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Scattered Thoughts On a Well-Deserved Win


I’m going to go out on a limb and say most fans were happy to see the Dallas Mavericks win this year’s NBA Finals.  The Mavs are old school: one bona fide superstar (Dirk Nowitzki), a couple of guys past their prime (Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion), guys that have accepted their roles (DeShawn Stevenson, Tyson Chandler), and two exciting spark plugs (Jason Terry, J.J. Barea).  They are the quintessential team.

Unlike the Miami Heat.  The three headed superstar monster that have agreed to reject the notion of “team” for as long as they are together.  Assuming the collective bargaining agreement somewhat resembles what it is now (or makes it even harder for teams to sign free agents) the Heat will be over the salary cap each of the next five seasons.  In 2015-16, 65 million clams will be tied up in the three man “team” known as the Heatles.

Just because Miami’s front office decided to allocate their money in a certain way does not on its own explain the Heat hate.  There’s the over-the-top celebrations of dunks and three point shots.  Then there are the on-the-court moments that show a blatant disregard of a sound offensive strategy (hesitation/fake crossover dribble pullups for three don’t exactly whet a basketball fan’s whistle).

But for me, it’s been the constant theme of this team always counting their chickens before they hatch.  Whether it’s LeBron James counting future championships before the season or Dwyane Wade and James engaging in a Championship-caliber embrace after they beat the Boston Celtics in five games.  This type of attitude seemed to permeate everything about the Heat.  It even got to their coach- the supposed level-headed, even-keeled, salt-of-the-earth-type guy.  Here’s Erik Spoelstra giving advice to Craig Sager trailing the Celtics in the fourth quarter of Game 5:

To paraphrase The Big Lebowski, “You’re not wrong [Spoelstra], you’re just an asshole.”

I originally cut this in preparation for a “gotcha” post.  And then the Heat won and I questioned the existence of “the basketball gods”.  Instead of posting the video anyway, I tried to think of ways to emphasize the likeness to “-olestra” in Erik Spoelstra’s name.

It hurt.

One of the only redeeming qualities about this Heat team had finally bought into all their hype.

If you’re like me, you are in the midst of your “few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy [but will soon] have to get back to the real world”.

I’m not sure how long this feeling will last but I think it’s best if we use this time productively by dissecting the things we as Celtics fans hardly had a vested interest in.

  • Anyone notice the highlight of Erik Spoelstra’s postgame presser? “Dallas wasn’t known as a defensive team.” Whatttt?  This could have been the single most revealing thing I have ever heard a losing coach say.  Dallas not a defensive team? Tyson Chandler? Shawn Marion? Jason Kidd? DeShawn Stevenson? Were any of these names mentioned in a Miami Heat locker room these past two weeks?  That’s a lot of question marks.
  • Is it weird that one of the first things I thought about following the game were the psyches of Udonis Haslem and Erick Dampier.  Dampier, longtime Maverick, was not welcomed back to Dallas after the Mavs signed Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood.  And then there was Haslem, who turned down a pretty lucrative offer from the Mavericks during free agency and took less money to stay with the Heat.  Both of these guys could theoretically have a Championship ring right now.  Haslem may never have injured his foot and he and Stevenson could have called people “studio gangsters” together instead of turning on each other.
  • And then there’s Mike Bibby.  The 6 million dollar man.  As in, the 6+ million dollars he gave up next season to sign with the Heat and not get a Championship.  Ouch.
  • Chris Bosh’s reputation can not catch a break, huh?  Maybe he knew the cameras were there and he’s just as much a showman as James and Wade, but to get caught going fetal in the tunnel after the game and balling his eyes out?  That’s not going to play out well.
  • Aside from Dirk, so many awesome/deserving players won rings last night: Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Caron Butler, Jason Terry, Peja Stojakovic….and those are just the players that either should have already won one or have been good enough to win one for a long time.
  • Lots of people are immediately saying “trade Bosh! Trade Bosh!” To which I say, “to whom and for what?”  Rather than trade Bosh, I say trade James.  Wade and Bosh make a much more natural match than Wade and James despite the collective talent begging to say otherwise.  And then there’s the fact that Bosh has little to no value right now in terms of the Heat getting something in return.  He has a maximum contract and he does not play like a maximum player.  James, on the other hand, is the best player of bunch and could net a superstar and multiple first round picks in return.  If Miami are going to blow it up,  I say sell high.  Get a superstar center or point guard, draft picks, and another piece.  I welcome your trade machine attempts in the comment section…
  • duggyfresh88

    Agree with almost everything except the Bosh collapse/balling his eyes out in the tunnel. Yes, it is easy to make fun of him for it. But I respect it, simply for the reason that it was one of the only genuine things i've really seen from any of the Heat players. I could be wrong, but I got the impression that he was really that upset over losing, which i respect to a certain degree.

    • http://CelticsHub.com Brendan Jackson

      You know duggyfresh, great call. I meant to write that. Literally, in my notes on game 6 I wrote "at least he cares" at the end of that observation.

      • duggyfresh88

        The way this whole season went for me: Opinion didn't change on LeBron; I always hated him. Lost respect for Dwyane Wade; I used to love him, he played great in the Finals, but some of his press conferences and the cough gate bothered me but I still like him. Gained respect for Bosh; didn't like him that much going in, but watching his post game press conferences he is by far the most humble and I actually feel bad for him sometimes. Wade and LeBron go up there together and act like clowns, Bosh goes up there alone and handles difficult questions with humility.

        • SteveB

          Wade lost my respect with his antics against the Celtics. Trying to run over Pierce and pulling down Rondo were just the most glaring examples. Too often he was flying into guys that were vulnerable around the basket. I wonder where his head is at now after all this.

          • Morpheus

            I really liked Wade before the Bron sickness infected him. Can't stand his smug face anymore, i lost ALL respect for Wade.

            I do think Bosh gets judged unfairly playing next to 2 of the biggest douchebags in the game, i mean he doesn't really say much does he. Just hate how he opens his jaws like the Grand canal whenever he dunks either on putbacks or hand offs.I also believe that a Wade – Bosh duo would fare much much better than a Wade – Bron backcourt. It just gives the offense a more versatile look, look how well Wade and Haslem ran the p&r.

        • Diehardceltic

          And the media does not help the cause by always asking about Lebron and Wade when Bosh is doing the presser….u can almost tell he wants to be like 'WTF, wait for them and ask them'…..there is a time he came in and the actually had no questions for him, and eventually someone added to the awkwardness by asking about Lebron!' I think we need a break from Lebron talks, its wearing me out!!!

  • DannyAinge4President

    Dampier unfortunately got caught on the wrong ends of these Heat v. Mavs Finals' 06-11 double-headers.

    As we're all probably aware by now, Haslem already had a ring from 2006 Finals so he didn't have to go ring-chasing to Dallas. Additionally. he has extra-loyalty to the Heat because he was born in Miami and they gave him a shot as an undrafted rookie. I believe this feel-good story was fleshed-out endlessly by the media during the ECF.

    Bibby, Bibby, Bibby……..Heat really needed the Bibby from Sacramento days… but more importantly, just What Exactly have we gotten with Arroyo? Fantastic International Credz… but…oh well, I suppose Doc will figure it out if they resign him. Meanwhile, Arroyo playing for the Heat in the Finals could have at least provided some serious puerto rican trash-talking between him and JJ Barea.

    Chris Bosh is a really classy guy and perhaps the media won't focus on his tears as much as they did with JET's back in 2006.

    Peja Stojakovic deserving? Not in these Finals. This guy was beyond-useless, ala Kyle Korver in ECF. Credit RC for taking him out of the rotation ASAP, and credit Mark Cuban for having paid for enough EXTREME DEPTH on that Dallas team to be able to take Peja out and not miss a beat. A few more minutes of Peja on the court and Mavs could have gone out in four (seriously).

    Trade Bosh? Trade James? Nonsense. Knee-jerk reaction on one side, and on-the-other-side : genuine fear that the Heat will get better. This incomplete Miami team, using our blueprint, came far closer to getting rings this year than we'd like to admit….yeah, i said it……………. but we'll see what the new CBA forces on teams.

  • LebronJokeDroid

    What did LeBron call his autobiography?

    Nothing, he still can't come up with a title.

    • Tos

      Haha. Nice, I like this one.

  • Luigino

    LeDone. It's amazing that no one seem's totally shocked by LeBron's take down of 95% of the western world's population. Each and every person leading a non-superstar millionaire life has been told by his lowness that their lives are boring, depressing and worthless. Our (I do include myself) lives, in LeScum's words, will never allow us to be happy. This is worse than John Lennon saying the Beatles were more popular the Jesus. LeWhatever's jerseys should be burning in the streets. For someone who apparently strives on being loved it certainly seem's as though he's trying and succeding to be the most hated sports persona ever.
    Whenever the next season happens every team should hire a burger flipper, wire him up for 1 game and let him have a go at LePrick. Wouldn't that make for good TV.

  • The good German

    I know everybody is happy that the Heat lost. But out of respect the conversations should be more about the winning TEAM! Let's stop feeding the hype and talking about the losers! The Mavs are champions and Dirk is now (without any doubt) one of the greats.

  • TedL

    Trades? Easy. LBJ to some team for a defensive center and a serviceable point; depending on their quality, maybe add a pick.

    Or – how about James straight up for D Howard? (It works in the trade machine.) Then Orlando blows up the rest of its failed team to build around him. Wade, Howard and Bosh makes a much more complementary troika.

    • kricky

      This would be the super smart move and the possibility scares the hell out of me. Fortunately enough the Heat have too much invested in #6 jersey sales to trade LeBung.

    • NHBluesMan

      i agree with Kricky. D-12, Bosh, and D-Wade with Miller or James Jones at the 3, and whoever playing point would be scary

  • Jim

    I respect Bosh . He cared a lot and he does not have the huge egos of the two "Jerks" WADE and Leboring James. Those two guys do have a future though as host of the Biggest Loser. !

  • pam

    i used to like wade a lot before these playoffs. he was still the only person who was carrying them through until karmic justice struck him down with that hip injury in return for his rondo takedown.

  • TedL

    Of course, one problem is that Denver probably doesn't take James, having recently got rid of the headache that is Carmelo Anthony and improved. So you need a third team, and things get complicated. Another is that Wade and James probably extracted promises from Heat management to rule out a trade.

    The truth, of course, is that I mostly love the idea of them shipping LeBron to a crummy team.

  • Morpheus

    Come to think of it. Bosh is the humblest of the 3, right. Post game interviews, media press, everything. It's always Bron and Wade together. Bosh does his own thing, Bron even said so in their exit interview.

    So, is it right/fair to say Bosh is actually a likeable guy? Playing next to 2 unlikeable douchebags?

    • jonathan

      what about all the screaming, acting/flopping and celebrations he had?

      • Morpheus

        Yeah fair enough. He is a drama queen.

    • mugi

      idk, that's like picking the lesser evil. at least he cared.

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