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By now you’ve possibly heard that Sean Deveney said that sources said that the Celtics said they’re targeting Chuck Hayes as a free agent at center. Pros and cons!


  • He’s an actual center. He defends centers, he does his scoring at the rim, and he REBOUNDS. He rebounds very well. His defensive rebound rate was pretty much identical to Nene’s last year, and comparable to Perkins’ from 2007 to 2009.
  • Very strong impressionist (0:48 in this video).
  • Extremely good dude, fun to root for.
  • Not injury prone: played at least 70 games each year he’s been in the league.
  • Buds with Rondo: they played together in college, probably know each other’s tendencies on the court and in Halo 2 deathmatch.
  • Will give Rondo confidence in his free throw shooting.


  • His height. He’s listed at 6’6″, which is probably about the same as Glen Davis. It’s had virtually zero influence on his defense or rebounding, but makes scoring inside an ordeal (see next bullet).


  • Not going to take much of the scoring load because a) he can’t shoot and b) he gets blocked with great frequency. 15 percent of the shots he took last season had their trajectory redirected by the hands of his opponents. Of centers who played at least 70 games, only Omer Asik had more. But he doesn’t take a lot of shots, so his efficiency is still decent.
  • He has apparently gotten a little chubbers in the offseason.
  • Money. Hayes only made about $2 million last season, but the Celtics aren’t going to be the only ones interested in his services. Basically every team is going to look at Hayes as a potential value buy, which is going to naturally raise his price beyond the value buy range. If the Celtics ever want to make a play at a certain smiley center down the line, they’d need to give Hayes a reasonable contract that would leave them sufficient cap room or be easy to unload on another team in a trade. With all the other names looking at Hayes, that might not be easy.

Do you want Chuck Hayes? How much would you pay him for how long?

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  • Ryan DeGama

    Alternative headline: Hayes on Hayes

    • Alternative to Hayes: Reggie Evans

      • hdavenport

        You mean as a blogger, right?

  • Morpheus

    I know of another Chuck who was undersized for his position. Beastly rebounder too.

    • Ray Ray for 3

      Bring back Powe!!

  • Kricky

    Good dude, but I'd pass. We need a real center that can block some shots. This is important, especially in the playoffs when we go up against teams like Miami that have players that break the perimeter D down and take it to the hoop. Remember how much better our D played when JO was on the floor swatting shots.

  • Darius

    I know it sounds ridiculous considering all of his offseason drama, but what about Kris Humphries? He was putting up some very, very solid stats last season.

    • Dirty Mike

      He'd just pull a Pau Gasol after the split

      • Batman

        To me hes one of those contract year superstars
        not worth it

  • SteveB

    If he and Rondo are actually buds he would make a great addition. I think Rondo is still our best option at PG and this would help heal the wounds from Perk leaving. Give us 6 pts and 10 reb a game and play defense for a reasonable salary and I'd be happy. Fans need to be realistic about who the team can get the next few years. We aren't playing a video game where we can just pick any player we want. There are so many restrictions and there are still a lot of players that are dictating where they will or won't go. I'd like to see Green stay and some kind of sign and trade with Davis to get a guy like Hayes.

  • Ej

    No thank you. Id rather chance nene oden or even m. Gasoul

    • Batman

      ODEN ODEN!

    • skeeds

      dude, EVEN M.Gasol? Did you watch him in the playoffs at all this year? He played twice as good as his brother, he was arguably the best center in the post season.
      Still, as is the case with Nene, I have no hope that their teams won't make great offers to keep them.

  • Trade Baby, sign Hayes on 2-year BAE

  • Darius

    I am liking the Przybilla rumors. Same with Battier.

  • morey

    who wants a center 6'6, give me a break

  • CG12

    Hayes would be a nice piece, but is hardly the answer as a starting center. Can you imagine going up against the Lakers in the finals with Chuck Hayes at center?

  • Brian

    No Go on Hayes in my opinion. They should just go the Geritol route again and get Kurt Thomas for the Vet Minimum. Unlike Shaq at least Thomas will give you more than 30 games.

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