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The Chris Paul Rumor Mill Notebook


With the start of training camp less than two days away now, the whispers about a Chris Paul deal have become louder and louder. Ryan got you up to date with the latest from last night, but, we’ve had a number of other developments come up in the past 12 hours worth mentioning all over the Internet-sphere. It’s important to take these for exactly what they are however….rumors. Here’s the latest:

From Sam Amick at SI.com

The Celtics have reportedly changed their stance on whether they’d require a long-term commitment before trading for Paul. It was believed to be a requisite to a deal getting done when SI.com first reported their interest in Paul. Sources said their offer includes point guard Rajon Rondo, a 2012 top-10 protected first-round pick from the Clippers, second-year guard Avery Bradley and rookie guard E’Twaun Moore. Another source said restricted free agent Jeff Green would likely be part of that deal as well.

Marc Stein at ESPN.com

ESPN.com reported Monday that in addition to the Warriors and Clippers — New Orleans’ preferred trade partners — at least three teams have told the Hornets that they’re willing to trade for Paul without any assurance that he’ll extend his contract or re-sign next summer. They are the Celtics, Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, with Boston widely considered to be the strongest bidder in that group despite what sources describe as the Hornets’ lukewarm interest to date in the primary players offered by the Celtics: All-Star guard Rajon Rondo and forward Jeff Green.

Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald:

Word from two people with knowledge of the Hornets organization is that things are changing within the club. Having had a further taste of the Paul speculation, the team wants to avoid a situation like Denver’s dance with Carmelo Anthony last year, when the player used his impending free agent status essentially to hold the Nuggets hostage until they dealt him to the New York Knicks…..

Glen Davis could end up playing a part in all this, no matter which way New Orleans goes. The C’s unrestricted free agent has received interest from the Hornets during the past couple of days as they try to put the right pieces around Paul that might make him want to stay (no doubt it will take more than the forward to sway Paul).

But if New Orleans decides there is no way it will be able to retain Paul, then Davis, a Louisiana native, could be a welcome component in a Celtics package that surely will be headlined by Rajon Rondo [stats]. And, according to a source, said package would have to contain more than those two players.

Tim Kawakami :of the Mercury News

By the way, this is probably why Boston recently contacted the Warriors to talk about the outlines of a deal potentially centering around Rajon Rondo-for-Curry (which I believe the GSWs flat-out rejected)…

If Boston got Curry, the Celtics would be in position to flip him straight to New Orleans in a Paul package.

I generally agree that Rondo is a better player than Curry, but I agree with the Warriors shunning the swap possibility because Curry is someone whose valuing is still rising, while Rondo’s is about as high as it’ll ever get.

Analysis and the latest updates on a potential move for Paul on the way this afternoon…..

  • http://www.livefromapt.blogspot.com W2.

    If Golden State goes amnesty with Biedrins and sings Ty Chandler, then offers Curry, Thompson, and Udoh that would be pretty tough to pass up for Paul or NO I would think.

  • OKCeltic

    As much as I wouldn't mind seeing CP3 in Celtic Green, giving up that many pieces for a possible one-year rental is too large a gamble.

    • 2P2D

      No it is not. We are emptying the Roster anyway after this year. Garnett and Allen off, Pierce amnesty and Rondo and Avery Bradley shipped out for Paul creates a Heat-like scenario of a blank roster for next year. Then you try to retain Paul or sign D-Will and sign Howard or a lesser big man a la Kevin Love. Then ask Ray/Kevin to return on 2 year vet min contracts and go after a middle of the road slasher type to replace Pierce.

      • OKCeltic

        I hear ya 2P, and I truly hope you're right. I guess I'm just a little skeptical the team will be able to pull it off. Then again, DA has always had the "Go big or go home" mentality. Let's hope he gets it right or we could be in for a return to the dark days of the 90s.

      • SK35

        Problem is, do you really think Howard will be sitting around waiting to get signed? Don't you think he'll be traded (with an extension) long before that? Otherwise the Magic would let him walk away with nothing in return. I don't see Howard being available at all. And if the Celts had literally no one on their roster, what free agents would have them as a first option next year??

      • Mark

        Says the person who knows nothing about the inner workings of the Celtics.

    • Kricky

      I agree what one of the posters said on the previous CP3 trade thread.

      We aren't winning the title if we keep the team as is this year. And we do want to avoid being one of those middling teams, like the Hawks, that are stuck in first round playoff exit limbo for the next millennium.

      Better to go for broke and risk becoming a lottery team. At least when you get in the lottery pick you have a shot at picking up a franchise guy.

      I love RR and my preference would be to see him teamed up with D12 for years to come. But it looks like the top players,like D12 want to pull a super-friends and play with Paul or Dwill and aren't really interested in playing with Rondo. I don't get why this is so considering what a great passer and facilitator he's become. But this is how it is.

  • janos

    Hi Bryan, is Janos
    I come straight celticshub see trading but not see any tradings yet. I like come here better then twitter. Twitter too fast and people nicer here anyways.

    • bigdaddy3778

      They well never amnesty Pierce are you nuts that well not happen at all

  • mike

    why would they amnesty Pierce? He's only got better with age and still has time on the clock. Anybody who trains with Ray Allen can learn a thing or two about maintaining their body clock

    • 2P2D

      I love Pierce too, but it will be an easy call to axe him if it means D12.

      • SK35

        I don't see how amnestying him would get the team closer to Howard. Assuming Howard somehow hits free agency rather than getting traded, wouldn't having a vet who averages 15-18 points with a reasonable contrace and a good PG (Rondo or Paul) be more of a draw than just having a good PG? They would have the money if they kept Pierce since 30 million will be coming off the books with Allen and KG.

        • SK35

          reasonable *contract* that is

      • janos

        is hurtful comment. never axe teammate or leave behind. army code same as nba, keep Paul safe,, he bring title once and do again.

        • 2P2D

          ummm …
          The army is not the same as basketball.

  • 2P2D

    not exactly how it works. some of that 30 million is over the cap money due to bird rights etc. and would be lost. damn complicated rules.

  • ripsonics

    Here's the deal..

    You bring Paul in and ask him if he will resign with Boston if they can get DH. Then you go after DH hard at the end of the season, and tell him we have CP3 waiting for you to sign in Boston. If you sign in Boston, CP3 will too. That leaves you a CP3 – DH – PP core. Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett would be STUPID to not come back to that team for whatever boston could pay, along with any other players that DA could find/afford.

    Honestly.. at this point in the game, DA has to do something. Rondo is a great player, and not just because of the big three. he is established, and will make other players around him better. However, this is something that at this point I am not sure he will able to recover from. DA is doing everything he can to get CP3.. and that doesn't look good on Rondo.

    (Try and) Make the trade.. have a good season, and then go after DH HARD. Plan B…? I don't really think there is one at this point.

    Go C's

  • I_Love_Green

    I'm just waiting for something to happen.

  • skeeds

    For me the most hysterically insane thing in all this situation is that a lot of teams are taking huge strategic risks to ultimately entice Dwight Howard. It's not just us supposing he might want to come to the C's to play with CP3 (something he NEVER said he even thought about, both coming to Boston or wanting to play with CP3). It all started with the Nets' supper aggressive move of trading for DWill.

    Right now, supposedly, the Lakers are willing to trade 2 of their 3 big men, probably Pau and Odom, not for Dwight, but for CP3! just to persuade Howard to think about coming! The Clippers are even thinking of a trade with Orlando involving the Blake!

    All of this, for a guy that hasn't even hinted at wanting to leave!!!

  • Morpheus

    I can't see Orlando letting Dwight hit the FA market. They ****** up BIG when they lost a bidding war to Shaq, they won't let that happen again, surely. Dwight needs to hi-ho silver outta there though, because Otis Smith is the dumbest GM in the world and they are stuck in CAP HELL, even if they amnesty Arenas or Turkey.

    • skeeds

      Well it's one thing for Orlando to try and ship Howard, and another for teams to be ready to dismantle their rosters just in case Smith wants to trade him.
      It's also worth noting that as of today, the Magic front office is adamant that they'll try to keep Howard at any cost. Which makes it more probable that Smith will do another extreme makeover before letting go. If CP3 and or Deron don't sign an extention soon, the Magic would probably prefer to hold on to Howard and try and recruit one of those two in the offseason…

  • 2P2D

    Everyone here is dumb except for me.

    • Morpheus

      Because you're dumber?

      • 2P2D


    • I_Love_Green

      Says the guy who thinks using our amnesty on Pierce will allow us to sign D12. Dwight would definitely love to come to a team with absolutely no one on it.

      • 2P2D

        BRACE YOURSELF!!!!
        Pierce is not a top player anymore.
        Now breathe.

      • 2P2D

        Do you even know what the salary cap is? Are you aware of the new penalty changes for exceeding it?

  • SteveB

    Please, do not trade Rondo. Other than chemistry, Perkins was replaceable. Rondo is a unique talent that has been the starting PG for a championship team of older players and can play even better in the future with a younger team. He is a known commodity and fans root for "their guy". Just like I continue to root for Perk despite his shortcomings. Bring the draft picks into the fold, resign Baby, Green, Delonte and Quis and find a couple of servicable back up centers. I don't care if it's Shelden Williams again, as much as he drove me crazy. As a fan it becomes hard to root for 8 or 9 new players every year.

  • Zee

    Even if Rondo doesn't get traded, I think all of this is still good for his psyche. Sometimes people get complacent when they think they are the best thing since sliced bread. In other words, this could humble Rondo a little and light a fire under him to prove himself as a premiere point guard in the NBA. It should be somewhat a slap in the face to him – a champion – to be included in a packaged deal for Chris Paul (someone who isn't a champion and has even broken a knee).

    Rondo, are you getting the message? Get your act together and perform well all year, as well as get your jump shot together, or else it's bye bye.

    • Harrison

      Rondo was on the title team, sure, but he got 10 pts and 5 assists for that team. He's not a "champion" in the sense of Kobe Bryant, he's a "Champion" in the sense of Tashuan Prince. He was on a team that Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett took to a title. And he was serviceable, but not the player we saw the next year getting 17 10 and 10 in the playoffs (when we lost without KG) And sice that season he's shooting 40% and 58% from the line in the playoffs getting 14 9 and 5. Good, not great.
      Anyway I think this trade stuff will make him sad and he won't try, like he did after the perk trade.

  • -JP

    Anyone think Rondo's elbow might be worse than we know? Just a bit of conspiracy theory, but why else trade a top 5 point guard with a great contract?

    • 2P2D

      Good theory.

      Also could be because Rondo is kind of an A-Hole, is not coachable, shoots freethrows like Stevie Wonder and he pouted for two months last year after we traded his buddy.

  • Harrison

    Any observer or player of the game of basketball sees Rondos flaws and how they affect everyone else on the floor every night. In the open court the guy is great, but in the half court where we play most of the time he's a huge minus. His man always doubles Paul and Ray when he's not packing it in because Rondo can't shoot 3s at all. Then you have the fact that Rondo never goes to the hole anymore (1.5 free throws per game last year) because his man is playing off him, and because he's afraid to go to the foul line ala late career Antoine Walker. He rarely drives and collapses the defense for Ray, Paul and KG to get easy shots. He also creates the "Paul Pierce is point guard" situation at the end of close games but stays on the floor anyway (because they're sensitive to taking him out) meaning we play 4 on 5 with our best scorer playing out of position. Yeay. Rondo has positives. He's a good defender. he's fast. Precision passer. Throws cool alley-oops. But even some of his positives come with a price. His tendency to attack the offensive glass leads to rebounds and second chances… Or fast break points for the other team. He gets steals and gets beat trying for steals…

    • 2P2D

      Nicely done.

      How many under 60% FT shooting guards have there ever been in the modern NBA???

  • Morpheus

    Yes, this whole Rondo can't shoot thing has also affected KG's post game, MAJORLY. Floor spacing is crucial to any offense, look at the whole saga between Andre Miller and BRoy. Although it wasn't as bad as say the situation here with Rondo, because Dre could actually get to the FT line and knock those down and his penetration game was nice too. Rondo is scared to drive, because he can't even knock FTs down at a respectable rate anymore.

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