Post-game Reactions

The disappointing news was first reported by KFDM, a television station in Texas, and has now been confirmed by multiple outlets and the Beaumont Police.

The arrest on charges of disorderly conduct and public intoxication of former Celtics center Kendrick Perkins was made last night shortly after 4 a.m. in Perk’s hometown of Beaumont. The 6-10 center was reportedly out partying with friends at a club late in the night and became “belligerent.”

Maria Cramer of Boston.com has a number of quotes from the Police Sergeant Marc Levy in Beaumont on the incident:

“He got drunk and wanted to fight everybody,” Levy said.

His friends tried to calm him down and get him out of the club, but Levy said Perkins refused.

“He was his own worst enemy,” Levy said.

It does not appear anyone was hurt and Perkins did not resist arrest, he said.

The charges are minor, Levy said, and rise only to the level of a misdemeanor.

UPDATE: More updates on the circumstances surrounding the arrest from the AP report:

A statement from police in Beaumont said officers saw a large crowd outside The Ticket night club just after 2 a.m., and received complaints of fights and pepper spray inside. An officer saw about 50 people inside around Perkins, who police said was attempting to fight the club’s manager.

Perk’s legal problems come only one night after he was taken to the hospital from Stephen Jackson’s home in Texas for a bout of dehydration, according to the KFDM, report:

A spokesperson for Perkins stated that Kendrick was suffering from dehydration and was told by doctors to rest. The Celebrity exhibition game scheduled at his basketball camp Friday afternoon was cancelled and Perkins did not attend the banquet that concluded his camp Friday night.

Rajon Rondo was also in Texas for the celebrity game, and there are unconfirmed reports of him being out with his good friend Perk at the time of the arrest, but those should be taken with a huge grain of salt at this time.

In the interim, needless to say, we are saddened to hear about this incident here at CelticsHub. From a personal standpoint, the big guy was also one of my favorite interviews when he was in Green and was one of the most genuine people you could find on the team or in the league. He has no history of any notable legal problems, so this clearly appears to be the case of the guy having a few too many drinks and going off the deep end for a bit during a late night hour. Hopefully, just a bump in the road, but a situation we will continue to monitor here at CH in the meantime.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Batman

    I heard from RealGM that Rondo was involved in the altercation too
    True? Or No?

    • I_Love_Green

      Doubt Rondo would be involved in that. But then again, I would've doubted that Perk would be involved in it too.

  • James Patrick

    Poor Perk. Obviously still upset about the trade. Or maybe that's me. lol

    • Yeah, I'm pretty sure most of us on here were in danger of being arrested for disorderly conduct right after the trade occurred.

  • I_Love_Green

    Sad to see this about Perk, but happy that Celticshub finally posted a new article.

    • Zee

      Ditto! 🙂

  • Celtics Freak

    Looks like the Luck of the Irish definitely wasn't on his side

  • kricky

    Let's hope Perk just had a few too many (we've all been there) and is not developing a problem with the sauce.

  • paul

    Right. So if the cops say x happened, we all believe it. Because cops always tell the exact truth. Well, Perkins claims that he has another take on what happened and witnesses to back it up. But, of course, he must be lying.

  • Federico

    People in the United States are way too sensitive about stuff like this. Too obsessed with perfection, and an impollute behavior. NBA players are people. Don't you ever had a friend that got in a fight in a club?

    Maybe it's just that NBA players shouldn't be viewed like role models the way they are. Here in Argentina, soccer players are not role models. Usually, they are knuckleheads that happen to be very good at sports.

    • complexity

      I agree, with a slight reservation. When NBA Players are good role models, they help kids and other people a lot, or for that matter when anyone is. Ray Allen greatly inspires me, Rondo does too, but I don't know, if I look at them as role models, and I certainly don't believe they are images of perfection because nobody is. People are far too judgmental, and I really liked the unbiased way that they described the story instead of just hammering the guy for one little mistake. The word should be inspirations, not role models.

  • Tos

    Any news on what Shaq said regarding Obama being tge reason Rondo shot sucked last season???

    • Batman

      i read that article and it was the dumbest thing I ever read

      • kricky

        True that. Reminded me of grade school level reading. Nice job Shaq!

  • kricky

    Also we finally heard Perk's side of the story. He claims that he wasn't drinking and that there was really no altercation. Just a dispute between him and the club owner over money that the owner owed him for his Kid's charity event. He says there was a cop hanging out at the club (probably the owner's buddy) who took the owner's side and arrested him. A case of the local yahoos in Beaumont Texas ganging up on the city slicker – pretty believable.

  • LStrike

    August is always a painful month for NBA news.

  • He definitely didn't mean to do it, just a little drunk probably

  • I_Love_Green

    Approaching 2 weeks with no CHub news.

    • ripsonics

      now we are approaching 3…

  • ozcelts

    Missing the stimulating debate on CH

    With no breakthrough imminent on the CBA front- can I suggest a new post "best all-time celts team"

    The team can be pulled from any era. My brother's a lakers fan and I'll get him to do the same on LA forum. Lets organise another LA ass whoppin'

  • janos

    Web manager please do post make celtic.

  • janos

    I seen that guy crittertan is murder?

  • I_Love_Green

    Okay I'll make a post for you guys.

    The question was, "The Thunder have solved the 4 and 5 positions." One answer was:

    Spencer Percy, Queen City Hoops: Fiction. Ibaka is young, a force on the glass and a defensive specimen. He even showed improved shooting range last season, so he's a part of the OKC future in my eyes, but if you think that you're going to win a championship with Kendrick Perkins as your starting center, uh, well, think again. Most overrated player in the league.

    Maybe he forgets Perk was already a starter on a championship team, and a starter on a team that came so close to winning another. What an idiot, seriously where do they come up with these things.

    • I noticed that too. I wanted so badly to comment on ESPN's little comment section but it's like trying to voice an opinion at a Limp Bizkit concert on there…you just get washed out by all the other noise. Stupid.

      Seriously though, I couldn't agree more. Isn't this Spencer Percy guy writing for an ESPN blog about the NBA? Did he forget Perk was on a championship team already as a starter? Did he never actually know it? Either way, VERY basic research would have cleared things up easily.

      With stars like Westbrook and Durant, and future stars like Harden and Ibaka, all OKC needs from Perk is what Boston needed from him: a sizable, defensive minded presence in the paint. The Thunder ABSOLUTELY could win a championship with him starting.

      Ugh. Thanks for the new post though. haha.

      • Batman

        I think he was trying to say Perkins (like rondo) didn't contribute too much in 2008
        Still stupid but somewhat understandable

        • I_Love_Green

          Well Perk was still key piece to the championship, and in 2010 he was a very big part of our finals run. I swear some of these guys on ESPN just talk without thinking sometimes. Or most of the time.

  • James Patrick

    Can you guys something else up like… On Vacation. See ya soon? Tired of looking at this same entry. lol

  • James

    I heard the first thing perk asked after that long O.T. game vs memphis was howd the celtics did, gotta love the guy

  • someguyinsac

    18 days in the hole and nothing new. Wah, this sucks!

  • Catrina Williams

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