Post-game Reactions

No, I’m not talking about E’twaun Moore signing a contract with a European team. It was as near a certainty as Shaquille O’Neal not making it through 82 games but I am still referring to something else. Something Celtics’ fans have heard ever since his break out season in 2009: Rajon Rondo is overrated.

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I reluctantly clicked. With all the starting point guards in the NBA, I still felt like all five of my TrueHoop brethren had an ax to grind about the chippy point guard who “couldn’t shoot” and had “the luxury of playing with 3 future hall of famers.”

To my surprise, only one picked Rondo. To my greater surprise, his reasoning was sound:

That wasn’t so bad right?  Jovan didn’t mention the resumes on the roster.  Instead, Jovan succinctly listed all of Rondo’s problem’s last season.  His jump shot was still not reliable and he began having trouble getting to and finishing at the rim.   Rondo is still an elite defender and one of the best passers in the NBA but he was also exposed a bit last year.

It was long season for Rondo.  He had nagging injuries.  He lost his closest friend on the team.  He was thrust into a much larger role.   It was no longer “Rajon, you have to play up to the level of your teammates, prove you belong.” It was, “Rajon, we need you to carry us tonight.” And many times, he couldn’t.

We do not know what would have happened had Rondo’s elbow been intact for the entire playoffs.  Most likely, it would have bought the Celtics a couple of games in the Heat series before they less than gracefully bowed out.

My question to you is:  Is Rajon Rondo overrated?  Is he “the guy” you want to go into battle with for years to come?

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  • Cos

    The sad thing is, the most glaring weakness he had coming into the league (and going into every season) is still a glaring weakness. At this point, when most elite players say they work on parts of their game during the offseason, its clear rondo hasn't done enough to improve his weakness.

    I still believe he can get there but he really needs to focus on foul shooting and developing the nick van exel tear-drop. then get to the 14-16ft shooting.

    • JRR

      Frankly, what most fas don't understand is that Rondo HAS improved his glaring weakness. His jump shot coming into the league was a combination of Ben Wallace and Dennis Rodman. It is unfair to think Rondo hasn't tried hard enough as well. I think has pretty much reached his peak and he won't improve.

      And in terms of whether he is overrated, yes, I think is is a tad overrated. As much as his presence on the floor helps the team, it also can be very limiting.

      But I love the guy just the same.

  • kricky

    Overrated? Maybe not. I think most fans are well aware of his weaknesses.

    Most frustrating? Definitely.

    He can completely dominate for stretches of games (see '10 playoffs) and then disappear to the point where he is a liability for the team to have on the court (Batman calls this Rojan Rando showing up).

    As a C's fan you love him and hate him. Like the girlfriends that does everything right one minute, but then freaks out the next and is even jealous of you talking on the phone with your buddies.

  • prior

    His attitude–maybe it's moodiness, or immaturity–seems to hurt his game considerably.

  • Zee

    Rondo's biggest problem is a mental one. Everything else stems from there. If he can maintain an aggressive, championship mindset, he'll always be a premiere PG. Trials and tribulations try to wear you down mentally. But you must have heart.

  • John

    I don't think Rondo is overrated but what the Jovan said is spot on. Rondo is a liability in some areas of the offense no matter how good of a passer and defender he is. He has not developed a chris paul reliable jumper STILL and his free throws are weak STILL. I am a Celts fan but also want Rondo to improve in those areas and I would put him as the #1 point gaurd in the league if he did.

    Right now rondo is still one of the top 3 PG s in the league maybe 4 or 5. That doesn't make him overrated just not the best he could be. He is still one of the best there is out there right now. How can you call that overrated? LOL

  • Whoever wrote this article clearly wanted to find something to talk about. Everything about Rajon has improved this season, his leadership, his jumpshot, and his free throw shooting is low because he doesnt get to the foul line that often but to say he is overrated is an out right lie. Would i go to war with him "HECK YEACH", Rondo brings so many things to the court, his court vision, his passing, his ball pressure, rebounding, stealing, blocking. For a player with a suspect jumpshot, other teams know when he steps foot on the court they better be prepared. Derrick Rose improved his shooting so well this season and he carried his team and they still didnt get a ring. I watched every game they had last season that came on television and i thougt he did a helluva job until the injuries(rondo).Every player has his weakness, there is no perfect player. lebron james is the best player in the league and he choked in the finals, i have NEVER seen Rajon Rondo choke in any big game, this guy came back with a nearly broken arm and didnt even want pain medicine because he thought it would hinder his performance, now thats the kind of player i want when its time to go to war!

    • Pamela

      Thats Right Belinda ….. A true soldier he is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love him … GO RONDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • G money

      So according to you, you probably think rando is a top five point gaurd, but he can't shoot, and he's been having trouble getting to the rim lately. Also, I think a lot of his teammates, including the big three, don't like him. Is he over-rated, well i have to be honest, I think so

      • Batman

        how do u know they don't like him?

        • taylor

          they like him fine, everyone seems to get along on the team. KG said him and rondo butted heads at first, but hey only a few months ago, and I quote: "shawtys a real tough dude". they seem to have mutual respect and appreciation for each other.

  • lolo

    Shaq never made free throws in his career. Some people just can't. But check Rondos stats and you'll see that he's improved his middle range.

  • Pamela

    Overrated I think not… Yes Rondo needs to step up his shooting considerably that is no big secret.. But his passes and play set up's are the best in the league ( matter of opinion) to me. And not to mention how many player are going to get injured the way he did in the play-offs and still play that same game and several games after that ? Answer : NONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So let's not be to quick to say the man is overrrated when there are things the man does accomplish that other points don't even come close to.

    • LexNonScripta

      Thomas Isiah

  • Pamela

    oh and the guy on the clippers blog.. needs to check is own team out…… CLIPPERS yeah ok… they have one star Blake and as soon as he gets hurt they have NO STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Clippers dude sit down!!!!!

    • Jay

      ever heard of eric gordon?

  • DP757

    Rondo HAS improved and will continue to do so. Jason Kidd had a horrible jumper for how many years? Is Rondo overrated… heck no. Nobody would take him over Paul or Rose… but if they were already gone I'd want Rondo in a heartbeat.

    In the coming years when he needs to be relied on to score, he'll get better… then we'll see how good he becomes. I think the haters will be surprised

  • I_Love_Green

    He's not really overrated by people that know the game. But really the worst MVP of the past decade is the most overrated.

    Anyways, if you watch most of our games you can tell its a confidence thing. He has nights where he hesitates to step into the jumper and he'll miss it. But then other nights he'll step right into the shot confidently, and drain it. It just has to believe in his shot, and keep working on it. Hell, Ray Allen still works on his jumper. I'm sure Ray has tried to reach out to him and try to give him some pointers on shooting. He just needs something like a shooting psychiatrist, if those even exist.

  • witchrunner

    Not sure "overrated" is the word I would use. There is no doubt that his total game isn't there yet. As long as he keeps improving, he's worth it. He does seem to have the drive and determination. Let's face it, he is still young and had more placed on him than one would think with the talent this team has. That's partially because of the age of the stars. With the big three, one would think that his shooting shouldn't be paramount. But, there is no doubt that it would be extremely valuable.

  • Batman

    I was disappointed to see Rondo in the "Overrated PGs section" but I think Jovan is a smart guy and his reasoning is ok
    let's look at what Forsberg has to say:

    "All that said, and acknowledging that a rash of injuries certainly didn't aid his cause last season, Rondo still found a way to earn his first All-Star game nod thanks in large part to how much better he makes his teammates on the floor. Rondo assisted on 47.1 percent of Boston's scoring plays when he was on the court, second best in the NBA behind only Steve Nash. Synergy Sports data includes a category that incorporates assists into a player's points per play average and Rondo ranked in the 97th percentile (1.41 points per play) among all NBA hoopsters.

    Yes, Rondo has plenty to work on in regards to his offensive game, but calling him a liability undervalues his impact to Boston's overall offensive output."

    I don't think its fair to call him overrated because of his limited offensive game, because you have to count his impact on the team's offense as well

    that being said Rondo is very frustrating at times and doesn't always perform at his best
    Also this past season was a bad one for him, luck wise, and injury wise
    I hope he will bounce back

    I would love to go into battle with him for the rest of his career though
    The man's got natural charisma, you can't help but like him

  • I_Love_Green

    All you have to watch is the games that Rondo sat out. Then you'll realize that Rondo does his job better than a lot of the other PGs could.

  • Renato M.

    I don't think that "overrated" is the right word right now. Last year until the beginning of this year, with some good performance and great APG, a lot of people was putting him as the best PG, and then some could say he was overrated. But right now, there are not many people saying he is the number one, so to say he is a top5 it's not really overrated.

    I can understand about the injuries, about Perkins trade, the dislocated elbow, but I felt like he was contributing much less than he should be. He claimed himself as the best but he has to deliver it. If you are great, you have to deliver it, otherwise it's only excuses. I don't think Rondo would answer saying that he had injuries or that his closest friend was traded, I think he would suck up and say that he simply didn't play well.

    Before last season the Celtics was able to rely more on the Big Three, but this season it became clear that the AGE factor is really catching up – everybody has being saying about their age for some time, but until this season, I could see them fighting back and proving it wrong, but at the end of this season and in the playoffs, they could not do that anymore. Even though I still think that with a healthy Shaq, things would have been different, but it's ok.

    That said, Rondo really needs to be a offensive factor, a scoring factor on this team – think about playoff mode Rondo. But can't do that only in the playoffs, he needs to do that on daily basis. The Celtics don't have the luxury to have Rondo only distributing the ball, he needs to score as well. Because when he drive to the lane, do all that fakes that Rondo does, he opens for someone, one of his major ability was to collapse the defense of the other teams. But the Celtics have to get younger, it was very sad to see Rondo's one-man fast break. He needs younger guys to run with him too. The Celtics Big Three got very efficient in their game with some career-high FG% or 3P%, which is very nice and intelligent, but the Celtics need young athletic guys as well, maybe a scorer too – but one that can share the ball if needed.

    Bradley didn't have a chance to train in the summer league or even in the pre-season, but he played well after playing in the D-League, I think it was more a mental thing, he got more confident in himself and I think he can develop well. I liked Jajuan Johnson, he is a guy that got better every year, which can prove people wrong when they say that a senior is more mature to enter the league but they are pretty much what they are, like they will not improve much more than that. I think the transition from PF to SF, even more in a new system, new team is harder than a lot of people realize. The positions you play with the ball, off the ball, everything changes, it's like a whole new game. But Green's productions per 36 min was much the same, but he can get more out of it, because he didn't have the ball so much on either team, but now, I think he will be needed to fill a bigger whole on this team. They didn't use Green so much as a 4 as they could have, hopefully we will be able to see more of that this season – if there will be a season. But the Celtics need urgently a Center! You can't count on JO as the only Center on your team. You can have a mix of 2 or 3 guys, with some of them, being able to play as a PF. They should bring West back, he can score and create his own play when he needs to.

  • redcon

    3.Nash not many years left
    6..Rondo is a distant 6th overrated yes

    • thetruthhurts34

      i agree with your top four but i would take rondo over westbrook any day

      • Batman

        Rondo > Nash
        Nash is great and all but he is not better than Rondo
        1. Paul
        2/3. Rose
        2/3. Deron
        4. Rondo
        5. Nash
        6. Westbrook

    • Seanthoughtwhat

      Rondo over Rose.

      What are you looking for in your point guard? I'm looking for a pass first floor general who sets up his guys with pinpoint passing and good leadership. Sure, getting to the hoop occasionally would be good. But in terms of floor vision and execution of passes etc., I actually take Rondo over Rose. Paul and Nash have Rondo beat because they have that AND they have the shooting touch. Rose has freaky athleticism, but I've always felt underwhelmed by his passing and setting up his teammates. He'd rather get to the rim with his athleticism than get the ball to his mates.

      Westbrook showed in the playoffs that he has a lot more maturing to do. He cannot consistently give you greatness, and in fact he consistently has poor decision making when the game gets tough. He plays hero-ball. Rondo rarely, if ever, does. And don't say Westbrook needs to.

      Williams I haven't gotten enough of a sample size of. Watching him is great, but for some reason the anticipation of greatness, as a spectator, is not there. Simmons talks about this: the GREAT ones are those who, at any moment, you're expecting the unbelievable, and who give you at least two or three moments every game when you're watching it in person and you think "What the—how the heck did he just do that?!"

      Williams lacks that. Rondo doesn't.

      • Reignlatin

        Stockton was GREAT. And I don't tink anybody ever expected unbelievable moments from him. Consistency my friend…

  • dmx300

    i like rondo but he is limited offense hurts but he is improving

  • Mark

    You could do worse! He may not have the skill set of some other PG’s but he has the experience of winning a title which is invaluable. He’s still young and he has time to improve on his weaknesses.

  • just a thought

    The problem with Rondo is not the Perkin trade, not the injury. If you notice, before the Perkin trade and the all star game,which was the first half of the season when Celtic was doing good and holding the number one seed on the East, Rondo was defended as a normal top PG and drawed all 5 defenders attentions on the court. Ever since one team ( don't know who the smart team was) figured out to step back on Rondo when he has the ball, make sure the other 4 celtic were covered, forcing Rondo not easy to pass the ball because the other 4 celtic were being chased, at the same time while Rondo was wide opened, he had no choice but to shoot and obvious missed, after a few misses the moment was gone and the celtic looked like you know what. It always work and all teams follow suit. The whole thing is that simple. Now as long as they leaving Rondo open and kind of 5 defending 4, Rondo is going to have a problem passing the ball because there is no open guy on the court. With all that said Rondo is going to have a problem maintaining he assists.

  • ripsonics

    As hard as it is to say it, i agree with this article. When Rondo decides to play hard, and be great – he is great. The keyword here being, "WHEN"… Rondo does not bring it every night, and thats not to say that every player brings it every night, but i tend to notice it a lot more with Rondo. He just decides some nights that he is not going to attack, and get to the line. He is at his best when he attacks, and when he's not attacking, which happened regularly, hes not at his best. Its similar to if one day Ray decided to stop shooting 3's… we would all be like, what the heck…….

  • I_Love_Green

    And can they PLEASE stop talking about the nfl lockout being over??? I'm so jealous!

  • GangGreen

    Remember back in the day people were saying the same thing about Dennis Johnson, and well DJ was one of the Celtic greats. Rondo is all heart, and I would have to say that when we first got him in the trade, nobody expected him to turn out to be the great player he is. He has things to work on yes, but then again most players all do.


    The most overrated sports channel? ESPN.

  • Faye

    This article is complete garbage. Having a certain weakness has nothing to do with being “overrated”, nobody is praising Rondo for his shooting so that’s irrelevant. I do however, commend his effort, he has DEFINITELY improved on his jumper. His free throw shooting has dropped because he only gets to the line about once a game (career low), I think that’s because he’s been taking a beating in the paint where he gets the majority of his points; he’s basically a one man fast break. It’s funny because half of the PG’s in the league hardly play any defense (D Rose, Steve Nash as great as they are) but nobody cares about that because defense has ALWAYS been overlooked. You people need to get over yourselves, especially the unappreciative Celtics fans. Let’s throw Rondo on the bench and you’ll see the disaster unfold. He’s a huge part of this team and I’d take him over any other PG. Bet that.

  • Celtic Guy

    The other teams learned you just dont guard Rondo and double team whoever he passes to. Unfortunately the Celtics will never be a contender until they get rid of Rondo. If they continue to keep him they have no shot at being champs again.

  • Gametime

    Overrated definitely isn't the word to use, though the points are valid. Rondo's jumper improved, but not to the point where he's consistently lighting it up, which is what the Cs need from him. Rondo has to be able to score around 15-17ppg consistently & show he can take over games ala CP3, DWill, or Rose.

    Otherwise teams just won't respect him.

    I don't understand how he can have one of the best shooters – w/ range and freethrows – in NBA history on his team, yet not improve dramatically over these last few years.

    I'd be at Ray's house all summer.

  • ETP

    Last time I checked when speaking of overrated
    You are talking about the players over all performance
    Not just one point. He is not a grade A shooter but in one game
    Last season he did score 30 plus points and in another game
    He got a triple double which includes shooting. So he has proven
    That he an get to the goal and score.
    So overall Rondo is a very dynamic player and possibly
    A future hall of fammer.

    • Batman

      I think dynamic is a very good word for Rondo
      When Rondo is on He's ON
      Playoff Rondo comes to mind
      Its like his Super Saiyan Form

  • Morpheus


    • I_Love_Green

      I agree.

  • James Patrick

    I'll take our over rated point guard over anything point guard the clippers have produced in the last 40 years. lol

    • janos

      good one James Patrick!

  • Boston Celtics Fan

    Next summer once the big 3 retire: Dwight Howard to Celtics! I mean he'll get more attention with the big 3 gone, and him and Rondo together would be a power-duo! I guess they won't exactly be the best shooting power duo (that is unless Dwight picks up his three-point shooting ability from the All-Star game 2010), but they'll be powerful, and they'll be dropping points like crazy. And I'm sure Doc will come up with ways to make them work together at their best.

    • redcon

      the big 3 are not retiring I know that`s is a fairytale situation for some Bos fans but I see all of these guys playing 3 more season maybe not in Bos but three seasons at least can actually see KG mentoring Love and Beasley down in Minn while helping Rubio to develop

  • How is Rondo overrated?? Someone please give me a LOGICAL explanation to this…..

  • Joe

    just wondering… are you guys only writing like an article a week? or is there just nothing to report on?

  • LStrike

    @ Joe: Usually around the July/August region there is little to absolutely nothing to write about. It's the off-season for journalists too (well, some).

    • Joe

      got it. thanks.

  • julienmachetmusic

    5 days without a new post, omg, celticshub, you're losing followers

  • I_Love_Green

    Come on guys…

  • paul

    Rondo took a big step up last season. If he keeps improving, he may be the best player in the league, and not just on the Cs. Let them go ahead and call him overrated

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