Post-game Reactions

According to Globe reporter Julian Benbow’s Twitter account, the Celtics are close to bringing back Marquis Daniels.  Obviously, the Celtics need to take what they can get in terms of players to fill out the roster but I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniels was a huge help this season.  Of course, I also wouldn’t be surprised if he had another freak injury that ended his season prematurely.

You could say Daniels has a lot of unfinished business in Boston after not being able to finish the past two seasons.  Nothing’s official yet, so I’ll #beleedat signing when I see it.

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  • Ryan DeGama

    Cool post side-effect: the shout out to @jkuether3.

  • ElRoz

    Good news…hope it comes through…Marquis has been a part of the team, knows the team and Doc, and was versatile last season. I wish him an utterly healthy 2011-2012 season…and that's all he needs – he'll do the rest himself.

    I wonder, if they will use him more as a shooting guard or small forward? Might depend on the particular game-opponent. But if they keep Jeff Green and let him play, they will have two good players to sub for Allen and Pierce. Now they need to sign Delonte and bring in a pf and a center.

  • LStrike

    Does this mean we'll be trading players for him to Sacramento though? Or is he a free agent?

    • He is a free agent. This was one of the things that got mentioner last year when he got dealt, that we could bring him back this offseason.

  • SteveB

    I thought he was playing great before the injury. He was able to play the defense we wished Green would play. Daniels appears so smooth on the court that he often looks like he isn't really trying. I like his game and think that if we keep Green and get Delonte back they would make a good 1-3 off the bench. Add in the rookie Johnson and Baby and there is your second unit. It would still be nice to get a healthy 7 footer.

  • 2P2D

    Fool me once, shame on you…

  • Morpheus

    A player who plays within himself, plays to his strengths. I love those players.

  • donjumpsuit

    So glad about this. IMO he was the number one reason why the Celts started tanking last year after his injury. The could put him on the floor with 4 nobodies and still get good offensive possessions by having him isolate his guy. Like SteveB says, it would at times look like a mess, but the ball would always trickle in the basket. It was unbelievable. Without him, the starters couldn't rest and broke down. Not to meniton that he is pretty good on the defensive end, which keeps him on the floor in Rivers system.