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The 2011 NBA Draft is just seven short days away and it’s time to start talking about it.  It’s time for two reasons: 1) the 2010-2011 NHL season has ended in the most awesome way possible; and 2) because we can’t talk about free agents.  Let me repeat that for the skimmers: we CAN’T talk about free agency.

It sucks, but it’s true.  If there is an NBA season next year, I can guarantee you that the collective bargaining agreement will look decidedly different.  This prohibits Celtics’ fans (or any fan of a team over the current salary cap) from dreaming up mid-level exception possibilities or sign-and-trades involving Glen Davis.  These strategies of salary cap circumvention may not be possible so I don’t want to hear your ideas.  What I do want to hear about is who you think the Celtics should draft in the first round.

The Celtics have the 25th overall pick which means getting an impact player will take some luck and some scouting savvy.  Danny Ainge has shown evidence of possessing both with trading for the rights to Rajon Rondo in 2006 (21st overall) and drafting Ryan Gomes, Glen Davis, Semih Erden, and others out of the draft lottery.

So who is the lucky prospect that gets invited into the Celtics’ family this year?

We’ll be doing a lot of draft talk for the next seven days so stay tuned for prospect breakdowns, who each of us would draft, why the Celtics won’t draft certain players, and a second round poll all coming soon.

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  • Morpheus

    So relieved this isn't a LeBron article. And i'm glad you brought up "This prohibits Celtics’ fans (or any fan of a team over the current salary cap) from dreaming up mid-level exception possibilities or sign-and-trades involving Glen Davis. These strategies of salary cap circumvention may not be possible so I don’t want to hear your ideas".

    Anywho back to business, Justin Harper at 25. Greg Smith in the 2nd. Wouldn't be mad if Danny selected Reggie Jackson in the 1st, speaking of Reggie….

    Any news on the Reggie Jackson front? I hear he's cancelled all workouts, meetings, even interviews for all teams, no one can get to him. Link this to the rumour that Danny promised, guaranteed, whatever you want to call it and it seems like there might be smoke in regards to Reggie being Dannys guy.

  • Morpheus

    Would Danny trade up for Bismack? KG's one of his favorite players.

    • dalandan1

      I don't think we have the chips to trade. It's pretty sad that the Celtics are in need of a draft pick to strengthen the lineup. Last year, I thought we were loaded but it turns out we had big name players rather than big game players. The injuries didn't help either.

  • Batman

    If he's still there Reggie Jackson

    More likely:
    Malcom Lee: Basically Tony Allen 2.0
    Nikola Vucevic: Instant help, very solid
    Jeremy Tyler: Potential is his middle name
    Keith Benson: Because he's my boy

  • lakershater13

    I know some people think it may be far fetched to trade Bradley for a top 10 pick but it could happen. A lot of news is popping up that Bradley would easily be a top 5 pick in this years draft and if you watch the Knicks game at the end of the season then you can see why some teams may be high on him. After Irving and Knight you dont have many great PG options. Walker is more of a scoring guard and same with Jimmer. So a team like Sacramento looking to put a PG next to Evans might be willing to take Bradley for the 7th pick. Bradley looked great in the Dleague and wasnt bad for stretches with the Celtics.

    IF the Celtics trade for #7 I would like them to take Brismack. A lot of people are saying he could be a smaller Dwight Howard.

    At #25 I like Nikola Vucevic if he falls to 25. A lot of mocks have him going anywhere from 20-30. A 7' 260 lb Center who can shoot the ball cant be all bad. At 25 we are not looking for a franchise player. Just someone who can play basketball.

    • I_Love_Green

      Ainge said Bradley would be a top 5 pick this year. We aren't trading him in the draft.

  • I_Love_Green

    There's no reason, if Kenneth Faried is available, that we shouldn't draft him. Energy guy, beast on the boards, great defense, but his only problem is there's virtually no offensive game. However its the rebounding I love.

    Next up, Reggie Jackson. If Faried is gone, we take Jackson. He's great on offense, and his length gives him the potential to be a good defender. Him and Rondo in the backcourt could be scary in a few years.

    Jeremy Tyler. Potential for this kid to be great. In 2-3 years he could be a legit starter for us, or he could be bouncing around the d-league. Just depends on how hard he works, and the people around him. The Celtic's would be a great environment for him, with guys like KG, Pierce, Ray, and Doc who can show him how to work on his game, and prepare himself for the season.

    Some other guys I wouldn't mind: JaJuan Johnson, Justin Harper, Nikola Vucevic, or trade it to a team who has a big they don't mind selling.

  • Nick

    I love Jeremy Tyler upside. I also like Jordan Williams a ton, a rebounding machine. I would think Jajuan Johnson, Trey Thompkins and Nikola Vucevic (if he is still on board). I feel looking at the roster we need a 4/5.
    If Danny doesn't feel that way we should be looking at Charles Jenkins, Kyle Singlers, or Reggie Jackson

    My Mock Draft Tyler then Rick Jackson in the second

  • kricky

    Should we draft the best player available (who may be a guard or wing – positions where we are deep or take a risk on a big with potential like Tyler or Bismack?

    An age old dilemma. But given that our window is closing rapidly we should probably take the risk on a big.

  • Chris

    Interesting draft with a lot of guys that could end up being rotation players. I like Honeycutt, but the spinal injury is a little scary (especially after Quis). Also like Jordan Hamilton as a guy that can spell Ray, while not sacrificing big chunks of the play book.

    That said, I don't see how the Celtics could pass on Jeremy Tyler at 25.

  • Patrick

    If somehow Marshawn Brooks falls to the C's I think they'd take him. Explosive scorer that may be able to provide an immediate impact off the bench for the c's in the 2 guard spot. He'll probably get picked a few spots ahead of where the C's are picking so I think they'll probably take Jeremy Tyler. I think he's a bit of a project but could become a really really good player in 2 or 3 years.

  • DMainetenance

    Marshon Brooks would be a nice project if he's available. He played 4 years on a horrible team with a legitimately terrible coach, so he has a lot to unlearn, but given the right direction he could be a big time player.