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The Celtics and Lakers are currently fielding the top offers for Chris Paul.

Here’s the latest from ESPN’s Marc Stein and Chris Broussard:

The Celtics, sources say, are currently presenting the strongest offer, which features Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green and two first-round picks. As the Paul pursuer most willing to trade for the All-Star point guard with zero assurance that Paul will stay beyond this season, Boston is also trying to concoct multi-team scenarios that would help the Hornets come away with the package they desire for Paul, featuring at least one established veteran to help them stay relevant, one up-and-coming talent and draft picks.

The Hornets’ interest in Rondo is lukewarm at best, but one scenario in circulation would involve the Indiana Pacers and route former Hornets point guard Darren Collison back to New Orleans and land Rondo with the Pacers and Paul with the Celtics. Yet several other players would have to be involved to make such a deal work — with more established talent going to New Orleans — and there was no indication Wednesday that such a deal was close to completion.

CH: With the Clippers and Warriors unwilling to ante up Eric Gordon and Steph Curry, respectively, the current choices for the Hornets appear to be:

1) Accept one of Boston’s proposals.

There’s a nice bit of conspiratorial comedy waiting for us if Larry Bird’s Pacers end up facilitating a CP3-to-Boston trade. How many times have we heard about Kevin McHale gift-wrapping Kevin Garnett for his old buddy Danny Ainge?

2) Take a package from L.A. centered around Pau Gasol.

Chris Paul seems much more willing to commit long term to the Lakers than Boston but any assurances Paul provides L.A. would be of the verbal variety. He won’t sign an extension until July because, like most of us, he prefers to have more money than less.

Interestingly, his reticence for the C’s appears to be tied to his belief that Boston’s title window is closing rather than any particular aversion to cold weather or the city or the organization. Of course, he could extend Boston’s title window simply by re-signing. But I digress.

3) Bring Paul to camp on Friday and wait out the Clippers and Golden State in the hopes they’ll sweeten their offers.

This would turn the Hornets training camp into a rumor central circus, which is something New Orleans GM Dell Demps has been trying to avoid. But it may be his best course of action to maximize the return on his departing star.

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  • LStrike

    I'm infatuated with the idea of championship or bust with the best point guard in the NBA, then blowing it up and going into rebuilding mode once he leaves. Rondo has grown to be such a big part of the Celtics though, with a shortened and more compacted season, do we really think Paul could fit in and make this team just as great as it used to be?

    • 2P2D


  • rondeezy

    acting paul isnt going to make us so much better that were going to get past teams like miami. cp3 sounds like he wants no part of the celtics so this all doesnt make sense

    • bleedGREEN



      trading perk was not good, trading rondo and 2 1st round picks, plus green, will leave us with
      no chance of rebuilding this team next year. I think we might be heading back to the 25 win seasons
      we had in the 90's. paul doesn't even want to come to boston and i do not beleive that howard will
      come also — read yesterday's espn article by bill simmons and you will agree that this trade is no good.

  • whetzell

    This cant be right, who in their right mind would want Darren Collison over Rondo?

  • ripsonics

    Wow… did anyone read Bill Simmons article on ESPN? Its a little much… He basically says, A. there is no way this trade happens, B. DA better trade rondo at some point before the start because, C. Rondo is going to feel completely betrayed after hearing one thing from DA directly, and then hearing another thing in the media EVERYWHERE.

    I am not sure how I feel about how the org. is handling this, but what I do know is that there was probably a better way. Don't lie to the kid if you are actually planning on trading him. And if this Celtics team is really about being a team, then DA needs to cool the jets a little bit. I am ok with making trades and acquiring players during the off-season, but I really hate doing deals at the deadline. I just don't think there is enough time to really incorporate the new guys before the playoffs. That being said, who's to say 'deadline danny' wont blow the team up this year? ……yikes

    Anyway – I still want CP3…so…

    Go C's

    • Zee

      This isn't a "deadline deal" or a last minute effort. Not until the lockout was over could anyone deal anything. So now is the opportunity to do so.

      And how has DA lied to Rondo? If DA is saying these things to the media, I'm sure Rondo knows the truth. He's been placed on the chopping block.

      Like I said in another post, even if Rondo doesn't get traded, this is good for his psyche. Hopefully he'll play at a higher standard and won't slack off mid-season like last year.

      • ripsonics

        My ‘deal at the deadline’ comment had nothing to do with rondo. DA makes deals at the deadline, which really haven’t proved to be effective. The article by bill Simmons talks about the celtics being a team, and Ubuntu and all that. So my comment regarded that specifically.. If this is a ‘team first’ team, then DA shouldn’t really worry so much about making a deal at the deadline.

        Secondly.. There is video of DA saying he loves rondo and that he’s the pg of the future. So.. I’m not sure what ur talking about.

        And if you think this will make rondo a better player in Boston.. You’re very mistaken. Que ray Allen two seasons ago being on the trading block almost all year. Worst season shooting the ball in a celtics uniform, and it is a well known fact ray is a more confident player than rondo. Rondo went into a slump after an obama comment. Come on man..

  • Chris Paul come to Boston!

  • skeeds

    IF the C's haven't had some behind the scenes talks with CP3, where Paul said he'd consider staying, or that he'd like to give it a shot for a championship, then we're mad to go into this trade.
    How on earth will we present to him a multi-year plan, if Howard goes somewhere else? We'll have no draft picks, no one but Pierce signed, so there's not much we can do for trades. And it sounds like he'll want a freaking dream team around him to even consider playing outside NY…

    On a more personal level, trading your best player behind his back, for a superstar who doesn't even want to play for you, to lead your team to a championship in a chopped up season, although you know he'll leave anyway, that's just… Well it's kinda pathetic. It's not how I want my team to be. Not trying to be a drama queen, but Celtic pride is what it's supposed to be "our thing". And there's not a single damn thing to be proud of in all of this…

    • Tos

      While you are correct in your points, I have to argue that DA must think beyond this last go round, but also for it. His hopes are two fold:

      1. Bring CP3 to Boston without needing an extension to gain the ultimate advantage over other bidding teams, in hopes of him adding tge neccesary skills to put our aging big three over the top to another title.

      2. The future. Rondo, while absolutely a “like-a-glove” fit with Boston and tge bug three, us a VERY scary thought without them. I think DA has tried to give Rondo the time to develop to the point where he could lead the franchise, but he simply hasn’t shown he’s there yet.

      That’s my take, so like the rest of you I’ll continue to stay tuned!

      • Tos

        The big three*

        damn you autocorrect

      • Zee

        "I think DA has tried to give Rondo the time to develop to the point where he could lead the franchise, but he simply hasn't shown he's there yet."


  • ericlctong

    Looks like nobody wants Rondo…lol

  • ericlctong

    Off topic – NBA changed its rule to take away Paul Pierce's patented foul-drawing move:

    "Rip-through" moves, in which an offensive player swings the ball into a defender's outstretched arm and then attempts a shot once he has created contact, will be considered non-shooting fouls if the contact begins before the offensive player starts his shooting motion.

  • I think Boston would be nuts to trade Rondo for Paul. Rondo does so many of the things that this team is built on.

    Regardless, kind of a bizarre assertion made here that a trade involving NOLA getting Darren Collison for Chris Paul is in any way, shape or form "leading on CP3". To state that NOLA would do anything other than a polite "no thanks" then laugh their collective asses off behind closed doors for an offer like that (that's if they didn't straight out laugh in front of said closed doors), is complete and utter fantasy.

    • 2P2D

      Way more than just Collison. They would need a package of 4 ish players including Collison and a couple picks. They want a new owner so they are looking to be young and cheap.

  • LACelticsFan

    While I understand how some would want to trade away a future and collect a possible ring this season, I can't really see giving away only the second player we have built into a star. It took a long time to build PP to where he is today, and a relatively short time to build RR up. Now that he has reached his star status we are really thinking of giving away him for a shortened season chance at a ring??? It took too long to make our next great PG, and the first young one at that since Cousy. PG is the hardest position in the league, and we want to get rid of him for a young man who doesn't want to resign with us. Plus we have seen how tough our young PG is…..do we want to get rid of him really???? RECONSIDER AINGE THEN SMOOTH THINGS OVER WITH RONDO, OUR ONLY STAR WHEN THE BIG3 RETIRE.

  • LACelticsFan

    Second player since PP got her I mean.

  • kingdingaling

    dont mind for the trade between rondo for cp3, i just dont want to trade green. throw in big baby instead. we have j.jonhson now. green is a better rebounder, 3point shooter, he can attack the basket better. plus he can be moved to the 2,3,or4.

  • beantownpride

    This trade seems foolish to me. Let the run at 18 be made by the guys who have been working at it for the last couple years. Bringing CP and sacrificing draft picks to try for a “last shot” title run is pathetic. All for a guy that has no plans of sticking around long. The chemisty that CP would need have with the Celts wouldn’t happen in this butchered short season. No Celtic pride as someone previously stated.

    • dan

      Yeah, trying to win a championship is pathetic. This is our last chance to win one with this nucleus, and the bottom line is that we have a better shot, this year, with CP3. Is Celtic pride unrelenting manlove for athletes, or is it derived from banners?

      • 2P2D


      • skeeds

        Yeah man, a banner we raise after a chopped up season, on borrowed legs, a banner we will always owe to a player who just jumped in to say hi, help the poor old has-beens and run along to where he wanted to go anyway. That's exactly what Celtic pride is derived from.

        Who talked about unrelenting manlove? Let's be clear now. If CP3 even hinted he'd really consider an extension with us, I'd be willing to trade Rondo, Green, Baby, Delonte and JO for him. If trading KG and Rondo got us Dwight Howard for 5 years, I wouldn't like the trade, but I'd agree that it's the best thing that we could do to stay relevant. And KG is a legend to retire a Celtic if there ever was one.

        • dan

          For the record, I've been a big Rondo fan since he was at UK, and I have unrelenting manlove for him. I'm not even sure that I WANT him traded for CP3.

          I'm just saying that from a basketball perspective, the trade makes a lot of sense. And if you don't think Rondo can be the centerpiece of a team, the trade makes a lot of sense even if Paul doesn't sign an extension.

  • Kricky

    I'm pretty surprised that NO feels they are getting low balled. RR for Cp3 is a good deal for them straight up, without Green and the picks.

    CP3 is leaving next year no matter what, and locking down a player of RR's caliber on a great contract seems like a great deal for them.

    Shows a lack of respect for RR's game.

    • ericlctong

      Seriously? Rondo for CP3 straight up? No GM in the NBA will do that. What are the Hornets going to do with Rondo who will have no one to pass the ball to? They need a point guard who can score that's why they will take Curry, Gordon, and even Collison over Rondo.

      • Kricky

        It's not as uneven as it looks like. Remember this is all happenign withint the context of contracts. The fact that CP3 can just walk next year diminishes his trade value. Rondo is signed to a good contract for the next 3 years. NO has to move CP3 this year or they'll see him walk without getting anything in return.

        CP3 for Curry or Gordon isn't happening because the Warriors, and Clips know CP3 will walk after 1 year.

        We're willing to take that chance on a flyer because we'd have a shot at the championship this year.

        As for the Collison deal, I'm sure has to include another big player (Granger, George?). INDI isn't going to do that for a one year rental of CP3.

    • skeeds

      well remember that all we know is from ESPN rumors basically. If Ainge has indeed made 8-9 different offers to the Hornets for CP3, I'm pretty sure that the Rondo-Green-2 1st round draft picks is a mashup of all of them. Especially if we're talking one year deal.
      Anyway, the longer the Hornets wait, the shittier the offers will get. Paul refusing to sign an extension for any team means they can't pull a Carmelo and trade him mid season for half a team's roster.

  • Dee

    Look back at last season, after the Perk debacle, i just cannot see C's beating Heat or Bulls in the playoffs and if NY gets its act together (yea right) they will be ahead aswell.

    Going for CP3 is risky, but it also offers possiblities at the end of the season to go for Howard after the contracts of the current big 3 at Celtics are done.

    Here are the facts, CP wont get NY, there is just no chance in hell, that is one fact that is impossible to argue, next up is that his current team want to trade him now to get any sort of value out of him, that is another fact.

    Celtic not trying to go for the very best would be weak, Rondo is a good PG but he is not a natural scorer, we are simply taking things too seriously by reading the likes of ESPN and SI, CP will go to any team that can seriously challenge for a ring, he can get that with Cs and Lakers, his dream destination NY is impossible.

    Do not forget that Miami and the Bulls will be even better this year and last season they ousted Cs, there is a need to make things happen, Howard, CP and DWill are massive superstars, young and future HoFers, going for one of them now is smart.

  • Zee

    It sounds like many of you missed CP3's performance against the Lakers in the playoffs. That alone should be enough to convince you. He and Rondo both have heart, but CP3 has a jumper, a 3-pointer, and great FT percentage. People wouldn't play off of him like they do Rondo, which will open the floor up.

  • johnny

    signing paul will attract more stars when KG leaves…how about howard? probably a fantasy, but if anyone can do it, it's danny.

  • guest

    Didn't KG want to go to LA over Boston? Hopefully DA has whatever magic dust he used on him left…


    This post looks moot now as the Knicks look to Sign Tyson Chandler and then trade Amare for CP3. I think its hilarious that Amare gets cast aside so easily for Chandler and Paul. I still dont think that Knick team could win a championship going through the Eastern Conference playoffs. I just dont get why guys dont want to come to Boston. The tradition & hero-worship alone should be enough.

  • Morpheus

    That p&r with CP3 and Dwight would send teams to hospital. Mentally and physically drive them insane.

  • ElRoz

    Does Paul not understand that with him and the current team, they are contenders right away?
    Does he not understand that in 2012 Ainge is going to have a lot of cap room to sign another star?
    Does Paul not understand that when he joins another team they will give up so much that even his move there will not get them over the top?

    But a move to the C's will make another elite team in 2011-2012…and then the cap space in 2012. If Boston gets Paul, it will help attract additional interest in 2012…and Boston would be better this year too. In NY Paul will take the least money but be the best player….neither NY nor GSW will be a defensive team, which means they will not win a championship – there will be fun basketball to watch there, but probably no more than a 2nd round exit.

  • skeeds

    yeeeaaah…so apparently as greenman said, CP3's little friend Chandler is about to sign with the Knicks, and NY has no problem trading Stoudemire to NO for CP3.

    No way we can top that, and even if we do, any chance CP3 would stay around after this season immediately goes down the drain. So, any new plans Danny?

  • I_Love_Green

    Oh my New York Knicks. As if we didn't have any more reason to make fun of them before, it looks like they're going to sign Tyson Chandler. This is possible by using their amnesty on Billups, or trading him/Turiaf. This basically takes them out of the running to sign CP3 next offseason, unless they trade away Amare, which some people believe could be their plan. Seriously though, is there any other franchise out there as incompetent as the Knicks?

    Here's the story by the way http://espn.go.com/new-york/nba/story/_/id/733090

    • I_Love_Green

      Oh and the Knicks help us out here because now Paul can't just ditch whatever team he's traded to after a year and go to them next year. He may be more willing to sign an extension with us. Looks like the Lakers are pushing hard for him.

      Pau for Paul? Or Rondo+Green+2 first round picks? Which is the better deal?

      • Mike

        Obviously the Celtics deal with team x is always going to be the better deal. Obviously the league owns the hornets. Obviously the fakers got gasol for peanuts. I hope this isn't another backstage move to keep the fakers ahead of everybody else because if they were to get paul for paul and howard for bynum I would seriously stop watching because it would be clearly rigged.
        However I still think DA gets it done and the Celtics get their guy in Paul.

        • I_Love_Green

          Well now it looks like the Rockets/Lakers/Hornets are discussing a three team deal that would send Paul to LA. I'd flip if this happened.


          • Mike

            No way HOU trades their two best players ( Scola and Martin) just to get gasol and help the fakers. They would be gutting themselves and something fishy would be going on.

      • skeeds

        hang on man, how are they helping us with the CP3 situation? they're not signing Chandler for any other reason but to erase any chance another team has on landing his buddy CP3 long term. If Chandler indeed goes to the Knicks, they'll then trade Stoudemire for CP, and it's all set and done.

        • I_Love_Green

          Because Dell Demps is stupid enough to trade CP3 for Amare and his huge contract. They want young guys with potential, veterans, and draft picks for Paul.

  • Morpheus

    That Knicks offer does sound intriguing, but taking away 22-10 guy for a 9-9 guy won't make a damn difference to the Knicks chances of contending. It's stupid actually. Chandler's only as good as the PF he's playing next to. Think David West, Dirk. Think Diaw in Charlotte. Playing with Pfs who can score, spread the floor allows TC to do his thing, defend and rebound and catch lobs.

  • Art

    I don't like it; not one bit. Saying one thing to a man's face and then doing another behind his back is just wrong no matter what business you are in.

    I'm sticking with Rondo!!!!!!!!!

    IMO the "get the band back together approach" is what's best going into this season. With so many games in such a short span and so much less practice time available Doc needs players he can trust and that know the system. Give Jeff Green a chance, and make the Perkins trade worth it, keep Glen Davis, and Delonte West. I see Marquise Daniels may be coming back; might as well pick up Leon Powe too.

  • Morpheus

    Knicks out their damn mind trading Amare to make way for Chandler and CP3, over Amare, CP3.

    • skeeds

      oh they'll trade Amar'e alright. Make no mistake about that. They traded something like 8 players for Carmelo and Billups last year, cause they couldn't just wait until he became a free agent. Now, they'll f@ck their roster up, lose the 2nd best PF in the league, to get Paul NOW. A player that allready REFUSED TO SIGN A CONTRACT WITH ANYONE BUT THEM!!!

      gotta love the Knicks man. god bless them they're as thick as they come…

      • Mike

        Why would NO take amar'e for paul? He's 29 and they would have nobody running the team. That one is not happening.

  • ripsonics

    if we dont get CP3 – danny has to somehow magically tell rondo that he's not going anywhere. Only PG in the league other than paul that gets DH to come to Boston.

    Go C's

  • I_Love_Green

    Lakers looking for another rigged trade involving Pau Gasol. They'd send Gasol to the Rockets, get Chris Paul, and the Hornets would get a bunch of guys from the Rockets. Then they'd be able to look at trading for Dwight Howard. I'd quit the NBA if this happened.

    • ericlctong

      What does the Rocket get in this trade (I assume they will need send Pau to Hornet too)?

      • Morpheus

        Houston gets Pau, that's it.

        • I_Love_Green

          And essentially trade their team for him.

          • Mike

            But why would the Rockets do that ? I mean trade their best two players and scorers plus picks for …gasol ??? That makes no sense…

        • ericlctong

          So the Hornets are going to trade away Chris Paul for a bunch of unknown guys from the Rockets? I doubt it will happen….

  • I_Love_Green

    Scola+Martin+2 1st rounders to NO
    Gasol to Houston
    Paul to LA

    Awful deal for New Orleans. They can get better value from Boston, the Clippers, or the Warriors. However, since the Lakers are involved, they'll do this deal. Rigged.

    • ericlctong

      The only winner in this trade is LA. Not gonna happen

    • Mike

      Yep that deal is not gonna happen. So whats keeping HOU from getting CP3 on their own? And the team would be Lowry and gasol? Nope not happening.

      • I_Love_Green

        Houston likes this deal because then they can go out and sign Nene. Nene+Pau is a sick front court, and they seem to like Lowry as their point guard of the future.

        I kind of think this is just Dell Demps trying to get more out of Danny.

        • Mike

          Yes I was thinking the same seems like leverage to get the DA to hand out more assets. Besides I honestly think Nene is a Pacer I mean, freakin Larry Legend flew to Denver to meet him.

  • tbunny

    As a fan I like the proposal of Steve Nash and Gortat for Rondo and JOneal. Gortat is a legit 5 and Nash could bring the dynamism to the 1 that the Celtics need. Who cares if the starting 5 will average about 35.

    • ericlctong

      It would be interesting to see a bunch of old man running fast break…lol

    • Mike

      Nash is good but he's getting old and does not play defense, so he can't fit in eastern conf.

      • Morpheus

        Nash is still a top 5 PG. League leader in assists post Amare era, 50/40/90 guy at his age would suggest he's still a problem dude.

        • skeeds

          haha I freaking love Nash, but the first time a player blows by him KG will bite his head off. Scoring is great and all that, but we need a grade A defender PG if we're gonna stand anywhere near Miami or Chicago this year. Imagine Nash guarding Rose for a playoff series… Actually the only PG who wouldn't be a serious downgrade from Rondo is Paul. If it's not all-defensive team NBA tier, it's not good enough.

          • ericlctong

            You realize Celtics problem is on the offensive end, right? That's why we need an offensive upgrade at the pg position…

          • Mike

            Wrong they are trying to start building up a team that will win titles thats why Rondo is on the block . I can only trade Rondo for a star player no less.

          • skeeds

            yeah dude, our problem was on the offensive end because our defense was top 5 in the league. Without a very energetic pg, our defense will suffer very much. We fix a bad aspect of our game while destroying another.

  • Jay

    If Chandler goes to NY…& Paul gets traded here…At the end of the season he is going to NY, thats the facts. He wants to play there he will.

  • Wake up

    I really wish people wouldnt be so quick to give up Jeff Green, He is 25 years old, with a ton of potential. What we saw last year is not all he can do, I dont know how people dont see that.

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