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With the NBA rumor mill making up for over four months of lost time in the past couple days, speculation has run rampant from a variety of sources about Danny Ainge’s willingness to deal Rajon Rondo in a package for Chris Paul.

Like the Celtics’ deal for Kevin Garnett back in 2007, any deal for Paul would have to come with a long-term extension for the top point guard, in order to justify the hefty package (Rondo signed at a reasonable contract plus more) Ainge would be giving up. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, that is something Paul would be unwilling to do:

Chris_Broussard: Let CP3-to-Boston chatter cease. CP will not sign long-term ext with Celtics, according to source close to situation.

A few quick thoughts on this new development that may put an end to a lot of the Rondo-Paul rumors for the time being.

I’ve read a lot of people so far comparing this reported development about Paul, to Kevin Garnett initially refusing to sign a extension with Boston back in the summer of 2007. “Give him some time, Paul will come along to signing in Boston, just like KG did,” you might be thinking.

There’s a big difference though in these circumstances. Why did Garnett eventually come around? Because the Celtics traded for a perennial All-Star at the 2007 NBA Draft in Ray Allen. When you are surrounded by two All-Stars, it’s tougher to say no at that prospect for winning and max dollars and that’s exactly why KG changed his mind back in that summer.

Currently, unlike 2007, Ainge does not have the trade chips to deal for a player of the caliber of a Ray Allen, in addition to Chris Paul. Now obviously there is more current talent on the roster to surround Paul in the Big Three then back in 2007 when Ainge was trying to sell KG on Boston, but besides an aging Pierce, it’s unclear just how long the others will be there. The long-term future for Boston now may look just as bleak now to an outsider as it did back to KG in 2007, (pre Ray Allen trade).

Let’s break this down even further. Fast forward to this current scenario with Paul. Say somehow, Boston is able to work a three-team deal, landing them Paul and giving up Rondo. Moving forward after this season, that would leave Boston with a signed core of Pierce, Avery Bradley, and likely Boston’s two rookies, along with the other bench players Danny signs to long-term deals this year.

Is that an attractive situation if you’re Chris Paul? Sure, the Celtics would have the option to bring back Allen and Garnett (if he doesn’t retire) at shorter money, and a lot of cap room to bring in one of the prizes of the free agent market (hello, Dwight Howard).

What makes the Celtics so sure though that Howard would want to play here with Paul? And beyond some backchannel tampering a la Wade-Bosh-LeBron, how could all the necessary parties be in on this plan to make Boston an attractive destination for all of these players.

Instead, the very likely scenario is, while the Celtics would love something like this to happen, they have no way of getting it done, not now anyway. They would essentially need Paul to recruit his superstar friends to sign here after Paul himself signs an extension, and why would he do that, if he can do it somewhere else he prefers as a location?

Without another star to pair with Paul and an aging Pierce, Boston’s ceiling is probably a 2nd-round playoff team moving forward. So unless Mr. Ainge can do a masterful jobĀ  on selling the city of Boston to Paul and his friends, he’s left with very little to go on here in regards to landing the stud point guard. Plus, I have major doubts over whether Boston could even put together the best package compared to other teams to land Paul (something I’ll have more on later today).

Four more years of trying to build around Rondo may be the consolation prize for Ainge. It’s not the worst scenario in the world, but it will sure be a lot more challenging than doing it around CP3. The bigger question now we may have to ask with all these rumors floating around, is if Ainge is beginning to give up on building around Rondo altogether? Or is this all nothing more than trivial speculation about dealing the C’s All-Star point guard?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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    I just said the same thing over at Celticsblog.com. I can't take Broussard or ESPN serious. The only way we'll know is if CP3 says this out of his mouth or come Dec 25, 2011.

    • Devin_in_Maine

      Agreed. "Sources" are unreliable.

    • ripsonics

      yes. you are exactly right. Cue Urban Meyer – "I have not recieved any offer from Ohio State whatsoever" — sources reported..

      …two days later…

      Urban Meyer announced head coach at Ohio State.. DONT BELIEVE THE SOURCES!

  • Kricky

    It looks like CP3 has his heart set on pulling a superfriends in NYC.

    Too bad. I've always liked and respected him. But it will be hard to root for him in NYC. Same thing happened to my opinion of Wade last season.

    And we'll be stuck between a rock (Heat) and a hard place (Knicks). Signing D12 may be our only hope!

  • ripsonics


    This is why this deal could end up being an even bigger gamble than the KP trade for JG. We have the best shot in the league at resigning JG.. Do we want him? I mean… Sure… But mostly because we will not be able to get anything close to his talent for his price tag. Thanks Larry.

    If we get paul.. and he decides to NOT sign with us next year, DA might be out of a job. BUT…

    Paul says he wants to go to NY.. Why he wants to go there I am not sure. Yeah it'd be great to go play with Melo and Amare but they want to shoot the ball, So if Paul – who is a GREAT facilitator and scorer, probably the best in the league, goes there he WILL be the third option in NY. He'll get maybe 12-15 looks a game, unless he is out of his mind, or the other guys are slumping.

    Why would coming to Boston be a bad scenario for him…? Under contract next summer, (weird to be talking about next year when we havent even played a game this year…) you will have bradley and pierce. Ray… I am sorry… is STILL A BALLER. Everyone has been saying how old he is since he got here, and what'd he do last year… shot a career high in 3 and 2's. Bring him back at a bargain, and now you have a core to build around – Paul – Pierce – Ray. This should entice some big name players to come and play and we have plenty of CAP ROOM. Paul will be the number one guy for as long as he wears the color green.

    It honestly makes very little sense as to why he would want to go to NY. Dumb.

    Go C's

  • janos

    There are many option consider when do trade paul rondo. Player pay, position, whether player is good guy or not…. Have to trust celtic web manager and celtic coach look into this and provide best option for our dear team. is not like we do something stupid and make trade perkin…oh wait.

  • I_Love_Green

    Sign and trade Baby+ a draft pick for OJ Mayo. Pacers almost got Mayo by trading Josh McRoberts and a draft pick, but it fell through at the last minute.

  • Morpheus

    They trippin on Rajon's Facebook page.

  • mikesalvucci

    I think they should trade Rondo for CP3, even if he refuses to sign an extension. At least that gives us a shot at winning another championship this year. Once KG and Ray leave, we're going nowhere for at least a few years. Why not go for it one last time?

    • I_Love_Green

      Because then we literally have nobody young and talented to even attempt to build around.

  • James Patrick

    That's great because I don't want him anyway!!! LEAVE OUR RONDO ALONE!!!

  • LACelticsFan

    For all this talk of getting rid of one of the game's best young PG's in RR we forget that we lost not because he didnt shoot well. We lost because we didnt have a James Posey, a PJ Brown, or an Eddie House off the bench. Those three facets gave the BIG3 time to rest, as they were all vet players with some real game. We relied on BBD, Green, and West to replace them. It couldnt be done. But keeping Green, and getting a Chuck Hayes, letting Johnson play, and yes letting Bradley play, could be the young legs we need seeing as no vets want to come to town this year. Those aforementioned players at least better come ready to run and play defense. I can see RR running with them.

  • ElRoz

    So according to this piece, Paulk – or others – don't want to come tom a place unless it ALREADY has starts…but then there is no money for them after 2 stars are signed. However, Pierce, KG at a lower price, and another big sing could with the addition of Chris Paul create a contender. I am sure that Paul, Melo, and Amare together will not be a serious contender: its New York and its Melo…enough said. Paul should think about whether he wants to play with other stars, or whether he wants to be on a serious contender – that is NOT always the same.

    • Morpheus

      I don't get how CP3 would seriously consider NY over Boston too, looking at it from that perspective. An old legged KG, Ray, Pierce, CP3 > Amare, Melo, CP3. Melo has no D and that team will never have champiosnhip caliber D as long as Melo and Pringles are connected. We've got somethin here in Boston that few teams have in this league, CULTURE.

      Sure, that 3 will probably be the flashiest scoring trio in the league, but where did that get the Suns with Nash, Amare and Marion. Defense wins championships. Offense wins games, and youtube highlights. If i were CP3 i know what i'd want. Knicks don't have that defensive culture there, because no one wants to embrace it like KG, Pierce and Ray with Doc did here.

      Maybe CP3 believes he can bring that same culture to NY, in the same way KG brought change/redeemed a dying culture to Boston.

  • Batman

    I honestly wouldn't mind seeing an attempt to build around Rondo
    Fan favorite, hard worker, legendary status for "Elbow Game" and "Carried Team to Game 7 of NBA Finals"

  • ariele

    Planet Michael

  • Henrik Jensen

    Why don't we send a package to both Magic and Hornets;

    Our 1st and 2nd round pick's the next 4 years + Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley to Hornets and with Glen Davis, Jeff Green, Delonte West and Jermaine O'Neil to The Magic.

    Celtics Roster; Dwight/KG/Pierce/Ray/CP3 = Championship contender for the next 4-5 years, then CP3 and Dwight would probably have won 2-3 championships, and then they can move to any other team where they can get 20-25+ million contracts for the rest of their careers, isn't championship's what these big guns want?, well here you will have The 2 best inside Defensive players in Dwight and KG, maybe the two best defensive players in the world. + 2 of the best shooters in Pierce and Ray along with one of the supreme distributors of the ball in CP3, what more do you need?, some cheap ass bench players who can play 10-15 min. per game, and then you have just enough to win a championship, 2 or 3, maybe even make a big run for 4-5 years, if you lose Ray Allen, and sign ex. Michael Redd or Jason Kabono..