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Ainge Talking Rondo With Pacers


The Celtics have engaged the Pacers in trade talks for Rajon Rondo in an attempt to get hold of the pieces necessary to acquire Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets.

The news, reported early Wednesday morning by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, gives us a clearer picture of what Danny Ainge is attempting to do with his roster: recast it long before the summer of 2012.


The Pacers and Celtics have discussed the preliminary framework of a deal, but two sources said Indiana would need a third team to provide Boston with the talent it wants to do a deal. The Celtics are likely trying to gather the necessary pieces to make a bid for Ainge’s ultimate target: New Orleans point guard Chris Paul, sources said.

It was unclear if the Pacers had begun to reach out to broaden discussions, but there was an expectation they would do so.


The report comes on the back of the revelation that following the 2011 playoffs Ainge offered Rondo and Jeff Green to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins.

Additionally, you may remember that back in 2005, in the wake of a Paul Pierce playoff meltdown against the Pacers, Ainge nearly traded his future finals MVP for a draft pick that would have become Chris Paul.

It’s more clear than ever that Ainge is ready to move on from Rondo, who he doesn’t appear to see as a foundational piece of the next Celtics era. It’s also reasonable to assume that he doesn’t consider his current roster a legitimate title contender, when supplemented only by the spare parts he can afford on the free agent market.

Of course, the prospective transaction is gathering the kind of complexity that could undo it. Ainge has to gather trade pieces from Indiana and an unnamed third team and then turn around and complete a deal with New Orleans, which will have more than one suitor for Paul’s services. With that many moving parts and what is shaping up to be a very active market over the next week, Ainge’s options could change quickly and he and Doc Rivers may again have to placate their mercurial point guard and send him out dressed in Celtics green.

But it certainly seems like the Rajon Rondo era in Boston may soon be coming to a close.

One way or another.

  • Ryan DeGama

    Added a new poll as well. To trade Rondo or not to trade Rondo. Go vote!

  • bleedGREEN

    this is getting way too much publicity. if obama joking around about rondo's jumpshot put him in a slump, his boss trying so hard to trade him will destroy him. so after all this if DA doesnt manage to trade him rondo's going to be so mentally weak when the season starts…

  • http://www.livefromapt.blogspot.com W2.

    CP3 is a better player than Rondo. Therefore he will require an investment of funds and additional players. Where this comes from I have no idea. It seems like Danny is trying to get NO to bite early in the trading season, but I can't see why NO wouldn't sit back and wait for teams to outbid each other.

    It would be ideal if Rondo could handle this like a professional, but we know the kid is super emotional and this will effect him.

  • Dirty Mike


  • Ross in Maine

    How good is Rajon Rondo?

    His breakout performance came during the 2009 NBA Playoffs, where he nearly averaged a triple-double.

    in game 4 of the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals he was truly special, posting a game the world has not seen since well before MJ.

    Rondo’s 29 points, 18 rebounds, and 13 assists is the third-best triple-double in NBA playoffs history.

    The point guard is in the company of Wilt Chamberlain (29 points, 36 rebounds, 13 assists on April 11, 1967) and nearly identical to Oscar Robertson (32 points, 19 rebounds, 13 assists on March 26, 1963).

    Those are the numbers. He's had other breath taking triple doubles as well. In my mind, RR has always been on the verge of breaking out into dominating greatness. He has had several troubling health problems that most of the sports world are unaware of that has ended the career of other top athletes. Perhaps I'm cynical, but I just know the DAY Danny trades Rondo, he will start averaging triple doubles and never look back.

    • Kricky

      Those were some good times and some great games. We'll always be grateful to RR for those performances.

      But I think teams have figured out how to play him a lot better since. Collapsing off him and giving him the jumper and making sure to send him to the lien when he drives inside.

      He'll have to develop a somewhat reliable jumper and (MOST importantly) improve his foul shooting to be able to get back to that level of production.

    • Batman

      Power to the Rondo lovers!

  • Devin_in_Maine

    Could be a moot point. ESPN is reporting that CP3 will not sign an extension with the C's if traded. Who knows if the "sources" are right on that, but if that is the case, this deal should be abandoned. The C's need a young star to rebuild around, not a rent-an-all-star for a year.

  • skeeds

    Damn this Danny Ainge, he's gonna send me to the grave…

    We've kindly forgotten how good Rondo was, when he wasn't playing injured because we had no backup PG (like half of last season), when the rest of the C's were healthy, when we had a real center…
    No, Rondo's great games weren't some great games. 2010 Rondo is what you get when he's the floor general on a great, well balanced team. That's what you got last October-December too, when everyone was healthy and Rondo averaged something like 12 dimes, making Shaq look like he was 22.
    Of all the things wrong with the Celtics, Rondo is the least that needs fixing.

    And I think Ainge knows that. I guess that he's just trying to see if he can over-trade a very very good asset. Westbrook+Perk for instance is a pretty decent move, so is CP. And he's probably doing that to make the best possible offer for Dwight Howard.
    I really can't explain why else he would be trading Rondo, and even with Howard in mind, it's still a crazy move.

    I say keep Rondo, and compliment him. The guy is the best passer in this league. Couldn't we just get him someone he can throw an alley-oop to? And/or a guy to run with him on the break?

    • LACelticsFan

      I agree wholeheartedly. RR is a warrior, and he showed that. Give him minutes with the rook JJ, and we might see something special. Make Bradley play RayRay one on one everyday, to learn from the best.

      • Batman

        Hell Yeah!

  • Art

    Don't do it Danny!

    I'm still trying to get over him trading away Perkins and dumping a 1/3 of the team last year. To me Danny's like a kid in the candy store always wanting what he can't have.

    IMO he'd be doing good just to keep who he has and try to sign Jeff Green, Glen Davis, and Delonte West.

    Keep up the great work with the Web-site and Go Celtics!

  • Batman

    I'm loving this Rondo support
    Makes me all teary eyed

  • SmalltownID

    Rondo will never be at the level he was in 2009 because coaches didn't realize how bad his jumper was. Now they do. His jumper is not going to get significantly better ppl. If you can't learn to shoot free throws you can't fix a jump shot. Rondo is an asset but how can you fault someone for pursuing a trade up? CP3 is on another planet as far as PG's go. Swap them last year and imagine Rondo doing what CP3 did against LA last year in the playoffs. Not happening folks. If Rondo is a man he will use this to get better and the C's will be fine in the PG department whether he stays or goes. But significantly better in the PG department if they are to pick up CP3. Let's be honest.

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