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Celtics Trade for Keyon Dooling

In what could be the worst consolation prize in the history of the NBA, the Celtics sent a second round pick to the Bucks for back-up point guard Keyon Dooling.  This is definitely a value move for the Cs.  Dooling is a solid player.  He has good handle, he can shoot it from distance and he’s still only 31.  Dooling’s not a game changer by any means but it’s still nice to know that the Celtics are not at the point of filling out their roster with the Patrick O’Bryant’s of the league.

There are, however, two considerations to this deal that remain unclear:

How will this affect the cap?

Does this mean Delonte West won’t be back in Green this season?

  • Morpheus

    Danny just became a member of the Otis Smith club.

  • ripsonics
  • I_Love_Green

    No CP3, Delonte is gone, still no word on any big men we could possibly get. ):

  • joebrown42

    is Ainge still waiting for Howard?

  • skeeds

    why would Delonte be out? we're an SG short. Aren't we? Good thing is that we got him for close to nothing, so it won't affect resigning any of the other guys. Question is, CAN we even resign all of our guys? I think Green+Davis+Delonte allready sends us over the cap, we won't even have a shot at Reggie Evans…

    • ElRoz

      so they go over the cap….many teams do…Lakers are well-over the cap.

      • skeeds

        well I'm not very clear on the whole cap thing, but I know we can't go over the mid-level exception to sign someone else right? So if by signing our free agents we allready use the MLE, we're not allowed to go further over the cap to sign anyone else. I'm bored to look up the numbers, but I guess that by resigning those guys we're through…

        • dslack

          Resigning the Celtics free agents shouldn't require the MLE if the Celtics have Bird or Early Bird rights on the free agents. But West was only with the team for 1 season so re-signing him might require another exception, such as the MLE, if he won't sign for the vet min.

    • LACelticsFan

      Yeah Delonte could very well be out as we now have RR-RA, then Dooling_Daniels, and lastly Bradley-Moore, That's our guards for this year at least.

  • Kricky

    Bye, bye Delonte :(

  • ElRoz

    I'd like for them to retain Delonte…if they keep Delonte I'll be glad, with one exception: how long can he stay healthy? Last season he missed more than 70% of the games, if I'm not mistaken. Still, they could use Delonte. However, with Dooling and Marquis Daniels in the back court, it's not too bad at all. Green at SF. …and they need 2 more PF-C players.

  • jimmy

    celts r screwed

  • lame

    hope lakers didnt get okafor in cp3 trade

  • Los

    shit. Does this mean delonte goes to the lakers?

  • Mike

    The question is can he play center? sigh….

  • Morpheus

    Come on Stern, now Okafor. Why not hand them the championship trophy right now.

    • skeeds

      wow wow wow, who said anything about Okafor? this is turning into a proper nightmare…

      • Mike

        And a huge trade exception from what I also read…

  • skeeds

    "NBA owners have pushed commissioner David Stern to kill the deal sending Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, sources tell Y! Sports."
    via Yahoo Sports

  • LACelticsFan

    What other BIGS are/should we go after thats the real question? Kwame, Przybilla, Kurt Thomas, Nene, Jeff Foster, DeAndre Jordan, Kris Humphries, Spencer Hawes, Dalembert, we need a C badly and these are the only names I can think of.

    • skeeds

      Nene is way out of our price range, he's gonna get some very good offers from the Rockets, Pacers, and who knows who else. DeAndre Jordan is going nowhere, Clippers were adamant about that and wouldn't even include him in a deal for CP3 (good for them, kid's a beast). Przybilla was supposedly thinking about retiring.

      Of the rest, there's definately gonna be some competition. Dallas just let Chandler go, it's likely that they'll make a good offer on the same players we're after, and Miami won't settle for Eddy Curry either… We'll see. Maybe we can sign and trade for someone…

    • Mike

      I really would like Chuck Hayes but seems like the Kings went crazy with an offer. I think he would be perfect for the Celtics.

  • Morpheus

    Wow, this could get interesting. Who's got popcorn

    • skeeds

      tell me about it. It's nearly morning where I'm at, but there's no way I can go to sleep now, who knows what'll happen. I only went out for a beer before and nearly had a stroke when I came back…

      Deal is killed by the way according to all sources. amen.

  • Morpheus

    Deal is OFF ladies and germs.

    • ripsonics

      i want to run around my house and scream, and jump for joy.

  • bigdaddy3778

    hell can we still get him

    • Mike

      Now on principle alone, if I was Ainge I wouldn't trade for a guy who rather go to the lakers. And if he does trade for him anyway I hope he puts less into the offer just to show their GM he should've made the deal back when.

  • skeeds

    All the team's owners turning against the Lakers and shutting this deal down, borders on being better than us signing him for 5 years…

  • bigdaddy3778

    Chris Paul

  • Morpheus

    News of Stern retiring. What an up and down day in the NBA.

  • ray20

    I’ve always been a Ray Allen fan so I’ve hated dooling since they got into that fight. Why wouldn’t danny just resign delonte? Delonte is better and there is no point in having both of them. Danny should resign Delonte and pick up a true sg to back up ray. Like vince or anyone other than dooling…

  • Dooling is good player

  • CG12

    I can't see how Delonte would want to play for the Cs after they acquired Dooling. Those two would compete directly for minutes at the back-up 1 spot. I don't get taking Dooling over Delonte, if that is how it pans out.

  • W2.

    Wow, I am just at a complete loss as to what this season will look like.

    If we re-sign Baby is he our starting center? JO cannot be counted on to fill that roll can he? We just seem so thin across the board.

    If a second unit involves Jeff Green…there seems to be no way you could put a rook like JJ next to him as they would get beat on.

    Quis is not a two guard. I would let that dude shoot from the outside all day. He is a great slasher and energy guy, but the C's would just completely miss DWest ability to shoot the ball. And Avery does not seem ready. Moore? So many unknowns.

    I like the idea of Dooling, Delonte, Green, Baby, and JO as the second five….but we need a front line center….which seems like asking for wings to fly.

    Aaron Gray is not coming through that door.