Post-game Reactions

The question is: are you mad about it? And should you be?

NBA lockout negotiations resume Monday. Nothing of interest will take place and the league will continue to violently discharge all the fans it earned last season until only the stench of lost revenue remains. The threat of losing games isn’t upon the negotiations yet, and it’s unclear if that threat is even enough to compel either side to make a deal. We know, at least, that it’s not enough for Wyc Grousbeck.

Grousbeck, as Brian via Woj mentioned a few weeks ago, is willing to ride out a lost season in the interest of getting a better deal in the future. He’s joined by Ted Leonsis (Wiz), known lunatic Dan Gilbert (Cavs), and the universally reviled Robert Sarver (Suns) in this regard. While this decision is to some extent about money, it also makes a decent amount of basketball sense for his franchise. Peruse these bullets:


  • The Celtics have a ton of cap flexibility, and any strengthening of the NBA cap would make it easier to compete for big free agents. That’s important because big free agents do not ever sign in Boston. Briefly reflect on the last decade: who was the biggest free agent signed (not re-signed) by the Celtics over the last ten offseasons? 35-year-old Rasheed Wallace. Easily.┬áSecond biggest? 39-year-old Shaq.┬áThird biggest? Hard to say, actually. Delonte? Tom Gugliotta? It’s pretty grim at this point. Even the useless players of the early decade pretty much all came trades: Vin Baker, Ricky Davis, old Gary Payton, dead Rick Fox. Simply put, any leverage the C’s can get in free agent discussions is of extremely high value.

  • The 2011-2012 season is not really part of the Celtics’ plan, just as the 2011-2012 Cavaliers and Wizards seasons are not really part of anybody’s plan. The Old New Big Three sort of went on their farewell tour already, and the team’s unlikely to get any better with each of those guys getting one year older. If KG or Ray do want to play after next season, they’d have had an entire year to stitch themselves back together, and the Celtics would be in position to sign one of them (likely Ray) to play a supporting role behind a bigger star.
  • Avery Bradley is unlikely to get any worse in that time.


  • The Heat have four more years of the Three Tenors, and optimistically two of Wade at the height of his powers. The second year was the one everyone expected the three of them to put it together before any of them started to decline, and that year might suddenly evaporate on them. Possibly even worse, any restrictions on team salaries are going to make it tough for the Heat to improve their sub-terrible supporting cast.
  • The Knicks would be similarly hamstrung by the giant contracts they’ve accumulated.
  • Dwight Howard would never play basketball in Orlando again, except on the secret court inside the Matterhorn.
  • Kobe Bryant, a capable 32 years old right now, would be a rattly 34 if basketball resumed in the fall of 2012. His contract also makes it extremely hard for the Lakers to retain another great player in a hard/flex cap situation.
  • The Bulls only have one more year of hosing Derrick Rose to the tune of $6 million. He’s a restricted FA in 2012, and the Bulls are already into Boozer, Noah, and Deng for $40 million, so a reduced cap would make it nigh impossible to keep that team together.

You, of course, could give two poops about any of this. You want to see 1,230 basketball games played in the regular season. But do you blame Wyc for possibly protecting his team’s interests against the players and the rest of the league?

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  • skieds

    So he's smart to want to lose a TON of money, (the C's are one of the most profitable teams in terms of merchandise, ticket sales and broadcasting rights, aren't they?), while throwing away what might probably be the last time the C's really compete for the next 4-5 years? Yes, the old-new-big3 are on their way out, but this lineup is 1 good trade away from being a championship contender. That, is something we can't say for 2012. Rondo, Pierce, plus anyone, even Dwight Howard, is not a good enough core against this eastern conference.

    Lastly, without wanting to let my "celtic pride" control my ranting, the C's are no Cavs, or Wizards, to try and profit from the fate of other teams/players. A good team doesn't calculate weather Kobe will be older, or the Bulls will have to give up Boozer, or rely on Dwight becoming a free agent. That's what the Knicks do.

  • bostonfan

    I agree with skieds. My guess is that Wyc will drag his feet for a while and then push for a short season. A couple of years from now, no one will remember that banner 18 was a short season :-).

    • zappo777

      no banner 18 with this group–too old and slow and defense traded away–remember tony allen, perkins and powe and posey??????

  • Mark

    OT: The Matterhorn is in Disneyland (California) not Disney World (Florida)

    • hdavenport

      Dammit. Of course it is. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • I_Love_Green

    I want us to lose half a season. No way our team wins the title playing a full season, but if that number is cut in half, we have a great shot. I definitely don't want to lose an entire season because that's just wayyyy wayyyy to long of a time without my Celtics.

    • zappo777

      yea, but to pick up dwight howard??? and 2 good defender and shooters it will be worth it…

      • I_Love_Green

        Oh I'm sorry I forgot we're the front runners for Dwight.

        No, Dwight is not coming to the Celtics. Get that through your heads.

        • ripsonics

          you are usually right on most everything… But i have to disagree with you here. Dwight has wanted to be #1 forever, and has wanted to go to a franchise that is ready to win, (we are), that can pay him (we can) and that has a supporting cast centered around him (we will). I think he would be stupid to not consider wearing green, and there really is no other team i can see him going to that would help him win a ring. Honestly. It sure as hell isnt going to be Orlando, and what other title ready contender can afford him after this season?

          It will be tough, but it is definitely not out of the question, and i think a pretty good possibility.

          Go C's

          • I_Love_Green

            Yeah but I hate when C's fans root for a lost season because they think we're getting Dwight. Yes it would be smart of him to come to Boston, but after next season who knows what will happen. Right now I'd say we have an outside shot.

          • ripsonics

            Yeah i hear that. Of course i want to see them play. Im not rooting for a lost season at all. I just have a feeling we are closer to DH than ppl. think.

            Go C's

  • Matt

    Rick Fox was a draft pick.

    • hdavenport

      Not the second time.

      • urwrong

        Delete posts and scrub your entry. Fewer people will realise you talk out of your ass.

        • hdavenport

          I'm not sure if this is directed at me, nor am I really sure what "scrub your entry" means, but what I am sure of is this: the Celtics traded for Rick Fox at the end of his career.

        • Guest

          The Rick Fox statement seems to be a non-sequitur. But just in case you're wondering.

          On August 6th, 2004, Rick Fox was traded by the Lakers to the Celtics along with Gary Payton and a 2006 1st round draft pick (Rajon Rondo) for Chucky Atkins, Jumaine Jones and Chris Mihm. He did not play during the 04-05 season and was released on Sept. 30th, 2005

  • Ray

    You forgot Posey, House, J. O'Neal, Marquis

  • Celtic_lover_from_CA

    Sorry just had to say….I LOOOOOOOOOVE my GREEN TEAM! =)

  • zappo777

    I love the Celtics–but to win they are going to have to rebuild–energy is not there–team is just flat out OLD and SLOW!!!!

  • ripsonics

    Ok… Part of me wants to say, what the HECK WYC!

    The other part looks at this a little closer, ala this article… What are the odds that Wyc and Doc and Danny have all sat down, and said there is really nothing we can get out of this year…? What if they have in fact put all their eggs in the fact that this year could realistically not happen….? I mean honestly, this article is exactly right. We have three players through this year signed to contracts (rondo, bradley, pierce) you get Ray and KG at bargain prices, cause they dont really care about the money after this year (or at least they shouldnt, and i dont think they will), you resign Green, Delonte, and your rookies, and then go after Howard…HARD…bringing Rondo and promising him that he will be the cornerstone of the franchise until he dies. Honestly, this could work out very well for us.

    Miami doesnt necessarily get 'worst' per-say, but the new cap will definitely hurt them… LA is screwed regardless in my opinion, Chicago could very well lose a key kog due to the new cap..

    This may just be a master plan in disguise…

    Go C's

    • Jay

      that is not financially possible. ther is going to be a hard cap. while i agree that they should go after DH, they are going to have to choose 1 or 2 of ray, KG, green, and delonte to resign to fit under the cap while still leaving enough to fill ou thte roster

      • ripsonics

        yes i understand that. i do not think the problem will be KG or Ray.. I think they will be chomping at the bit to play on that team, if in fact, DH is brought here. The real problem would be bringing JG in and Delonte in… HOWEVER if the lockout happens, and there is no season, and with the new hard cap, how much can JG ask for… he did not have that great of a season with the Celtics, and there is no way he is going to get much more than he got on his last contract. If we had a roster of KG, Ray, PP, Rondo, Bradley, DH, Green, Delonte – you dont think we can find a couple players to come play at the minimum… I think we can do that.

        KG and Ray will be near their last year of serious contribution… Money will not be an issue. They wont sign for the vet's min, but they will sign for much less than people are thinking.

        Go C's

  • hank single

    Maybe he can pull a Kraft – hardline for a few months, be the major driving force behind everything awful the owners are doing…then turn on the guys he used to get what he wanted, appeal to the fans like he was a savior, get his sweet deal signed and bask as idiot New England lauds his 'good work' and 'supreme effort'.

    I lost a lot of respect for the Kraft family over the course of the lock out – I'm expecting there won't be any left of what I currently have for Celtic's ownership by the time this is over.

  • janos

    I like see both game play and celtic win. Is best both world. nba file unfair laber practice today on player, but like janos neighbor find out, cant make a sue if dont have money.

    • I_Love_Green

      Janos I hate to break it to ya, but we're most likely going to miss the whole season. So you won't be able to see the game played and the Celtics win.

  • rebelmusicnow

    why would armond hill not qualify for a promotion? is it his years as an nba point guard? his princeton career as one of the greatest players in the history of the ivy and coach under pete carrill??? his 7 years sitting next to doc on the bench or the fact that he actually went back to school after his playing days and got a DEGREE FROM PRINCETON???????

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