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Saturday Notebook: Rondo’s Agent Speaks, C’s Interested in Reggie Evans, LA Wants Delonte?


With less than one week until the official start of free agency, still lots of rumors floating around the free agent mill along with some more reaction on the Rajon Rondo trade front, so let’s get right to it:

–We’ll start with the story from an interview with the Boston Herald, and Rondo’s agent Bill Duffy. Understandably, Duffy was looking for some reassurance from C’s executives on his client, and here’s what Mark Murphy got from him:

“I’m told that he’s their guy,” Duffy told the Herald. “There’s been repeated interest in him, as there is in other players. But they have high expectations for Rajon now and moving forward.”

Still, the talk that the Celtics are looking to deal Rondo has caused more than a few waves.

“It’s just disturbing,” said Duffy. “It’s disturbing for everybody. It’s disturbing for me. It’s disturbing for him, because it makes one think, ‘Where do I stand in this relationship?’ Particularly because he’s a darn good player, and this is a very successful franchise, and he’s one of the key players on the franchise.

I’m more curious than ever to see how Rondo responds this year with his play to all this speculation. I’ll have some thoughts on this tomorrow.

–With several roster spots available, the C’s free agent rumor mill is also in full swing. Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe has the latest on the C’s latest round of interest in players such as Shannon Brown, Kwame Brown, Marquis Daniels and Mr. Rebound himself Reggie Evans. You should be sure to check out the full article for all the nuggets, but here’s some quotes from Evans on the C’s interest:

“I was kind of surprised when they reached out to me,’’ Evans said. “It was an honor, especially with the kind of players they have on their team.’’

“[The Celtics] are a tough-minded team and I am a tough-minded player,’’ said Evans, who was a teammate of Ray Allen’s in Seattle. “I don’t really take too much on the court and they really don’t take too much on the court. So that’s why I used to love to play against them so much because they used to remind me of myself, knowing their competitive nature and they don’t take any plays off. I liked to play against them.’’

At 31, Evans is seeking a bit of security, and a chance to win a championship after advancing beyond the first round of the playoffs just once.

“I want to win a title so bad,’’ he said. “I know I’m not getting younger in the league, so I want a chance to win. I want to weigh out all my options because I got the right attitude, I’m not trying to go to a team and start shooting the ball. I just want to see if there’s a need for me out there.’’

You may also remember Evans as the guy who did this:

It’s important to keep in mind that the C’s will only be able to bring in one of the players listed above, (besides Daniels who probably would take a minimum deal) with their 3 million-dollar mid level exception. With so many needs on the roster, there is no clear-cut place where the C’s should spend that money, making all of those guys possibilities. It’s likely that many of them will be outside that price range, especially Evans and Brown.

– The C’s also will need to decide if they want to spend that 3 million dollars on bringing back one of their own Delonte West. The C’s don’t have bird rights on the hybrid guard and he’ll cost more than the veteran’s minimum this year to bring back.

ESPN LA is also reporting the C’s could have some competition for West from their rivals out west in the LA Lakers. The good news is that the Lakers have no more money to spend on him than the C’s do with the 3 million MLE.

The Lakers have interest in Delonte West, who played for coach Mike Brown in Cleveland and last played for Boston, as a potential fill-in at guard and also are keen on Indiana free agent Josh McRoberts, according to a source with knowledge of their thinking. ESPN.com’s Marc Stein reported that Denver free-agent guard Arron Afflalo is also on the Lakers’ radar.

Definitely a lot to keep an eye on here, and we will have full coverage here at the Hub, including a full free agency breakdown on the way later this week.

  • I_Love_Green

    Oh man, we need to re sign West. That's gotta be one of our top priorities once free agency starts.

    • Ryan DeGama

      Agreed. He is frail like peanut brittle but his game is just as tasty.

      • bigtony

        I like it! plus when he's on the court the opponents best protect their neck!!!

  • skeeds

    this is turning into a total nightmare for me… We damn right need to re-sign Delonte, and yes, I like the sound of Reggie Evans, although he's no shotblocker and we do need that. It also leaves us with no money to add a center. (I think we've had enough of undersized pf's playing the 5)

    But of all the important moves, I think re-signing Delonte must be the #1 priority for Ainge. Delonte's injuries last year are going to keep his asking price much lower than his objective value. And he has some SERIOUS potential to be a main guy for years to come. Perfect shooting form, crazy quick, can defend big or small, there's no one else even near his skill set and at this price range…

  • Yeah

    I love Shannon Brown and Delonte West, wish we could have both

  • Morpheus

    Rondo will no doubt be affected from all this trade talk. Looks like a storm's comin. Get Delonte Danny, don't undermine him like you did TA.

  • Jay

    NOO we need to sign Delonte, very valuable, especially with the lakers lurking..

  • Morpheus

    Just thinking if Jersey would consider a Rondo, Baby for Deron Williams. Throw in a future first maybe.

  • ElRoz

    I hope they get Reggie Evans! A great rebounder is what the team needs – yes he cannot shoot free throws, I know….but with him at PF, one can play Glen Davis at center (if they sign him)…the team needs a rebounder. I'd love to see Marquis back – he did well last season until that crap happened to him with the injury. If he can play NBA without risking his health, I say get him – he knows the system better and Doc and the team, and can play both a SG and SF positions. I would prefer Delonte West over Sh.Brown only because Delonte could play point guard – and Boston has no back-up point guard. Shannon Brown is quick, athletic, can shoot the three…but Delonte can play point guard and shoot the three – he can handle the ball…I don't know if Brown can do that. But a bench of Delonte, Marquis, Baby, Green, and Evans will be quite a nice bench – bunch of potential starters that could play 30 min any night you want them to.

    • -JP

      Daniels is a good option, but he is never healthy. I really liked him in the beginning of last year before the injury, but he has that history, so you can't rely on him.

  • ElRoz

    As for Rondo and his agent: your a point guard in the NBA on contender team : learn how to shoot a jumper and free thrwos…who wants to see players back off from Rondo in a key playoff game and roam to make things difficult for KG and Pierce? Who wants to see him at the FT line with a playoff game on the line? We're talking a title, not Rondo's feelings or his agent's pocket – SCREW THAT.

  • Scott

    What about deandre jordan? How expensive will he be? He is a baller.

  • Kricky

    Evans is OK and can play center but we'll need a lot more to put up banner 18. Plus he may be able to get more than the 3 million we can give him form another contender. We may even have a tough time resignign Delonte. Man would it hurt to see him in purple and gold.

    It looks like the new rules really don't give us much chance to sign a big time FA unless we really shake up the roster. And if we don't do that we'll be going for #18 with a weaker roster than we had last year and with the Big 3 all a year older :(

  • -JP

    Evans and Shannon Brown would be great additions, I highly doubt we get both, but if we added those 2 and some one like Kwame Brown, we'd be in good shape

  • sightline75

    BB at centre? Are you serious? Why dont you just give any 7 footer in the league a free pass to do whatever they want. JO, when healthy, is a better option without a doubt. BB is limited, hes not a great passer, he cant jump over anyone and his mid range shot is not good enough. He needs to concentrate on rebounding, make that his game.
    Signing Delonte? Maybe, he gets overpowered by some guards and cant dribble penetrate. Id rather have Brown.

    • Batman

      Brown has arguably the lowest BBIQ in the league

  • http://www.livefromapt.blogspot.com W2.

    Trade Rondo and Baby and Jeff Green for DWill, brake the bank for D Jordan, sign DWest, Quis, a cheap stiff d first center, add Avery and the rooks, stir, close eyes, and hope for the best.

    Hoist Banner.

    Wake up.

    Reality calls….sixth seed in East, out in second round of playoffs.



    I miss Semih-Pro and Perk.

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