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Meet The Rookies: C’s Introduce JaJuan Johnson, E’Twaun Moore


The Boston Celtics took advantage of a community outreach opportunity Monday to introduce the team’s newest rookie additions JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore. The two former Purdue stars spoke at length with the media after helping a group of middle schoolers in Brighton, MA break in their brand new laptops with a Celtics trivia contest, thanks to a generous donation from the Shamrock Foundation.

Both players families were in attendance as the two teammates fielded questions on everything from their jersey numbers to their reaction on being drafted by the same team. A few of the highlights from the two who hit all the right notes in their intro to the rabid Boston fanbase.

On choosing numbersJohnson wearing 12:   ”There wasn’t a lot to decide from but, pretty much the reason I picked 12 is because my mom, she used to play with No. 12. I couldn’t get 25, so I thought I’d just go with 12.”

No comment from Von Wafer on his number being thrown to the rook. While I would like to see Von have another go-around in Boston, as an unrestricted free agent it’s evidently clear that Johnson gets first priority. Johnson’s mother also spoke at length with the media after the presser, and it was terrific to hear about how close a relationship the two of them have, speaking everyday even through college.

Moore on his new number (55): “I chose 55, it’s motivation. Growing up, I used to wear 55. I used to like Jason Williams (White Chocolate) I used to like the way he passed, so I used to wear 55, too, when I was younger.”

Johnson on learning from KG: “It’s going to be huge for me, to learn from KG. Growing up he was definitely one of my favorite players, so just having the opportunity to play alongside of him and just really learn from him, it’s going to be big for me.”

Johnson on putting on weight “Oh, definitely. I’m definitely hoping to put on some weight. I know it’ll happen. I’ll definitely put the time in in the weight room, and eat, and all of that. So, it’s not a huge concern to me, but I know it’ll happen.”

Johnson on a potential lockout: “I’m not too concerned, I mean, pretty much, we can only focus on the things we can control, and right now that’s working out and continuing to get better as a player. Obviously a lockout’s probably going to happen, so, there’s not too much we can do about it.”

Johnson plans for Boston this week: “I would say just going around a little bit, get acclimated a little bit to the city, go up to the facilities, get familiar with all that, and take as much in from these guys and what they have to tell us about the system,” said Johnson. “Things like that, before we have to potentially go into this lockout.”

Johnson on getting drafted with Moore: “I was just really excited. Just to have somebody that you’re familiar with, that you’re comfortable with, to go through this process with you, makes things a lot easier.”

Moore: “Same here. It was definitely exciting for both of us to get chosen by the same team. We definitely didn’t know this was going to happen.”

Much more on these two in the days to come.

  • chris

    Why do you keep calling him E'Tuan Butler? did I miss something?

    • Morpheus

      I thought it was me.

  • I_Love_Green

    E'twaun Moore BRobb. You must really like Jimmy Butler. Hahaha

  • Sam


  • strips

    man-crushing on jimmy, b-robb? hope it's just an honest mistake…

  • Anon

    i didn't find this funny. seems disrespectful to moore

  • Rav

    Mr. Robb, you spelled his first name wrong in the title, and gave him the wrong surname throughout the rest of this post (except in the 3rd-last and 2nd-last paragraphs). I know that you are probably under pressure to churn out content quickly (meaning you don't have as much time as you would like to proofread), but you have to hold yourself to some standard.

    On another note, JaJuan seems to give the same answers to questions he has been asked multiple times, e.g. the one about his weight. I guess this is good evidence of how well-prepared he is.

  • Morpheus

    What the heck, i just realised he spelt first and last names totally wrong. Come on BRobb. Missing your morning coffee or something.

  • Preacher

    Looks like someone stayed up way too late writing this one..

  • Batman

    His favorite player growing up was White Chocolate?!?!

  • brobb7


    Apologies for all the name problems in this late-night post, (I clearly should have just gone to bed). I honestly have had a nasty tendency to change E'Twaun's last name to Butler both in writing and while talking in person and I don't even have a good reason to explain it, beyond obviously thinking too much subconsciously about Jimmy Butler. Rest assured this won't happen again and I hope E'Twaun takes the inadvertent slight as additional motivation.


    • jacksobd

      I find it offensive that you didn't address the LayDayzzz of CelticsHub, BRobb! How could you forget all of our adoring female fans?

  • david

    meet the stiffffffs..get those green colorede shades outta your eyes

  • white tyson

    johnson will gain some weight after a couple shots of barry bonds in the butthole .

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