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Welcome to Part Two of our exciting two-part series where CelticsHub breaks down the potential rookie additions.  This morning, Hayes came out in full snark mode, discussing the players he feels will be on the Celtics’ draft board Thursday night.  I agree with most of his analysis which ostensibly prevents the half-ginger on half-ginger violence that would have ensued over the fact that I LOVE Jon Leuer Jon Leuer rip.

In this second and final act, we’ll discuss the players that the Celtics should draft.  The Celtics should draft a player from the following list for one of two important reasons: 1) enough GMs picking in the top half of the draft get spooked by something unrelated to basketball that said player falls into said Celtic lap; or 2) enough GMs fail to use their basketball brain and instead draft with their ZOMG!-bone (I believe it’s connected to the knee somehow).

If you’re wondering who the poster-child for the ZOMG!-bone draftee, it’s Jeremy Tyler. There’s nothing like high school scouting reports to get someone going pre-draft.  Remember when Avery Bradley was better than John Wall?  The thing about Tyler is that he was actually drafted last year.  Seriously, little known fact.  Although, last year he was called Latavious Williams.

Instead of oo-ing and aw-ing over some 19-year-olds’ potential, the Celtics should draft someone who can help right away.  And I don’t want to hear about how rookies can’t help right away.  There are plenty of players- Quincy Pondexter, Landry Fields, Trevor Booker, Jordan Crawford–  that got rotational minutes last year.  With the uncertainty of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Celtics will either need to get a player that can compete for minutes right away or put up the “For Sale” sign.

Since none of us want that (and Danny Ainge has all but explicitly said that it’s not happening) let’s look at the players the Celtics should be drafting on Thursday:

  • Bismack Biyombo.  If the Congolonese shot-blocking and rebound machine were to somehow freefall to the end of the first round than the Cs would be pretty foolish to not pull the trigger.  Their identity is defense and Biyombo fits that identity right now.
  • Kenneth Faried.  Faried falls in the same category as Biyombo only he’s far more polished.  The NCAA’s leading rebounder would look very nice in green.  Especially given the fact that the Celtics were a subpar rebounding team last season.  The Celtics need youth and energy and Faired is both incarnate.

  • Jimmy Butler. Butler is poised to be the perfect role player next year and for the next ten years.  He’s so unlikely to be a star that you, as a Celtics’ fan, will never wonder when he’ll reach his potential.  Instead, you’ll be reveling in the fact that he can guard so many positions and rarely makes mistakes.
  • Jon Leuer.  Look at those eyes.  Can you blame me for being a fan?  In all honesty, the reason I am so high on Leuer is two fold: 1) he’s a lot like Butler in the fact that he won’t make a ton of mistakes and comes from a defensive-minded program (University of Wisconsin); and 2)  usually players in his niche measure out much smaller than you are lead to believe.  Leuer was the opposite.  He measured over 6’11” and his size and versatility are attributes coveted league-wide.

We’ll delve into the second round and any first round snubs tomorrow!

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  • dasein

    Jimmy Butler is the guy that was kicked to the curb at 13 by his mother and ended up being taken off the street by a kindly family right? I read an article about this dude, and you can't teach the kind of heart that he seems to posses. Definte Celtic material at the 25 spot.

    Would love Faried too, but highly doubt he slips that far.

  • dalandan1

    Hey man, seems like a solid crew. I hope Faried ends up with us. Biyombo seems to be too far up the radar. Faried though seems like a good choice. If he can learn to finish near the rim without bringing the ball down to his ankles (sound familiar?) then he is a viable choice to play alongside the Big4, specifically the hardcourt maestro, Rajon Rondo.

    Should the next Dennis Rodman/Ben Wallace go to another team? I sure hope not.