Post-game Reactions

A few odds and ends this Thursday morning, as we start to cool off from the trade rumor frenzy which took off on Tuesday.

Let’s begin with a report from A. Sherrod Blakely over at CSNNE.com that indicates the Celtics have their concerns over Paul’s surgically repaired left knee:

Slowly but surely, the talk of Chris Paul coming to Boston is beginning to die a slow death.

….One of the reasons that’s giving the C’s some reason to pause in their pursuit of Paul is his health; specifically, his surgically repaired left knee.

While he appears to have bounced back from the 2010 injury nicely, there is some concern that the injury could prove problematic in the future.

These concerns may be very well warranted (although Paul did play 78 games last season) but this smells of damage control to me. For now, it appears the C’s aren’t likely to acquire Paul given the reports about him not wanting to sign an extension, so rather than risk further damage, potentially to Rondo’s psyche about being thrown around the rumor mill so much, this shows them cooling on Paul. Not a bad way to control the conversation.

More free agent talk and a 3-on-3 on the whole Rondo situation is on the way later today. Also stay tuned for full coverage of Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers speaking to the media from Waltham. We could also hear from some players who can use team facilities for the first time today.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Mark

    In light of what has happened to Brandon Roy I would worry about Chris Paul. I have no clue if the two situations are an apples to apples comparison but it would concern me nonetheless.

    If the Celtics were to get Paul and his knee(s) go south, regardless of the other players they might/could get, it would be a disaster. Especially a long term, big money deal that Paul would get under the new CBA considering everyone expects the new CBA to be restrictive.

  • skeeds

    yeeeeeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…
    Cause the same front office that had no problem to built a bench with J.O. Marquis and Delonte, some of the most injury prone players in the league, not to forget saving a starting spot for the oldest guy in the league, Shaq, would really think twice to trade for the best pg in the game cause he had a knee surgery 2 years ago…

    Seems like Ainge is trying to save face after C.P. more or less gave him the finger. However the thing went south though, expect a veeeeery pissed Rondo out of all this stupid shopping ordeal…

    • SK35

      I know what you're saying skeeds but 1st of all, the guys you mentioned are mainly role players (although O'Neal did/does start) and aren't as important. Chris Paul would be the building block of the future and the best player on the team. So while I'm sure some of this is damage control, I was thinking all along about his knee. When they repaired it, they removed the meniscus and I remember people talking about his knee being "bone on bone" and what that would do to his longevity. So I'm sure it would still be a concern even if Paul said he would sign an extension with the Celts. More: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/354816-knee-is

  • We need to stop talking about trading the amazing one armed point guard and start talking about unloading some near future hall of famers in order to make way for a big man that would have an even bigger impact. Dwight Howard! Who better then Howard to come into the Celtics locker room and put that missing piece of defensive mastery under the C's hoop!

  • Kricky

    Man we could put all this speculation to bed if RR would just develop a decent mid range jump shot and start hitting 75% of his throws.

    C'mon Rajon! Work on that game, baby! You would be even better than CP3!

  • smalltownID

    Maybe on the frees Kricky. But mid range jump shot is a long ways off if you can't learn to shoot free throws. They are not mutually exclusive.
    It would solve the problem though. Honestly, it pisses me off that there is no sign Rondo takes this seriously. Patronizing Ray Allen is not working on your shot, which is the only evidence I have seen.

    Most JUCO basketball players can shoot better than you Rajon! Be honest with yourself so you can get better!