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Time for a Reunion? C’s Contact Big Baby, Marquis Daniels and Leon Powe in FA

While the rumors continue to swirl on the Chris Paul front, the fact of the matter is whether or not the C’s are in the running for the New Orleans star, they will have ample amounts of roster space to fill out with extremely limited means. With that in mind, Danny Ainge has kicked off the free agency period of recruiting by contact three guys with close ties to Boston. Glen Davis, Marquis Daniels and Leon Powe.

A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com has been on top of the Davis news from the beginning yesterday and reports on the importance of contacting Baby on the first day to help him feel appreciated/increase the odds of bringing him back:

“It’s very important,” John Hamilton, Davis’ agent, told CSNNE.com. “It shows Danny and the Celtics appreciate the contributions he has made to the club, and are open to seeing if they can continue to relationship that started four years ago.”

Ainge is not alone.

Two league sources on Monday said that a number of Davis’ teammates, including Paul Pierce, have reached out to Davis in an effort to convince him to return to Boston.

And the Pistons may be willing to offer Davis the full mid-level exception which is worth $5 million in the yet-to-be-ratified new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Celtics have Davis’ Bird Rights which would allow them to exceed the salary cap to re-sign him.

This should come as no surprise, as if the C’s fail to re-sign Davis, they will almost certainly have to use a veteran’s minimum to replace him, if they don’t deal him in a sign-and-trade. That latter scenario also appears unlikely, as most teams interested in Davis have ample cap room to sign him, or would be uninterested in a sign-and-trade with Boston. The C’s obviously want Baby back, but they want him at a reasonable number. If the Pistons are willing to force their hand and offer Davis five million, I see Boston having to match, strictly due to the fact that there are mostly inferior alternatives out there for the prices Boston can pay. We’ll keep a close eye on the latest on Baby as it develops, but it could be the first chip (and perhaps the most crucial one) to fall for Boston in free agency.

Moving on to other names, if you are hoping Ainge is interested in bringing back the whole gang together, you’ve got some good news waiting for you.

We’ll start with Dave McMenamin of ESPNLosAngeles.com, who spoke with Mr. Powe yesterday and tweeted the following:

Leon Powe said the Grizzlies and Celtics are the teams he’s looking at. As for the Lakers? “I’m just here watching basketball.”

The C’s had a chance to bring back Leon last year after he was bought out by Cleveland, but passed on him in favor of Troy Murphy (another Ainge whoops). Not only would signing Leon make sense from a team needs standpoint, (offensive rebounding and post scoring are two glaring weaknesses for this roster), but the fact it would likely only take a veteran’s minimum to do would seemingly make it a no brainer.

A. Sherrod Blakely also has the C’s contacting Daniels early in the free agent hunt, another guy who will likely be available for the veteran’s minimum.

Now let’s be clear here. Both of these guys are big injury risks, on a team chalk full of aging veterans that could breakdown at any moment. Not exactly what this roster needs from that perspective.

On the other hands, Powe and Daniels are easily two of the best names available in the bargain basement bin in NBA free agency right now.

Perhaps more importantly, they both bring extensive knowledge of the C’s system. We saw how challenging it can be last year to try to integrate guys into the team during a season with Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic and all of the buyout additions. That’s almost essentially what will be happening this year with the extremely short training camp and heavy schedule that will put practice time at a premium for Doc Rivers. Bringing in bodies that Doc knows, trusts, and can play to their strengths is exactly what this team right now.

Make no mistake, there will be plenty of brand new bodies in here anyway. The rookies, another free agent veteran center, likely a guard or two as well. It would be nice though to have that continuity going forward with these guys, to keep the heavy learning about the C’s system to four or five guys, instead of half the entire roster.

So I plead to you Danny. Put on the full court press here with these guys. Offer them a two-year deal, with a player option if you think it helps to Leon and Marquis. Have your players recruit them. Make the best of a tough free agency situation and bring in the guys you know can play.

  • Kricky

    Welcome back Leon and the Grand Marquise!

    Sayonara to BBD and his fat ass and attitude!

    • dslack

      If the Celtics can sign Glen to a 1-year deal, go for it, at whatever dollar value it takes. $7Million for 1 year, for all I care. But don't sign him to more than a 1-year deal.

  • ripsonics

    Yup. I agree – bring these guys back because it comes down to how much talent we can get for our money. I am a little skeptical on Big Baby because I really do not like big baby… He is overweight, a cry baby, and has difficulty finishing. However, at times he was incredible but we saw how badly he performed in the playoffs against the heat. If BB played like regular season BB, I think that series goes a little differently. Just sayin.

    I like the idea of bringing MD, and LP back to the Celtics. I thought during the championship run, baby and powe were great compliments to each other. I think you can use both of them on the floor at the same time, and have a great pick and roll threat that can finish (powe) and have a great pick and pop player that LOOOOOOOVES to shoot that outside jumper (davis). Bring em back bring em back. Not to mention that MD had a great year last year before suffering a freak injury. He could be a great compliment to JG and Dwest on the court. Hey Ainge – Here's your FA roster.. Look no further, cause this is what you need to do (in order of importance):

    1. Delonte West – he was a STUD last year, and NO ONE in Boston wants him to play in la la land.
    2. Big Baby – best value for the dollar, and knows our system
    3. Jeff Green – again, a good athletic player that I believe needs more time to learn our system.
    4. Leon Powe – an athletic 'big' that compliments BB well, and again – knows our system
    5. Marquis Daniels – really has nowhere else to go, is a good player, and knows our system.
    6. the Rookies – why not?

    Go C's

  • W2.

    @ ripsonics…..that team is too dang short. Seriously, they will get torched in the paint, plain and simple. Danny says….we need size.

    • ripsonics

      Yes. You’re right… But WHO? That’s my argument. Everyone we want that has size can get more money elsewhere. We have money to sign those guys which is why I listed them as priority. If we can’t get those guys first, size won’t matter cause we won’t have a team.

      • Morpheus

        What about Nazr Mohammed. Sure he'll come cheap as chips, solid backup. That's about as low cost – high return as you'll get.

        • redcon

          Dwight howard is 6`10 and big + physical but that is it there are no truly dominant centers in the league besides him BBD is a horrible rebounder just horrible and it`s not because of size it`s because he refuses to block out i really don`t want another season of BBD i still say sign him to a 1 year and green to 1 year then move both for Big AL Jefferson from the Jazz

  • skeeds

    I actually like Davis a lot. I think him playing the 4 he creates some serious missmatches, that he has developed a good enough offensive game to exploit. See 2010 baby.
    If although, Doc intends to (or is forced to) use him as a center, as he did last year, he'll dissappoint. Re-signing him only makes sense if we're indeed bringing in a real center, even if that has to be Kwame Brown…

  • janos

    Hi Bryan, is Janos
    I like know if Laker get Howard Paul. Is not good news Celtic Please advice.

    • Morpheus

      Don't worry Janos, there's no way the Lakers have the pieces to get both CP3 and Dwight. I can assure you of that.

      • dslack

        They're definitely trying.

        • Morpheus

          So are the other 20 teams in the league.

    • janos

      Thank you morphus. I seen report they try take all the player? Best they keep player have, No need take more player. I am very exicte for NBA Celtic this season, and feel Laker try take away happyness with player. No need that, especailly closing Christmas time.

  • dwillis

    This is so pathetic, Powe and Daniels. People are talking about these guys like they have developed some new skills or something, I know cash is limited but Powe and Daniels don't help you beat Miami or Chicago. Danny should've blow it up a year earlier

    • jfree781

      Finally someone makes sense.

    • ripsonics

      I disagree. MD gives you another good defender for lebron. And powe is a better finisher and rebounder than Davis.

    • Yogi

      You don't think Powe and Daniels are an improvement over the likes of Arroyo, Pavlovic and Murphy? Those are the roster spot they will take along with the rookies. Playoff rotation is usually 7-9 players so if they don't work out they won't be seeing significant time.

      • dwillis

        I'm in Memphis, I saw Powe last season. He fouls to much (look it up) as for Daniels, I have no idea what he's good at. I've heard he was a point forward/slasher/perimeter defender…. REALLY!

        • Ray Ray for 3

          We are not bringing Powe in to be a starter…..just quality minutes off the bench. If anyone can provide that, it is Powe. Maybe the fact he was on a new team in a new environment is the reason for the excessive fouls? I don't know, but I know Powe will flourish in The C's system and will give Doc maximum effort.. Couple that with the fact that Doc knows how to use Powe and it will be cheap tp bring him in…no brainer. BRING POWE BACK!

  • W2.

    But let me also state that I love Leon and would be cool with bringing him in, just not without a wider/taller body as well.

  • dwillis

    I know Boston will have to settle for guys like Powe and Daniels and that leads me to believe this season won't be successful in the long run. Harrison Barnes would look great in green…

  • Morpheus

    Plan B, Stephen Curry? Pure scorer, underrated passer, imagine that. Ray, Curry, Pierce…lights out.

    Rondo, BBD(s&t) for Curry, Biedrins

    I love the loyalty shown here, Brian. And if Danny can't get Dwight or CP3 i wouldn't be pissed at all. Bring the guys back, Quis, Powe, Delonte and some vets, Kwame, Hayes, Evans, whoever and let's make a stong run at 18. These guys know the system, so a shortened training camp wouldn't hinder team progression going into the regular season.

    I think Danny has no choice but to match any offer thrown at Baby(unfortunately), but there's always the trade deadline.

    Sorry to say, but i think we've come to the point where the Spurs were/are at, middle ground, trying to wring the juice out of an old team full of veterans and some promising rookies/young talent. I just don't want to be in that same spot for as long as they were. Spurs have to face reality, swallow their pride and rebuild. I'm sure Danny is smart enough to not get himself stuck in mediocrity hell for 4,5,6,7,8 years.

    • Morpheus

      That trade makes no sense. Biedrins…lol what was i thinking. All this trade talk going on in my head got me posting dumb shit.

  • Batman

    Don't sign injury risks

  • LACelticsFan

    In this shortened season an experienced bench will do wonders as they have all been starters or have played significant minutes on this team team or their previous teams. We will be playing along with the rest of the NBA upwards of 4 games a week. Bringing back the same squad makes sense, while trying to preserve the legs of the BIG3. RR has shown he is a warrior. And if he has worked out his kinks, then we should be in great shape. Maybe I'm overly optimistic but the bench of: seems really good.
    and an unnamed BIG.

  • redcon

    my dream would be the spurs blowing up their team and we get dunkin parker and ginobli for BBD,Green, and Rondo LOL that`s why it is a dream

  • ElRoz

    They need BBD, Poe, Marquis, Delonte, Jeff Green, and maybe another PF-C to get through the season – somebody in the Reggie Evans, Ch. Hayes, Kwame Brown group.