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The four of us at CelticsHub fielded five questions on the C’s for ESPN today (along with the esteemed Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston).

Here’s our answer to #1:

1. For which Celtics player is the 2011-12 season most important?

Hayes Davenport, CelticsHub: Rajon Rondo. He’s lived off potential for a long time, but probably not for much longer. If he doesn’t emerge as the team’s best player and cultural co-leader this season, he’s unlikely to be capable of carrying the Celtics beyond a low playoff seed in the post-Garnett era.

Ryan DeGama, CelticsHub: Rajon Rondo. Last season, the league’s view of Rondo seemed to shift away from his proficiencies as a defender and passer and toward his failings: consistency, willingness to attack the basket and free throw shooting. That’s problematic for the self-styled “best PG in the game.” Is he a franchise player or not? Time to sort that out.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: Kevin Garnett. He’ll turn 36 this season and there’s a ton of miles on those tires (the regular-season minutes odometer stands at 43,915, 15th-most in league history). Garnett has acknowledged the finish line might be near, but he’s still vital to the Celtics’ championship hopes, even as his body struggles to withstand the rigors.

Brendan Jackson, CelticsHub: Rajon Rondo. The Celtics’ point guard is the heir apparent and the only future of this team. If he doesn’t solidify himself as a top-tier player on his own (i.e., dishing to JaJuan Johnson and Jeff Green and not Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett), then his legacy (and trade value) will plummet.

Brian Robb, CelticsHub: Rajon Rondo. With an aging Big Three that can struggle to create its own offense, the C’s All-Star point guard will be instrumental in creating regular easy opportunities for his teammates. Consistency has always been the biggest issue for the up-and-down Rondo, and that problem must be overcome in order for the Celtics to remain a contender.


Also, John Hollinger scouts the Celtics today (insider). An excerpt from his look at Kevin Garnett:

Where Garnett really shines is on defense. Opposing power forwards sometimes got numbers on him, but that was because KG was busy shutting down other players with his help defense.

The Celtics, already a great defensive team, gave up 6.19 points per 100 possessions fewer with Garnett on the floor, according to basketballvalue.com. His Synergy numbers sparkled (among power forwards, only Chicago’s Taj Gibson outrated him) and the more advanced “regularized” adjusted plus-minus metric estimated he was worth more than six points per 100 possessions to Boston’s defense — the most of any player in the NBA last season.


Programming Note: beginning tomorrow, we’ll be looking at the holdovers on the roster, beginning with Avery Bradley.

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  • Kricky

    Thanks Guys!


    So it seems like Rondo for CP3 rumors are starting to swirl. Granted that this is probably a pipe dream. But should Danny pull the trigger if there is an opportunity to do it?

    I love Rondo and he is truly one of the most unique players in the history of the Cs (and the league).
    But I also salivate at the chance to get a potential all time great PG like CP3. What do y'all think?

    • Batman

      Oh course trading Rondo for CP3 is a no brainer and this is coming from a guy who has been on the rondo wagon since 2006

      • Morpheus

        No doubt. For some reason i feel Rondo's shooting woes will linger around for some time yet, basically, what we've seen from Rondo is who he is. I truly believe he's reached his ceiling. So his major weakness (shooting) will continue to plague our offense at crucial times, at crucial stages in BIG games ie playoffs.

        CP3 is what Rondo aspires to be, he's what Rondo would be, if he could shoot.

        • Kricky

          You guys are right.

          But this is all obviously speculation at this point. Danny's comments about RR being "available" for a trade may have been designed to light a little fire on his butt and keep him motivated.

          Still, I've got a feeling Trader Danny will make some kind of big roster move. He always seems to surprise us (for better or worse). Maybe he'll move Green and Baby (sign and trade)

  • Morpheus

    As for a scorer off the bench who can create his own, i think Danny need to look no further than Delonte. He was the best scorer off the bench in the playoffs and he's capable of running point too.

    • Kricky

      yes I LOVE Delonte. Perfect with his versatility. Can run the point, guard the 1, 2, and 3, and probably run the popcorn machine too. (LOL just thinking about him filling out an application at Home Depot)

  • Morpheus

    What about plan b – Stephen Curry?