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The Full 82: Some Optimistic Speculation

Former ESPN writer Chris Sheridan has launched a new hoops site featuring a number of luminaries from the world of NBA journalism. His first salvo arrived yesterday and it’s reason for hope for any NBA fans hoping to see a full 2011-12 season.

Sheridan characterizes the gap between current union and ownership proposals as “nowhere near as significant as what is being put out there publicly” and goes onto paint a prospective timeline for resolution of all issues between the two sides:

Oct. 1: An agreement is reached on aggregate dollars.

Oct. 4: All remaining issues are settled.

Oct. 5-19: The agreement is put into writing.

Oct. 20: Free agency opens and players already under contract are allowed to report to their teams.

Oct. 21-31: Training camps are held, and each team plays two exhibition games.

Nov. 1: The season opens on time, with three games: Bulls-Mavericks and Thunder-Lakers in a TNT doubleheader, along with Rockets-Jazz.

There has been a gentle thawing in rhetorical intensity over the last few weeks. With the players and owners already scheduled to meet Wednesday, and with potential followup meetings as soon as Thursday and Friday this week, we may finally be moving beyond two years of posturing and running-in-place and towards an actual deal.

  • Batman


  • I_Love_Green

    I'm sorry, but as a Celtic's fan I don't want this to happen. I was kind of hoping that we miss november and most of december, starting the season near Christmas time. Then our oldies don't have to go a whole 82 and then try to make a playoff run after that.

  • AussieCeltic

    It's still all conjecture so don't get too worked up either way….yet

  • janos

    Season good make better then nfl.

  • Pesqueraf

    That's some optimistic wild guess. It should be noted that Sheridan thought there would be no lockout ( http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=63635… ), and we know how that panned out.

  • jeffery6803

    i just miss my nba i used to be a huge nfl fan but some of the rule changes have put me off and watch more NCAA football now but nothing gets me as excited as nba BBall and all the rowdy C`s fans a missed season would really piss me off