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With just less than two hours until the start of the NBA Draft and the trade market beginning to heat up, speculation continues to run rampant about the C’s and their 25th overall pick. After Chad Ford’s latest report about the C’s potentially willing to deal the pick, Chris Mannix of SI.com, whose C’s sources are rock solid for the record, tweeted that Boston is currently leaning towards picking Jeremy Tyler with their first round pick.

In addition, speculation still remains about the C’s dealing out of the first round, while using their 2.3 million dollar trade exception. One of the fine forum users at CelticsBlog compiled a list of potential candidates that fall within the salary structure:

Jeff Teague – $1.5 million
Gerald Henderson – $2.2 million
DJ White – $1.1 million
Omar Asik – $1.7 million
Taj Gibson – $1.1 million
JJ Hickson – $1.1 million
Christian Eyenga – $1.1 million
Rodrique Beaubois – $1.1 million
Dominique Jones – $1.1 million
Ty Lawson – $1.5 million
Kostas Koufos – $1.2 million
Austin Daye – $1.8 million
Terrance Williams – $2.2 million
Goran Drajic – $1.9 million
Patrick Patterson – $1.8 million
Courtney Lee – $1.3 million
Paul George – $2.2 million
Brandon Rush – $2 million
Tyler Hansborough – $2 million
Roy Hibbert – $1.7 million
Darren Collison – $1.4 million
Eric Bledsoe – $1.5 million
Xavier Henry – $2.2 million
Darrell Arthur – $1.1 million
Gervais Vasquez – $1 million
Ersan Ilyasova – $2.3 million
Larry Sanders – $1.7 million
Keyon Dooling – $2.1 million
Jon Brockman – $1 million
Anthony Tolliver – $2 million
Lazar Hayward – $1 million
Wayne Ellington – $1.1 million
Damion James – $1.1 million
Quincy Pondexter – $1.1 million
Toney Douglas – $1.1 million
Cole Aldrich – $2.1 million
Eric Maynor – $1.4 million
Serge Ibaka -$1.2 million
BJ Mullens -$1.2 million
Ryan Anderson – $1.4 million
Marreese Speights – $1.7 million
Jrue Holiday – $1.6 million
Craig Brackins – $1.3 million
Robin Lopez – $1.8 million
Luke Babbit – $1.6 million
Elliot Williams – $1.2 million
Rudy Fernandez – $1.2 million
Omri Casspi – $1.2 million
Donte Greene – $1 million
James Anderson -$1.3 million
DeJuan Blair – $1 million
George Hill – $900,000
Jerryd Bayless – $2.2 million
Ed Davis – $1.9 million
Solomon Alabi – $770,000
Gordon Hayward – $2.3 million
JaVale McGee – $1.6 million
Kevin Seraphin – $1.2 million
Trevor Booker – $1.2 million
Jordan Crawford – $1 million

The only names on that list that their respective teams could conceivably deal for the 25th pick (without added incentive) are likely lackluster names like Tolliver, Ellington and James. Nearly every other player on this list is far too valuable and cheap to trade for a late 1st round selection in a weak draft, so don’t get your hopes up for any of these guys. Instead, I expect that if we see any C’s deal, it will be for multiple picks later in 1st round or early in 2nd round, OR a smaller part of a bigger deal. Both of these possibilities are unlikely however.

Old friend Zach Lowe also brings up these names on his Point Forward Blog:

There are rumblings that a few teams want in at the lower end of the first round, and there are a number of serviceable bigs Boston could fit within that exception — Jason Thompson, Lou Amundson, Anthony Tolliver, Josh McRoberts, Semih Erden (formerly a Celtic), Ryan Hollins and many others.

Yet again, I expect all of these players to hold too much value to their own teams to be included in a deal for number 25.

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Brian Robb

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