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5-on-5: Celtics Window Closed? Future of Jeff Green & Big Baby

5-on-5 team previews have been up and running for a few weeks now over at ESPN.com, and the Celtics are leading off the pack of Atlantic Division squads this week at the mothership. For the occasion, the entire CelticsHub crew were brought in, along with ESPNBoston’s Chris Forsberg to tackle a number of questions about the team’s offseason and future prospects. You can check out the entire Q-and-A here but I’ve highlighted a couple of the questions that the five of us had the widest variety of opinions on.   

3. Fact or Fiction: Boston should bring back Jeff Green and Glen Davis. 

Hayes Davenport, Celtics Hub: Superfiction. Undersize forwards who can’t rebound or defend their position? Not much use for them on this team, especially if the C’s are serious about opening up roster space. Jeff Green‘s more likely to return, but he’s also set to earn a payday way above his actual value. Let somebody else overpay for them.

Ryan DeGama, Celtics Hub: Fiction. Both of these tweeners were major disappointments last season, and neither one of them can/will rebound. Celtics president Danny Ainge might bring them back if they’re open to one-year deals, but they’ll probably find more money on the open market and end up irritating fans in some other city next season.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: Fact. Expectations need to be lowered with Green, who was simply Jeff Green last season (and that wasn’t enough for some). His numbers will look better with more minutes. Glen Davis‘ mouth gets him in trouble at times, but he’s quite valuable off the bench.

Brendan Jackson, Celtics Hub: Fact. The next salary cap most likely will retain a mechanism that allows teams to go over the cap to re-sign their own players. Both Davis and Green have their flaws, but it comes down to the concept of equal value. It’s doubtful the Celtics will be able get the same caliber players with the cap space left from Davis and Green’s departures.

Brian Robb, Celtics Hub: Fact. I’d much rather Ainge bring back Davis before Green (Big Baby gets a bad rap because of his horrendous final two months in 2010-11), but both players’ return will be necessary for this team to contend next season. Why? A lack of alternatives as well as giving the C’s the continuity they lacked last season.

5. Fact or Fiction: The Celtics’ title window has closed.

Hayes Davenport, Celtics Hub: Fiction. For next year? Yeah, probably. They aren’t going to improve, and a lot of teams are going to get better around them. But the prospect of rebuilding with one of the league’s best distributors, an aging star or two, and an otherwise vacant roster is actually pretty exciting.

 Ryan DeGama, Celtics Hub: Fact. In the past, Boston could count on going deep in the playoffs even with a few things going wrong. Now, they need everything to go right for that same result. X factor: Ainge’s bench construction. A batch of young, athletic bigs and wings would give Boston a decent chance at making the Finals one more time.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: Fiction. Health is key, and age makes that more difficult, but with the right moves in building a supporting cast around the Big Four, the Celtics are in the mix, especially in a shortened season.

Brendan Jackson, Celtics Hub: Fiction. There is no doubt the road to the Finals goes through Miami or Chicago, but the Celtics will still be the third-best team in the East. Ainge will have to get creative in reloading the roster, but if the Big Three can still play at a high level, the Celtics still have a chance.

Brian Robb, Celtics Hub: Fiction. There have been numerous injuries that have hampered Boston’s playoff runs since 2008. Excuses are excuses, but the fact of the matter is this team still has four All-Stars capable of playing at elite levels along with a top-notch coach. The window is closing, but there is still a wide enough crack to see through for one more year.

  • Batman

    Bring back Green and Davis on one year deals (if possible)
    Window is still open

  • While it's awesome that it was so easy for ESPN to come up with so many awesome Celtics bloggers, wouldn't it have made sense to get some people from around the NBA who DON'T write about the C's all year long? Just for some perspective and whatnot?

    • kricky

      Thumbs up. Had the panel been more diverse I think we probably would have seen a lot more "facts" on the "window is closing" question.

      Though its really tough to say right now. Who knows how the new CBA will impact things? It could bury us, but it may also provide new opportunities for us to retool (if we see contraction or if the contenders are hurt by it more than we are).

  • James Patrick

    I'd rather nix the whole next season than bring back Green and Baby. All people ever talk is how we have no other options. Well maybe no season and a slight retool for 2012-2013.

  • James Patrick

    BTW, is it just me or do words disappear after you make a comment?

  • ripsonics

    Really glad they said that about Ray. He really is a huge asset to this team. Even though he has lost a little bit of his ability to create his own shot, he can still get by players, and finish at the rim when he wants to.. and his ability to knock down the dagger is unmatched by anyone in the league. The Dagger 3 is Ray's – People might be able to do it better on other places on the court.. but no one is better with a much needed 3 then Ray Ray.

    JG and Big Baby will have to come back.. not because Ainge wants them, but simply because they are the only players at their level of talent we can afford to pay. Baby better lose some M-EFFING weight.. but if not, maybe Ainge can work some sort of sign and trade, or some crazy deal that keeps us in "GO-MODE" for DH come next year.

    We'll see about KG.. if he sees DH in green, i think it'd be hard for him to retire. He could definitely play a reserve role in a year or two.

    I am so excited to see them play.. i hope it happens before i graduate.

    Go C's

  • LACelticsFan

    I for one want both guys back, but I also want rookie JJ to get some good minutes. But a bench of West, whomever at SG, Green, Davis, and O'Neal at C, could look very good. They are bench players, period. But Green and Davis can play starter minutes. Have done so in the past and played very well. They will make one of the best benches in the league. We need to think about who will be the starting C. Then Bradley and the 2 rookies. We should try to get a good long center like Foster, Pryzbilla, or Dalembert,. At SG we should look at guys like Mo Evans, Willie Green, CDRoberts, or Shannon Brown. Add a couple of these guys with the real opportunity that they could win a ring and we are still hunters not hunted. Gives us a better bench than the rest of the league.

  • kricky

    I don't mind if Baby and Green walk, but lets resign Delonte. Save the man form the ignomimity of Home Depot.

    Despite the ups and downs he was solid and made a meaningful contribution in the playoffs — unlike either of the two frustrating tweeners.

  • Morpheus

    LOL the TWolves let Adelman walk without an offer. Could they get any dumber or are they saving the dumbest for last.

  • ghelton03

    Lower the expectations for Jeff Green? Are you kidding me? They gave up their starting center for this guy. The qualifying offer for Green is only $1.2M less than Perkins will make next year and there is no guarantee they can get him for the minnimum. If they keep Green, they should make it clear that the expectation is that he steps up his game and contributes, not that the expectations will be less.

  • looly

    I think it`s time to trade BBD when he is in the game either ball doesn`t move or it goes up too quickly and he will be taking playing time away from our draft picks.. He is not a star and will never be time to move him and get another pick and a player

  • Pamela "BCADL" Wills

    I am a true C's fan and I can say this without a doubt. Jeff may not have coming in and save the day but let's all be honest and look at what he did do. He helped keeps us in the play offs for alot longer then we should have been because with all the non-sense we as team went through last season we honestly should not have made it as far as we did and had any other team went through what we did they would have never ened with a season like ours. That shows the worth of each and every player on that 2010-2011 squad. Now that being said keep Jeff work with him and use him he can be an asset if we use him correctly.

  • Pamela "CADL" Wills

    Now that brings me to my boy Big Baby.. I love the guy but I have to say I was truly dissappointed with his overrall performance last season and I thought to myself its seems like he has some turmiol in his life he needs to clear up. It was like his body was on the floor but his mind was never on any of the games. He did not have that determination I've seen from him in the seasons prior. I would definetly not make him a starter as the press has reported he stated he would only return to Boston if he could start.

  • pamela "CADL" Wills

    Well I would said if that's so then trade him cause he does not warrant a starting spot this coming season. But one other thing I would like to say to the Coach Rivers and to Danny you guys have a CANNON on your squad and for whatever reason you do not seem to use him. Von Wafer is a incredible athlete and I know with some one on one work from the BIG 4 say I included Rondo in that, could be a major difference for them .. If he is placed in the correct posistion the boy can produce some fire. I have seen it in plays from last season. Hey DOC use the young boy , he is a beast he just needs the attention and effort.. Oh and keep D West the man is a Celtic if I have never seen one.. Just like KG, just like Paul that man already bleeds Green and White …

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