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We here at CelticsHub make a lot of predictions.  We predict the winners of games, playoff series, free agent targets, and even final scores.  Sometimes we get it right or close and sometimes we are way off.  This week, however, we all put our rings together and came up with a guy who we felt would be on the other end of David Stern’s, “And with the 25th pick of the 2011 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select…”  Man, were we wrong…and then sooo right.

If you read our prediction column last week than you already know how right we were.  The Celtics ended up drafting Marshon Brooks before quickly flipping him to New Jersey for JaJuan Johnson, the actual player the Celtics wanted, and a future second round pick (reflecting back on Thursday night, doesn’t it seem really weaselly to draft the guy they knew NJ wanted and make them give up a future second round pick for him?).

We here at CelticsHub decided on Johnson as well for a number of reasons: he has size, he has skill, he’s polished, he works hard.  Even though our consensus ended up being Johnson, he was pretty much our silver medal.  Brian’s first choice was Reggie Jackson, Hayes wanted Jeremy Tyler, I was banking on Jimmy Butler, and Ryan is Canadian (and the Canucks suck).  Little did we know, Johnson was also the Celtics’ second choice.  After the draft, Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge admitted they had three guys on their draft board: Jackson, Johnson, and Butler.  Oklahoma City took Jackson with the 24th pick and the Celtics were left with drafting Butler or Johnson (notice how Tyler wasn’t even in the running, didn’t get picked until the second round, and then was immediately sold to Golden State for cash.  There’s one guy every year that fans go crazy.  They almost always have physical gifts, precieved talent and potential.  Last year, it was Hassan Whiteside.  This year it was Jeremy Tyler).

With Jackson off the board, the Celtics had to choose between Johnson and Butler.  Time will tell if this was the right choice, but what do you think?  Would you rather have Johnson or Butler? I think there is an easy argument made for either guy.  The Celtics needed size but Johnson may not be able to step in right away.  Butler, on the other hand, is an NBA wing defender and something every team needs now that every team is trying to build themselves as Miami Heat stoppers.  Considering how Jeff Green proved himself unworthy of guarding anyone, I could easily see why the Celtics were interested in Butler.

It really depends on which Celtics’ need will be more easily addressed in free agency and we won’t know that until the new Collective Bargaining Agreement exists.

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  • I_Love_Green

    I'd rather have Johnson because we need big men. Although Butler would have been nice too.

    Read this quote from Doc about J-Cubed, sounds like the exact opposite of Baby right?

    "He's a confident shooter," said Rivers. "Watching him in the workouts, he kind of knows where his shots come from. It's funny, he didn't stray far away from his spots, and that tells you he's mature enough to understand who he is and how he plays. That's always a plus."

  • deuce

    At least he can play above the rim. Baby wasnt athletic or long enough in the playoffs Miami could easily defend him by sending almost anyone to contest the shot. In pre-draft interview Ainge pointed out how inportant it was for the team to get high-character guys in the draft, saying it was easy for someone without the necessary mental tools to be overwhelmed by the teams veterans, This doesnt sound like a program that would be good for Jeremy Tyler, hes better off in a team that needs him, and will patiently wait for him to come around. Garnett is suppossed to be a great teacher, but doesnt suffer fools. So getting players in the draft with 4 years experience, a professional attitude and work ethic, and who have a level head seemed to be the focus of the C's draft selections. Quietly, i was hoping theyd keep MarShon Brooks, huge upside.

  • david

    danny knows much more than i, but boy i was excited with marshon..then wtf?
    and to ALL of you experts on jeremy tyler, and how he's the next moses., even though you never even seen him play…burn job.
    and to even think that the hawks would consider ray for smitbh is ludricous, at best.
    and we need to trade rondo, huge detrimant on both d and offense. Really not a good defender, don't be fooled by his steal stats. and his offense in the half court s that of a stagnater.
    finally my wish list (realistic ppl), grant hill, caarl landry ( got to get rid of that fat slob. you know whom i'm talkin bout). and any big body that can catch the ball.. thank GOD we traded perk!!!!!!he sucks!!!!! worst turnover to touch ratio in the history of the nba. nuf said.
    and yes, i'm am also thinking about all of those dwight howard deals….losers!!! get a grip will ya.

  • huhu9080

    WE need size on our team and Johnson is a good player. All this stuff about 4 years players not being good enough bcuz they decided 2 stay in school and work on there game is stupid. Now we need another wing player hopefully they can find somebody. This draft was weak n I wish they could have kept Brooks and put him and Johnson on the team with Moore. Because then u would start your rebuilding process but they had 2 make a trade 2 make it happen. But we need size in a big, big, way. Anybody know who we should chase in the offseason. Is there anybody in Europe or the deal who is legit 2 play center right now or do we have 2 wait 4 the draft again next year.

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