • Morpheus

      What would Celtics Hub be without Janos? Dull and boring.

      • I_Love_Green

        Haha especially because he always adds a N to Hayes. Always makes my day.

      • dasein

        What would the internet be without Janos?

  • I_Love_Green

    I just cannot believe that this was actually vetoed. I honestly only see CP3 being traded to a smaller market team like GS. Main complaint was bigger market teams (lakers) having leverage over smaller market teams (Hornets) so they vetoed it.

  • I_Love_Green

    Anyways, how about some of these training camps tomorrow? Awkward all over the place! Boston, New Orleans, LA, Houston!

  • High Rollers

    Well, the NBA stumbled upon one form of parity… Now not a single team, not even the Lakers, knows “what constitutes a trade that will be allowed.” (A.Sherrod) The owners must have thought this would be a suitable version of “competitive balance,” but then choked on the words and ended up with the wonder that has become “basketball reasons.” Hashtag. *Cough*

  • ElRoz

    Paul to NYK for Amare now? Melo, Paul Chandler makes more sense than having Melo and Amare on the same team.

  • jill

    with or without cp3, LAKERS ALL THE WAY! ha!

    • Los

      no you definitely need him otherwise your still that aging team that got embarrased out of the playoffs. I guess d fish is kinda like cp3

  • ripsonics

    Dan Gilbert calling for a vote of the 29 majority owners on CP3 trade.

    On another note.. DH wants to go to NJ. So if he gets there and signs, any point in keeping CP3 if we get him? Longshot at best I’d say – both in getting and then keeping him.

    Oh well! Exciting ass day man.. Wow.

    Go C’s

  • guest

    Man I really hope D12 goes to the Nets. That will totally screw up LA's plans even worse.

  • Mac

    Celtics and Pacers should rework CP3 deal to ORL, landing IND their dream Rondo, and BOS their dream of D12 + D-Will/CP3 with their 2012 cap space.
    This is done by freeing ORL of their worst liabilities. 

    BOS: D12 + Turk
    IND: Rondo
    ORL: Collison, Green, Avery Bradley, Etwan Moore, Celtics Clippers pick + their own pick + cash, Indy’s pick + cash + agreement to max out for 1 year on amnestied Arenas ($15M?), Garnett’s expiring, Posey’s expiring.

    This means ORL gets 4 young players + 4 1st round picks (in addition to their own), plus cash towards amnesty, while being massively under the cap next year to reload. Alternatively, Boston could amnesty KG saving ORL an additional  $20M. With the picks, Magic can start assbling their own combo like Griffin+Gordon+Jordon/Durant+Westbrook+Ibaka/Rose+Deng+Noah.

  • Los

    Paul sounds like a punkbitch trying to sue. Yeah it's a little bit unfair but you've only got to play this year out. Don't worry about where you're going just finish out your contract wherever you are. You're still making money and by the summer you choose where you're going to play

    • steveo

      I wouldn't blame him if he refused to play. He doesn't need to play if he doesn't want to, and this veto is massive bullshit. That said, fuck the lakers and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving team.

  • ripsonics

    my guess is that it would be ok for us to trade for CP3 because we are giving a top tier PG in return for him. The Laker trade was more moving a star to a big market, and some good players to a smaller market. Rondo would be the franchise down there no doubt, so I dont think the trades would be that similar, although I am sure people would look at that way. Realistically however, Stern will NOT cancel two trades in a row…

    or would he………………

  • ariele

    2012 – True or False Prophecy?

  • Renato Afonso

    What just happened is terrible for the NBA. CP3 will "shoot at his own basket", as someone said, unless he lands in LA or NY. How is that in the best interest of the NBA? Odom and Gasol, who appear to be crushed, won't play properly for their teams. Same must go for Scola and Kevin Martin.

    How is it in the best interest of the NBA to allow this?

    Now the largest problem with this trade is… if they don't allow CP3 to go to LA, why would they allow him to go to Boston or Chicago or NY? Are teams from large markets restricted from trading? And most of all, what team can provide NOLA with better assets than the ones mentioned?

    People don't give a crap about small market teams in the NBA. They care about seeing the most storied franchises facing each other in the playoffs.

    • Los

      if they cared about that they would have let the trade happen because L.A. was primed to get howard after that. sometimes in the best interest of the team requires you not hand over a top pg for pennies to a conference foe.

      • Renato Afonso

        I hardly call Odom+Scola+Kevin Martin+Goran Dragic+a 1st round pick from the Knicks pennies. NOLA would get better with this trade… And the Lakers were not getting better by losing both Gasol and Odom to improve at PG.

        • Mike

          Yes they were, What you are not mentioning is that the lakers were also getting Okafor and/or a trade exception around 10 mil. How is that fair for basically gasol and Odom who are far from being the young pieces the hornets wanted as reported. The rockets were the ones putting up all the assets handing out their best two players and first round picks for gasol (?) what was in it for them? And then the lakers could just flip bynum and filler for DH and use that trade exception to absorb either a bad contract or sign a top power forward. How is that fair? Sure NOH was getting lots of assets but the deal all around was fishy. And besides the youngest player they were getting was like 29yo.

          The Ws, the Cs and the Clippers had better deals on the table. Serves NOH right for not getting anything now for just trying to help a strong team getting stronger.

          Besides the league owns the hornets they can veto the trade just like Wyc could veto Ainge on any trade its exactly the same thing. If only the league had owned de grizzlies back then that first gasol trade would not have been made and where would the lakers be? Certainly not on the playoffs…

          • Renato Afonso

            What if the league vetoed the Garnett trade? Where are the Timberwolves now and where are the Grizzlies? Where would the Celtics be without him? This is not about the Lakers, this is about the league deciding where players go to play.

            And the Lakers were not getting Okafor and a trade exception. They were getting just the trade exception (on the latest reports). And reports say that the W's did NOT offer Curry and the Clippers did NOT offer Eric Gordon. So no, there weren't better deals for NOLA on the table. And the Celtics offer was not better at all. Rondo is not a superstar in the making, as painful as it may be for Celtic fans.

            Now, you may argue that Houston would be the loser in this trade and I agree with that. But the veto was as "owner" of the Hornets…

            Why did they allow Demps to go through with the deal? I'm not against the decision because of CP3's destination, as it could've been NY or BOS or wherever. I'm against this kind of decision regardless of destination.

  • Celtics are the biggest team! Who cares about Lakers…

  • ericlctong

    I am not sure LA will be better off with this trade, unless they can somehow get Howard (who apparently wants to go to the Nets).

    • Renato Afonso

      Indeed. The Lakers would be really thin upfrount…

  • Jamie

    Stern and the owners were totally wrong in this move. That was as good a trade as NO can get.

  • ericlctong

    I think Hornets fans should be more upset than Laker fans…they won't get a better package than this (even the one Celtics offer)