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C’s Open To Trading For Chris Paul Without Extension?


The latest report via ESPN.com, tell us Chris Paul of New Orleans Hornets could be traded before season, and the C’s are willing to compete for his services, despite his reported refusal to sign an extension here:

There is also a small handful of teams that has informed the Hornets they are prepared to trade for Paul with no assurance that they can keep him beyond this season. That list, sources say, includes the Rockets, Boston Celtics and defending champion Dallas Mavericks.

These reports just get more and more compelling, as we are left to wonder just how much faith Danny Ainge and company even have in Rajon Rondo as a piece they are willing to build around moving forward.

We will have much more on this potential possibility later today, but for now your thoughts will service. Is the risk of just one year of Paul worth giving up Rajon?

  • skeeds

    what? that's nuts! completely and utterly nuts! why the hell would we trade a golden contract like Rondo's for one half-ass year of CP3's services? Who is he? the championship messiah? He doesn't make the Celtics that much better, not when such a deal would probably also send Jeff Green and/or Baby, to other teams. He solves exactly, and I'm being 100% literal about this, NONE of the Celtics problems.

    I hope Ainge isn't serious about this. there's a limit between being aggressive and stupid. Wanna make a magical one-year trade that GETS you a FREAKIN CHAMPIONSHIP? Go find a way to get Dwight Howard from the Magic and another high quality PG. Then, when you've added 18 points 13 rebounds and 3 blocks to your miserably undermanned frontline, you could make an argument that it might've been worth trading Rondo. Which still is questionable…

    • Hooker

      Good point. Rather have Howard than Paul. Not Even close.

      • dslack

        But Paul might be the ticket to get Howard. Don't forget, the Celtics would have his Bird rights and lots of cap space.

        • phreesh

          Literally NONE of their problems? Scoring from the PG position? Is that an issue at all? Points at the rim? FT shooting from your PG? Leadership from your PG? I think Paul solves some of the Celtics problems. Celtics are a one-year team at this point. It's time to push all the chips in and worry about next year, next year.

          • skeeds

            wait a minute. That's kind of Rondo's shortcomings, not the Celtics'. Rondo's bad free throws and 4 points less average have little to do with the Celtics coming empty last year.
            The team's main problems, especially in the playoffs were no points in the paint, not enough rebounding, not enough blocked shots and off course health issues all around.

            What of those becomes better with Paul? Rondo is actually a better rebounder and defender than Paul, and counts 1 fully functional knee more than him too.
            Don't get me wrong. Chris Paul right now is still a MUCH better player than Rondo. In a team with half a center and one PF though, no PG is good enough to be the answer.

            Oh, and, leadership from your PG? You're seriously questioning Rondo as a floor general, or do you think that a superstar who doesn't want to be in Boston, knows nothing of a very complex system, and commands the ball much more, will do well in a locker room with KG and a bunch of other stubborn old dogs?

          • ericlctong

            If Rondo is the best player on your team, your team is not going to win a championship. Rondo is a piece of a championship team, but he is not good enough to be the center piece. Anyone who says Rondo is a franchise player is kidding themselves and Danny knows that. Having CP3 gives Celtics a better chance to win.

          • Michelle

            Sounds like Chris Paul fever (or at least Paul/Howard fever) is taking over Celtics Nation. Kinda feel bad for Rondo. The guy's been your best playoff performer since the Captain got the Finals MVP in '08. Gotta s'pose tho that bad shooting – or failure to improve shooting – is the ultimate cardinal sin of basketball. Unless your seven feet tall, of course. Oh well.

          • Batman

            We almost won a ring with Rondo as our best player in '10
            Sounds like that arguments gone

  • Kricky

    If this is true, Danny figures that they'll be able to resign him after a deep playoff run (and maybe) championship.

    This is a HUGE gamble. Especially in the suprerfiends era where players do what they want to do. Imagine how pissed we'd all be if he just picked up and left for NY next year !

  • ericlctong


  • Kricky

    What about trying to get Deron Williams instead? He's also in a contract year and has a player option for next year. And the Nets are absolutely atrocious as an organization. I mean do you really think they will be able to sign a big time FA like Howard? I can see DWill walking out of there at the end of the season. Though the Nests are in denial mode right now maybe they'll realize this and be ready to deal.

    Would you guys take DWill for Rondo? He's almost as good as CP3, but less injury prone. And he can defend the 2 spot as well because of his great size.

    • jack

      i think if the price for Paul becomes to steep Deron Williams is a good option.

  • Michelle

    Wonders never cease. Rondo has pretty much gone from gold to fool's gold in a matter of a week or so, all based on speculation. Which makes it all very hard to believe. Even Bob Ryan has the post-lockout fever, all of a sudden seeing RR as just some "weird" and troubling albatross around the neck of this team. Get a grip, folks! And when you wake up from your swoon, remember the other fellas involved here. Paul, Ray, KG. Rondo knows the Big 3 inside and out on the court, and the Big 3 knows him. It's kinda like a symbiotic relationship. If Danny really wants to win in likely #5's last rodeo, then I don't see Rondo in some other team's colors. The production of the older gents depends more and more on familiarity. Why do think teams that included such combos as Barkley/Drexler/Olajuwon or Malone/Payton/Kobe/Shaq or even last year's Heatles failed to end up with the LOB trophy? It's the same in the movies where you go see a flick because it has everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Michelle Pfeiffer to Mr. T (whatever), and then surprise surprise it's not so good after all. Didn't any of these media types and rabid fans ever take chemistry class? So the real question then… does Danny believe in the Big Three this season? For the 2011-12 season, it isn't about Rondo. Whether he is stays or is shipped off to Larry Birdland or wherever.

  • Michelle

    To Mr. Ainge's credit… making the play for Paul IS in the best interests of the organization. On the one hand, if no trade happens, at least the price (for LA or anyone else, but especially for LA) will have been driven up as far as it can go on Paul, which may also affect Howard (but more importantly, the Lakers). Lakerland wants both, but NO and ORL both want Bynum (rumor has it). Mr. Ainge has a nice angle in playing King Solomon, forcing LA to do the impossible… try cutting that 7 ft. baby in half! Then on the other hand, if NO ends up actually willing to trade Paul to BOS (I'm still not seeing it but anyway) then Danny has a slim chance at Howard (okay, okay) rather than no chance at all. That big picture should be obvious to everyone at this point. Nevertheless, I think switching out Rondo this year makes a championship for the Big 3 that much harder, just as losing Perk did last year. There are no guarantees, but focusing on this year AND next year… I just don't know how much cake Ainge will be able to have and eat at the same time when Kevin, Ray, and Pierce are the main ingredients in the kitchen right now. God bless their champion hearts. You never know though. Sometimes when you're hands are tied, it saves you from a worse fate. That's all my way of saying I hope Boston gets another chance to win with Rondo. ; )

    • Michelle

      That should be "your" at the end there, not "you're." My bad. These NBA rumors are making my head spin.

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  • James Patrick

    Like the Perk trade, this would not only be bad, this could potentially destroy the team for any foreseeable future. To make a trade like this first off already hurts are chances in a shortened season. And moving forward into next season, with no guarantee, what would we have? It'll be pretty sad if all we had to show for this era of Celtic Basketball was one title when really we could've won 3 in a row, potentially 4. KG hurt 2009, Perk hurt in finals 2010, Perk traded in 2011.

    • ElFudo

      Perk traded AND Rondo basically playing with one arm in 2011!

  • Morpheus

    I was thinking there's no way Danny gets both CP3 and Dwight. He could possibly get CP3, but there's no way Orlando will let Dwight walk. Thus, there's no way i see Dwight coming here through free agency, it'll have to be through trade and we all know Danny don't have the pieces to pull that off. Sort of like the Lakers, they have the pieces to get one of either CP3 or Dwight, but not both. Difference is, they're not set up to roll into the 12-13 season with the cap room Danny will have…HAAAHA

  • Jack

    I think that its clear after last season that this team as it is can't win the championship. Danny needs to make some move to give us a better chance to win in what is probably our last chance with this core. Trading for Paul would be the best option whether he commits to signing or not

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