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Woj: Wyc Grousbeck Believed To Be One of Owners Willing To Lose Season


We are in day one of the much expected lockout of NBA players by the league’s collective ownership after the expiration of the CBA last night. Both sides have admitted further talks will be put on hold for the next couple weeks, but already speculation is running rampant about just how long of a extended absence the league could potentially have.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports even has a sobering piece this morning on speculating how some owners, including C’s part-owner Wyc Grousbeck may be willing to wait before more basketball is played:

These fights are always about one thing: pain tolerance.

The owners believe they have more tolerance than the players, believe that pain comes with missed checks in November and December and perhaps, finally, a complete cave with time to rush a shortened 50-game regular season and playoffs. Back in the labor talks of 2005, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck would say over and over in the negotiating sessions: The lockout is an investment.

Grousbeck smartened up, kept that thought to himself, but rest assured the mindset hasn’t changed. He’s one of the owners believed to be willing to lose the next season, along with Phoenix’s Robert Sarver. The list goes on and on. The NBA goes away for the summer now, and nothing will get serious again until September when Stern will have to start canceling games in the 2011-12 season.

Now it’s far too early to begin the blame game when it comes to this work stoppage. When the weeks turn into months, and if and when games begin to get canceled, there will plenty of time for that. It is a scary notion however that this team’s last and probably best chance at an NBA Title for the foreseeable future could go up in smoke this year, because of an “investment.”

In case you need to brush up on your lockout reading, here are a number of must-read articles around the Internet, to get a better sense of all the issues and posturing at hand here. And while, the players may be locked out, the break does not carry over to us here at CelticsHub where we remain committed to giving you C’s coverage and analysis throughout the stoppage.

Larry Coon on whether the league really losing money?

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  • lakershater13

    Good for him. The owners invest millions for these teams to make money. These players are getting paid to play a game that others are willing to pay to play.
    I had to pay $100 per sport in high school to play any sport and basketball is one of the sports I chose to play. I paid $300 a season to play AAU basketball. These players are way too money hungry. The average Joe will go pay money to play at the local YMCA and these players cannot feed their families will millions of dollars (Latrell Sprewell).
    While I agree that the owners should be more accountable for the stupid contracts they issue to some extent some of those contracts are out of necessity so over teams wouldn't sign those players. Owners do not buy teams to lose money. The players need to allow the owners to make money.

    • I_Love_Green

      Also doesn't help that players like Joe Johnson and Rudy Gay are getting paid max contracts or close to it.

      • lakershater13

        Very true. Again with all the cap space available last summer someone was going to pay them that. So its hard to blame the owners when they players and agents are driving up the prices of some of the players. Darko got a 4 year 20 million contract. Bad deal but there was a lot of money out there last summer.

    • blockout54

      everybody's in it for the money? Ayn Rand death bell hits the celtics. And you cheer? There's only enough to go around if we share.

    • TedL

      The players need to allow the owners to make money? Seriously? The owners' cries of poverty are nonsense, cooked up for the negotiations.

      To be honest, neither side's getting much sympathy from me. They should all take a pay cut and bring ticket prices down so you don't have to take out a loan to go see a game.

    • Rondo!

      The difference is in addition to paying to play basketball, you would also have to pay me and most others money to watch you play.

      • lakershater13

        Most people wont pay to watch high school basketball unless its prep school ball with lebron james or some other young phenom.
        Only people who go to high school games are the kids who go to the school, the family members of the players, college scouts, and sometimes community members.

  • lakershater13

    Seriously? He would love to miss this season. As much as I love my team I know that there is no way the Celtics win next spring with out a huge off season this year. The Celtics are way over the cap and in the new cba there may not be exceptions. So if there is no 2011-2012 season then the Celtics can jump right into 2012 free agency when they only have Pierce, Rondo, and Bradley under contract. Lots of cap space for Dwight Howard.

  • Hank Single

    If it comes to light that the Celtics are one of the driving forces behind a long-term lockout, I'll put this ownership group on the shelf. I'm already telling everyone I have my Sundays free for the rest of my life because of the deplorable stance the NFL has taken – it will pain me more to lose basketball, but I am willing to vote for reason with my viewership and wallet.

    The C's ownership have made a lot of water talking about their ownership being more than business – if business is why they shut down basketball? I have no use for hypocrisy.

    • OKCeltic

      I understand where you're comng from, but that's easy to say when it's not your money. Yes, it's probably safe to say this owners group is in it for more than the business, but the business is was allows them to do more. This isn't a charity endeavor. It's not a business if they do nothing but lose money.

      Here's hoping for a short lockout.

      • TedL

        No kidding it's not a charity. The Cs have recorded a profit each year since the current owners bought the team in 2002 – Forbes estimated $147 million for the years 2002-2010, EBITDA. Over the same period, the team's valuation has risen from $360 mill to $450 mill. Put it together, you get $237 million over nine years.

        No doubt, there's room to wonder about the accounting, and maybe these numbers are too high or too low. But when you consider that the ownership group put down only $140 mill of their own cash to buy the team and borrowed the rest, and the profits are net of debt service, it's clear they've made a tidy return on their investment.

        Do I begrudge them? Not necessarily. But when I hear cries of poverty, neither am I moved.

      • Hank Single

        Actually, it's a business regardless of whether or not they turn a profit. Companies are not instantly disbanded the moment their operational costs overmatch their income. The Celtics happen to do quite well, despite carrying one of the league's premium payrolls. They've made great money off of a championship and have seen a strong return on their investments.

        You gain nothing by bigging it up for the billionaires – why are you worried about their money? We've established it isn't mine – it's not yours, either. I think you think you're taking some broader, hyper-American perspective and trying to apply what you consider 'common sense' – but they NBA owners are going to shut the NBA down because they are not making the profit they would like. These are all very, very rich people – some of them bogglingly so. The one's that are in trouble are in trouble because they run their teams poorly – they want to pass the risk of their continuing to be bad at running their business onto their employees; and they have so much money, they're willing to try and starve those employees out to get there.

        I don't support what the NBA is attempting to do when it happens in other industries, why would you support it here? And if Wyc and company are at the forefront? They lose my business.

        I suspect you don't understand where I am coming from at all.

  • andy

    i don't agree much with people complaining about players making too much.

    when you are better than 99.99999999999999% of the rest of the world at what you do, chances are you make a couple million a year doing it, regardless of what field you are in.

  • James Patrick

    I don't side with either the players or the owners, be it the NBA or the NFL. their pathetic excuses and all the back and forth over billions of dollars. Never once do they say, let's lower ticket prices. let's sell merchandise for less, it's a bad economy! let's make sure the hot dog vendors and the rest of seasoner help don't go a day without work. What about the surrounding businesses that rely on the income from the time the season begins til it ends? No, they don't stop and say those things because they're all greedy. So let them fight with each other. They ignore their fans but then they want to kiss our asses after their millions and millions have been divided! Yeah. Right.

  • NickFaldo

    "In case you need to brush up on your lockout reading, here are a number of must-read articles around the Internet, to get a better sense of all the issues and posturing at hand here. And while, the players may be locked out, the break does not carry over to us here at CelticsHub where we remain committed to giving you C’s coverage and analysis throughout the stoppage."

    Your writing is garbage.

    • I_Love_Green

      We get it Nicky, you don't like Celticshub.

    • bobby

      and yet you are still reading…

  • I-Bleed-GREEN

    The bad thing about blowing up a season especially with a veteran core is that the celtics will be an uncertainty free agents like D12 who want to go to a team for the future.
    Instead of self destructing Ainge should sit down with the big3 (or else trade them) and ask them to take a serious pay cut because if they want to get another ring each they need to get players of the caliber of D12 or josh smith.
    Imagine this for a starting line PG Rondo, SG M.Thorton ( free agent now), SF: J.Green, PF: J.Smith
    C Dwight Howard. Dwight and J Smoove are friends already and Smith is no stranger to playing with Rondo (high school)
    The bench would be PG Delonte, SG Ray Ray, SF Pierce, PF Davis (KG in atlanta trade plus picks for smith) and C Jermaine O.N
    This is possible if ray and paul take pay cuts and earn about 1 million a year and dwight decides to take his talents to boston and a bit of the luck of the Irish!

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