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Lockout! What will you be doing?

If you haven’t heard, the NBA has locked out its players making the 2011-2012 NBA season anything but a certainty.  This, of course, sucks. Even if you are a casual visitor to this website it means you are a huge fan of the NBA.  Not having a next season is going to affect everyone.  The question becomes, “what are you going to do without the Celtics next year?”

Personally, I’ve already gotten started.  Thursday night, I did my best Paul Pierce impression by hitting a game winner from his sweet spot.  No joke.  Everyone in the Kennedy-Longfellow gym in Cambridge went crazy.  Here’s a diagram of the last shot, followed by a quick recap:

A back-and-forth old-man-league game finally culminated in me getting the ball at the most important time.  Ten seconds to go.  Game tied 61-61.  I ball-faked left, drove right, pulled up from the elbow, and drained it.  I’m serious. If the diagram doesn’t sell you, it looked exactly like this.

Okay, I’m telling you this for two reasons, 1) because it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done; and 2) because we’re all going to have to find moments like this if there isn’t a season.

In a recent edition of 5-on-5 for ESPN, they asked us this exact question, what will we all do if there is no season.  Here are our responses:

So what will you do?  How will you get your Celtics/NBA fix?

I want to know and I want everyone, American or not, to have a very happy fourth of July.

  • ljp305

    A new compensation system proposed by Elrod Enchilada of RealGM.com last year provides a solution to the NBA Owners’/Players’ impasse. Elrod proposes eliminating individual contracts between players and teams, and establishing a salary structure encompassing every player with player performance as the key ingredient. The percentage of NBA related revenues going to players would remain the same (57%), but “player salaries are shifted almost entirely away from dead weight long term flat rate contracts, the kind of which proliferate in the NBA, to the players who are actually producing on the floor. Elrod proposes that Player salaries be determined by three criteria: 1. base/performance pay based upon how many minutes a player plays (70 Percent of total, or $1.4 billion)

    • dasein

      wouldn't this motivate guys to go after their own stats, to the detriment of team ball?

      You'd also have the guys on bad teams complaining because they get paid less than they guys on good teams. Its hard enough now to keep stars as you rebuild.

      I see this type of thing as causing more problems then it solves. The current system doesn't need a major overhaul. I think the owners are the bad guys here; they could probably get something like a 48:52 split tomorrow if they gave up on all the other concessions they're after. That split should be enough to make everyone profitable, especially with TV revenues increasing. But…it seems they intend to use their position of power to totally grind the players into the ground.

      • ljp305

        NBA players were suspected of going "after their own stats, to the detriment of team ball" under the former CBA so that is nothing new. If under Elrod's plan such Player behavior would continue to occur or increase, teams would be able to identify culprits easily and not contract with them the following year (i.e., the value of “own stat” would decline — a good market phenomena). Likewise "guys on bad teams complaining because they get paid less than they guys on good teams" could elect not to sign with “bad teams” the following year (another good market pheonomena).

        • dasein

          Yeah, but there is a big difference between having a few selfish/immature guys trying to pad their stats, and having a system that gives everyone a financial incentive to do so. People behave according to their incentives, so this system could easily promote selfish ball.

          • ljp305

            You're still seculating things under Elrod's proposed system would give "everyone a financial incentive to" pad stats. It is more probable that Elrod's system will make it unlikely that a team will collect an inordinate number of great players or bad players, because the system gives players incentive to be on teams where they will have the opportunity to play. The franchises in the smaller and/or less desirable locales will remain attractive.

            Also, General Managers could build rosters, make trades, sign free agents — without any concern about salary. The capologists will be out of work. It will give the players added incentive to see that the league succeed, as they will all be the direct beneficiaries of increased revenues. They will become full partners with the owners. The quality of the competition will go through the roof, as the players will truly have a stake in their franchises.

      • ljp305

        You are speculating to assume only bad would come from Elrod's proposal. But the old arrangement has lead the NBA to where it is today — a lockout without talks to end it. Your thoughts about who "are the bad guys here," what money split would work or "other concessions" do not contribute to a solution. I suspect there are Players and Owners that could support pay-for-performance contracts if the ramifications, benefits and concerns were fully discussed and reasonable protections and incentives were put in place. At least such a discussion might restart talks between Players and Owners which would be very good at this point.

    • dasein

      The discussion between the players and owners will restart when their is a real pressing need, i.e. the possibility of loosing games. Most players are still being paid till Nov, so they aren't really feeling the pinch yet. I hear that labour day is some kind of deadline in this regard. I doubt that a radically new system would speed anything up at this point.

      From following the media coverage, it seems clear to me that this negotiation isn't about coming up with the fairest solution, but rather trying to get the best solution for your side. Players are trying to protect what they already have, and owners are trying to get a bigger share of the pie- it's really that simple. All the other stuff about hard caps and whatnot is just a sideshow, read negotiating tactics. They are currently engaged in a game of chicken, and the cars are still 100s of metres apart. We will see who's more committed when the real deadline arrives. The players are willing to give up some money, the only real question is how much the owners can get out of them.

      • ljp305

        What's the difference between "the fairest solution" and "the best solution for your side"? Won't these be the same in the final deal when it done?

        Owners have legitimate concerns. The old system is increasingly problematic because of the economic crisis. Total revenues have stagnated or declined and will continue doing so for the next several years in a deflationary environment. Long-term salaries the owners are obligated to pay weigh heavily upon them, especially those contracts for players who are not producing anywhere near what they are being paid.

        • dasein

          Q: What's the difference between "the fairest solution" and "the best solution for your side"? Won't these be the same in the final deal when it done?

          A: Well the best deal for me would be if I get 100% of the profits. The fairest (in a vacuum) would be 50:50. Yes, I realsie the situation is a bit more complicated than this but it's the disniction between best and fairest that I was trying to make.

          We can go back and fourth forever with our predictions, but the reality is that Elrod's proposal won't see the light of day. You can love it, and I can be skeptical but ultimately it doesn't matter. The one thing that's clear is that the league is lucky that people like us are so invested in it that we spend our time doing things like this. Let's hope they don't blow it by letting greed get in the way of a timely resolution.

  • ljp305

    Elrod proposes that Player salaries be determined by three criteria: 1. base/performance pay based upon how many minutes a player plays (70 Percent of total, or $1.4 billion); 2. all-star pay to reward the better players in the league (20 percent of total, or $400 million); and 3. team pay, to reward players on the best teams (10 percent of total, or $200 million).” This proposal even provides for injured players by setting aside 3.5 percent of the player salary pool –$77 million – to pay the salaries of seriously injured players. The proposal which address many challenges facing Owners and Players is located at: http://basketball.realgm.com/src_feature_pieces/9

    This proposal is worthy of serious consideration as a basis to restart talks between Owners and Players.

  • ljp305

    Elrod proposes that Player salaries be determined by three criteria: 1. base/performance pay based upon how many minutes a player plays (70 Percent of total, or $1.4 billion); 2. all-star pay to reward the better players in the league (20 percent of total, or $400 million); and 3. team pay, to reward players on the best teams (10 percent of total, or $200 million).” This proposal even provides for injured players by setting aside 3.5 percent of the player salary pool –$77 million – to pay the salaries of seriously injured players. The proposal which address many challenges facing Owners and Players is located at: http://basketball.realgm.com/src_feature_pieces/9

    This proposal is worthy of serious consideration as a basis to restart talks between Owners and Players.

    • ninthearch

      hate to be a bubble burster, but doesn't this kinda fall into the "non-garaunteed contracts" line of thought which is part of what got the players all rilled up? I know, while we're at it, why not increase the share of player revenues to anger the owners too!

      • ninthearch

        Wow, i sound even more bitter and angry than before… this lock out thing may not be good for my interpersonal skills… Guess with the wealth of free time I've picked up i'll be taking anger management classes…

      • ljp305

        ninthearch ,

        As I mentioned, this is a serious proposal with gives and takes for both sides. Its year to year contracts based on previous performance but players are free to sign with any team that has enough cap space to offer a contract. Teams are no longer stuck with long-term bad contracts, and truly injured players are provided for separately. Elrod demonstrates the power of the proposal by keeping the players' revenue share at the previous level. If you really hate to burst bubbles as you claim, read the full proposal and then make informed comments.

    • OKCeltic

      Well thought out plan by Elrod, but historically, player unions, regardless of sport, have been totally opposed to pay-for-performance contracts other than bonuses. The reason is the players don't have any control over criteria 1 or 2. While normally the best players may get the most playing, we can see all around the league instances where players are benched for one reason or another that don't pertain to performance, i.e. discipline, personality conflicts with the coach, etc. Also, I can see players refusing to come out of blow out games simply to ensure they get their minutes played. Not good if the team wants to save their veterans' legs for the playoff run. Obviously, that would be a delicate balancing act for each team.

      • OKCeltic

        As for the All-Star game, that is purely a popularity contest for the fans. There will be deserving players who are not selected simply because they play in a smaller market that no one really watches, plus there will be those who are selected like Yao Ming because of their large following. They'd have to take the All-Star voting away from the fans. Don't know if that's a good PR move.

        All that withstanding, it's good to see people out there thinking outside the box. Hopefully, the players and owners are willing to do the same because this could be a long, long, drawn out process if they don't.

      • ljp305

        OKCeltic ,

        Elrod's proposal is not free of challenges but there is nothing I've seen better. Two responses re: pay-for-performance: 1) If fans demand it, players might see the errors of their previous stance. The % of player revenues devoted to this category can be negotiated higher or lower in the CBA, but there is no doubt player incentives align correctly under p-f-p. 2) Re instances of unfair benching, player who feel that way can sign elsewhere the next year under Elrod's proposal. Unfair benching is not the way for coaches to maintain their jobs. But when players come in or out of games is a coaches' decision, and they should earn their keep by being effective in managing player minutes..

        • ljp305

          RE: all-star bonus pay, Elrod says: :These will be determined by MVP votes and all-NBA team votes. The top 25 vote-getters in the MVP balloting will get paid bonuses. There will be ten all-NBA teams for each conference, so 20 five-man rosters and 100 players (two-thirds of all starting players in the NBA) will get rewarded. The voting procedures will have to be determined in the CBA, with the players and coaches the likely voters. Voting should be done immediately after the regular season so as not to penalize players on lottery teams. The top 100 players will be rewarded, sometimes handsomely.

          • ljp305

            Elrod presents the example re" all-star bonus pay:
            MVP voting (25 players covered):
            1st-5th: $5 million each
            6th-10th: $4.5 million each
            11th-15th: $4 million each
            16th-20th: $3.5 million each
            21st-25th: $3 million each

            All-Conference (100 players covered):
            1st team EC & WC: $4.8 million each
            2nd team EC & WC: $4.4 million each
            3rd team EC & WC: $4.0 million each
            4th team EC & WC: $3.6 million each
            5th team EC & WC: $3.2 million each
            6th team EC & WC: $2.8 million each
            7th team EC & WC: $2.4 million each
            8th team EC & WC: $2.0 million each
            9th team EC & WC: $1.6 million each
            10th team EC & WC: $1.2 million each

          • ljp305

            Finally OKCeltic, taking all-star voting away from fans will avoid useless pupolarity voting (e.g., Yao Ming) and all-star ballot box stuffing parties — two very good things. The new all-star voting method will be agreed to by Players & Owners in the new CBA.

          • OKCeltic

            ljp, I agree with everything you're saying and what Elrod is proposing. The only thing I wanted to point out is that this proposal would take a monumental shift in the way the players approach their compensation package, and frankly, I don't think they have it in them to do it. Many of the players in today's league have the Alpha Dog or "me-first" mentality. Very few teams have the make up of "team first". I just feel it's going to be hard to break that mentality for the "good of everyone".

            Finally, didn't All-Star games come about for the fans? The game serves no purpose than as an exhibition for the fans. If they're not part of the process why even have the games?

          • ljp305

            I don't view Elrod’s proposal as a "monumental shift in the way the players approach their compensation package" as you assert. Players and Owners eventually will agree to a new money split, and I see Elrod's proposal as an alternative way to divvy up the Player's portion in a way that rewards performance and removes truly injured players and malingers as an issue with which teams and players too must contend. If Players take an honest look at Elrod’s proposal, the majority could see it as representing opportunities to make more money while some elite Players might object because they would not earn as much money as they did under the old CBA (which didn’t emphasize performance). What will be monumental in my estimation is if Owners get players to agree to a substantial reduction in the length of guaranteed contracts which if media reports are correct is a major Owners' objective. Elrod suggests using year-to-year contracts.

            As far as Fan voting for all-star game appearances, the new CBA might still permit Fans to be a consideration for game appearances only, and could use Elrod's suggested method for this pay category.

  • I_Love_Green

    I'll be reliving some of the Celtic's great moments.

    The 08 finals, games 1, 2, 4, and 6.
    Some of last years great playoff games. Rondo's dominance against the Cavs and Magic. Game 4 of the finals last year.
    Definitely a lot of the games of the 02 playoffs run.
    Also probably gonna watch some of the 80s Celtic's with the original big 3.

  • julienmachetmusic

    will actually take care of my life a little bit

  • skeeds

    Oh god am I glad I'm european right now. I can catch up on my football (yeah, that "soccer" thing). I'll probably have enough room in my schedule to watch the Spanish and Britich championships, Champions League, and ofcourse Euroleague basketball.

    Plus, my team over here is as close to the Celtics as you can. White and Green, clover emblem, and a dynasty if there ever was one. Panathinaikos rules!

  • Sauce

    Probably develop a drug or alcohol habit

  • SGK

    actually study… nahhh

    I'll probably end up watching football? definitely some futbol, but that doesn't get good until spring. Until then, TV and movies no doubt.

  • TedL

    Brendan, I have only one question. In your old-man game, who played the part of Nate Robinson?

  • Morpheus

    Got the Rugby World Cup coming up here in September, so i'll be watching and attending some games, doing some travelling. Basically watching a lot of rugby, rugby league to fill the void of my basketball addiction.

  • celtics

    Brendan, next time your in cambridge let me know and we can play 1on1.

  • Batman

    Play franchise mode in 2k11 and turn Jeff Green into a superstar

    • I_Love_Green

      Or trade Big Baby and Greenie for Andre Igoudala. That's what I did atleast.

  • c'sfaninca

    Well, if they'd just turn over the fractional amount of money, (to me since I don't come anywhere near their income levels), they're fighting over, I'd be happy to come to a solution that satisfies all parties, me included.

  • ripsonics

    All i gotta say is, if the season is shortened… we will be in good shape. Every year we bust out the gates, and if the season is shortened it means less miles on our old legs.

    Ray is still producing, KG can obviously contribute, and PP will always be there. My concern – Rondo. we go when he goes, and when he doesnt wanna play, we dont win games. He's got a lot of heart, but the kid is good when he wants to be, and doesnt always want to be.

    Go C's

  • Chris

    When are the Celticshub commenter awards going to be?

    • Batman

      You aren't getting any! They're all mine! MINE

  • I_Love_Green

    Wow I just watched the game 4 comeback from 2008 and it brought back some good memories. I completely forgot about how bad Rondo was, and how he didn't even play. I also forgot about Perkin's shoulder injury.

    It was kind of sad to watch KG dominate in the post all game knowing that he isn't able to do that anymore. And watching Poz-E play well reminded me yet again how big he was for that team. It would be great if Greenie could do what Poz did for us off the bench atleast on the offensive end.

    • Batman

      Rondo has come a long way from being stuck on the bench to favorite for Finals MVP
      I'm so proud :*(

      • I_Love_Green

        Haha I'm very proud of him too. Now if only he could get that mid range and free throw down…

  • julienmachetmusic

    Nba Lockout doesn't mean Celticshub lockout. 6 days with the same post up? You're idling guys, not good for your blog. Pretty disappointing actually….alright move on a little bit, and feed us with some good thinking. If there is no news, just make analysis….thank you!

  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    This thing doesn't look like it will be solved anytime soon, so I will be watching the Bruins.

  • I_Love_Green

    Oh my goodness. I just watched game 6 from the 08 finals again. (is it weird that I cheered like it was a live game?) That game was a thing of beauty. I forgot about Ray getting poked in the eye, and how well Rondo played.

    I was getting goosebumps watching us play! I need some of that again!!

    • I_Love_Green

      And watching those games made me miss Powe and Poz-E again ):

  • janos

    is celtic web manager at lock-out too? Other wise let get new article make? I like talk Derran Will go China or other player do that?

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    In the foreshadow of the NBA Lockout several NBA and NFL stars have teamed up to put together this hilarious video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51rdAN0Y2xI

  • http://mugstats.com Raquel Jaclyn

    Haha, did you fellas see the NBA Lockout commercial, hilarious! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51rdAN0Y2xI

  • http://mugstats.com Lenora Mendez

    In the foreshadow of our NBA Lockout some NBA and NFL stars have cooperated to make this hilarious video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51rdAN0Y2xI

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