Post-game Reactions

In what can only be seen as airtight, inarguable proof of the ongoing league-wide conspiracy favoring Lebron James, the Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Championship Sunday night with a 105-95 victory over the Miami Heat.

Despite being overshadowed by Jason Terry in game 6, the story tonight should focus on Dirk Nowitzki, who added the final missing piece of hardware to his Hall Of Fame trophy case.

This season didn’t end as Celtics fans hoped but to see Nowitzki and the Mavs oust the team that ended their season… well… a celebration may be in order.

How about this one?

Your reactions below, please.

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  • someguyinsac

    Yes! Yes! and more yes!

    Congrats to the Mavericks for beating the Miami Heap and at their home at that!

    • chef23reb

      OK. I'm as happy as anyone that the "Heatles" didn't accomplish their goal. That said, they did manage to erase at least some of the doubts that arose before the season, during the two glorious games that the C's handed them their lunch and the struggles against inferior opposition, both home and road. Of course I like to think that a health Rondo would have propelled the Celtics past the Heat, but give them credit for what they accomplished. There was intense scrutiny and much "fear and loathing" though it was largely self-inflicted. I'm pleased that a TEAM was able to take them down and that instead of praising the Heat for getting to The Finals, everyone is beating them up for not sealing the deal. BTW who was that guy masquerading as Eddie House?

  • Guest

    Watching Bosh and Queen James cry alone was worth it. Very happy for the Mavs. I would of LOVED to see the C's be in this position of course but the Mavericks are another great group of class acts.

    • someguyinsac

      This is the second best thing though, don't you think?

  • I_Love_Green

    YESSSS!!!!! Congrats J-Kidd! Congrats Dirk! They all deserve their rings, and they did it the right way. Hopefully thats our boys next year, so we can celebrate OUR OWN championship again!

    And I was thinking something during the ceremony…did Bill Russel hand the FMVP trophy to kobe last year?

  • david

    I guess Lebron didnt really quit on last year's playoff, he just plays that way…

  • Morpheus

    Yes. They. Did. THANKYOU DALLAS. The smoke monster has been contained.
    Classless team being beaten by a classy team.

    LeBron still ringless. MJ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bron. Pippen where you at.

    Chuck must be grinning right about now. YESSIR, eat it Heat fans.

    • kricky

      Right on Morpheus.

      LeBung -24 +/- in a closeout NBA finals game. Enough said.

  • I_Love_Green

    Miami Heat bandwagon after tonight….

  • Guest

    It was also great hearing more cheers for Dallas than Miami at times as well.

  • kricky

    As annoying as Jason Terry's constant sermonizing is, I can't but help thinking that this restores my faith in the all mighty.

    Thanks Dirk and CO. For not letting THEM win.

    • skeeds

      It's hilarious because you know behind all that, he's full of himself. The guy had a Trophy tattoo 10 years before he got a championship. You hear him say "what pushes me is my faith in God" and all that, but I know he means " my faith in ME cause I am the BOSS"!!!!

      Way to back up the talk tho! Jet was raining buckets tonight!!!

      • I_Love_Green

        He got the trophy tatoo before this year started.

        • Batman


          • janos

            hey Batman

        • skeeds

          really? had no idea! the way the media talked about it, like he was FINALLY redeamed for his faith and all that, I had the impression he had it since he came to the mavs…
          I'm not sure if that makes it cockier or more reasonable…

  • janos

    Hi Ryan, is Janos. Thank you for post score share, I watch the game on TV. Great times for Dallas city, they make firework shoot in air and have a big party eat tonight – no doubting. Maybe they bring out 3 player on same party stage as heat video you post? That most best way celebrate winning both make Dallas good AND make Heat mad.

    Ok, nice fun but time for back to business, let's have a draft talk on website and everyone cheer for no locking out.

    Is October yet?

  • Celtics Freak

    Dan Gilber: There are no shortcuts to winning the championship NONE!

  • Batman


  • I_Love_Green

    Can you imagine how many there'd be if we won the title?

    • Batman

      :*( get out

    • Batman

      its all about 18 :*(

      • I_Love_Green

        Sorry batty ): We got it next year buddy!! Rondo will lead us there!(:

        • Mike

          Speaking of Rondo, there's a good shot last night on a Dirk three that got me thinking, if Rondo changes his shot mechanics he could be a better shooter. I mean his hands are not bigger than Dirk's (at least not too much), and that shot got me thinking that his shot is adjusted to his type of hands (I don't know if I'm expressing myself well but you get the point).

          Also congrats to the Mavs.

  • Jim

    Dirk is taking his talents and his new hardware from Miami back to Dallas. It is so good to see the two jerks on the Heat lose to a real team!! Congrats Mavs!!!

    • Batman

      only 2 jerks? did Eddie House get waived?

      • someguyinsac

        About all you saw in this series is 2 of them, so yeah 2 jerks.

  • diehardceltic

    Woot Woot!!!!The world is a better place now!!!! I am so on cloud 9 now!!!! All of a sudden the AA Arena in Miami was packed in Blue shirts!!!!! Congrats to Dirk, Kidd, Terry and the rest of the gang!!!!!!

    Here is to hoping Lebron and Wade start acting their age and stop mocking someone's sickness!!!

  • Ryan DeGama

    Wow. Carlisle digging into the myth of the Heat's "reality show" in his post-game presser.

  • Dirk earned his ring and he was the real closer tonight. He has had to wait on long time for his ring, longer than other superstars. Congrats Dirk, J-Kidd and Co.

    • janos

      Hi Deron. Thank you for share link, was interest.

  • vinoe

    Dirks and co deserves to get this championship!they are cool…for the big three,still more time ahead of them…congrats! for both teams…

  • ozcelts

    Has there been a better good vs evil battle in recent years in pro sports?
    Hopefully C's have the roster to eliminate off the 2.5 men next season- over 2 u Danny…

  • James Patrick

    Out here in L.A., I'm telling Laker fans that for just one night only we can unite in our hate for the Heat and joy in their losing! lol

    The Heat were so arrogant, this is beautiful. DWade can suck it, Next year, Rondo will come back stronger, meaner and hungrier. If we get a decent center, who knows!

  • jonathan

    i think it was even better that david stern lost!

  • someguyinsac

    E$PN might be regretting their marketing campaign this year for the NBA, eh?

    • Dropstep

      I doubt it. Miami losing will probably increase their traffic. I'm really glad Dallas won though. Probably the best thing that could have happened since the Celts couldn't win it all. Really like their team and Dirk. Congrats to them!

  • Lakershater13

    Ok the Celtics big three won it on the first try. So this makes me very happy.

    The best quote i have heard in these finals is "Don't ask Lebron to make change for a dollar…he doesn't have a 4th quarter." Classic.

    Dallas was probably the most calm champion celebrating ive ever seen. The celebration Dallas had wasn't half the celebration Miami had when they got past the Celtics.

    I think Miami needs to have another high school pep rally this summer to amp themselves up for next year.

    Lebron…"Not One, Not Two, Not Three…" So far he is right…Not ONE!!!

    Now lets get Rondo (two armed Rondo) and the Real Big 3 some help for next year and show Miami how to win it all. Lets get banner 18!

  • lakershater13

    Oh and maybe Wade and Lebron did have a cough…they looked sick in game 6…Well Wade did. I am used to seeing Lebron play sub par in the finals.

  • Sss

    Why is Lebron's phone on silent?
    He hasn't got any rings.

  • DannyAinge4President

    I really really really really hope this intense display of hate doesn't bite us in the rear-end next year. (karma)

  • kricky

    Give Dirk a ton of credit for the run he's been on this post season.

    This was an all time great post season performance by him. He dominated every single series. Torching the Fakers, OKC, and Heat and outperforming players we'd all put way ahead of him on our MVPs list (Kobe,LeBung,Wade,Durant) going in to this season.

    Even last night, after going 1-12 in the first half he closed out strong and led his team to the win.

  • Stephen

    Dallas' tough defensive middle really stopped dribble penetration for the Heat. I was surprised by how taking away that weapon really neutered the Heat's "unstoppable" offense.
    Congrats Tyson Chandler and congrats Mavs!

  • Sauce

    You know I don't get any real pleasure watching Lebron and Bosh cry, after all I feel I would do the exact same thing in their position, I got some pleasure from Dirk's tear's because I know what those tear's are about, they're MJ tears when he was rolling on the floor. They cried because a year of real hard work came to a sad ending.

    I think Lebron's misguided, he's not a bad person or anything like that, I feel the dude needs to see the light, he wasn't taking no damn shots, leading or dictating his team or the game, where's that lust for blood son? He wasn't as phased as against us last year but things looked similar

    Do I like the heat? Yes and no, no I don't like their attitude, especially Wade's comments after Rondo's elbow injury and Wade and Lb's coughing jokes where beyond classless but the team has potential, two of the best wings in the world teamed with an athletic finesse big and a couple .

    Dallas though, I have new love for this team, Dirk's bump with his chest to make space to shoot that J on the baseline was beautiful.

    Mark Cuban watching the game end with the bench was great to watch.

    I really enjoyed these finals, bar the fact I felt a Boston Celtic's team with some more energy so we could play offence after we did a great job of the defensive possession would be the ones holding the trophies with two rings on their fingers, but who dares wins.

  • WTF

    Since when the Cs fans became such bunch of losers? Mavs definitely deserve the title, the better team won. That applies to the Heat and Cs also in their semifinals. The Heat beat the Cs, the Mavs beat the Heat, pure and simple. Why do people took the pleasure and felt satisfied in Heat's failure is beyond me. Does that make you a winner? Proves that you are better? Do you really like the Mavs that much? What if the Cs reached the finals and lost to them (which is almost definite)? Should people focus on how to improve the Cs roster and plays instead of hating on the LBJs of the world?

    • lakershater13

      Did you see the way the Heat celebrated after they beat Boston in the SECOND ROUND??? They acted like they won the championship. It was very classless.

      • DannyAinge4President

        Perhaps you weren't paying attention, being blinded by your hate and hurt, but the Heat were giving the C's massive credz and respect on the post-game interviews…. and, the fact that they had thought they had beaten God himself is a HUGE sign of respect and admiration for the C's (really, don't kid yourself otherwise).

    • duggyfresh88

      You have it completely backwards. As fans, we have every right to pick who we want to root for and against. We are allowed to take pleasure in the failures of arrogant frontrunners who hold championship parties in July before their first practice together. Why should we focus on how to improve the C's roster? That is Danny Ainges job. Nothing we say can change Celtics personnel decisions. More importantly, why are you trolling on this blog?

      • Morpheus

        Exactly. HELLOOOO(referring to DA4P) can you not see the video up top. That parade they held was absolutely ridiculous.

        They hyped themselves up, "not 1, not 2, not 3"…, they made their bed, they over hyped themsleves. So since they made themselves bigger than every other team in the league, they set themselves up.

        Bigger you are, harder the fall. And their fall is going to be HARD.

        • DannyAinge4President

          HELLOOOOO (referring to Morpheus, of red and blue pill fame)……..

          ………the Hate (and endless anti-Heat OCD) is way disproportionate to the "crime". They had a party for Heat fans and pranced around a bit? Woooo.. so what?

          Noting some of the glee here, you'd think the Heat caused parts of the CA/T to fail or torched Beth-Israel. I'm sorry but what they really did was to torch the C's when it counted, too bad — that's life — get over it. Man up and beat them on the court next year.

          ….and you know we would have been thrilled with LBJ wearing a Green uniform.
          Let's hope the ice hockey gods tonight don't judge us harshly for our pathetic behavior as basketball "fans".

  • DannyAinge4President

    That's great (yawn), but it would be helpful if you'd change your name to Far West Man, so that the rest of us don't confuse you for an Eastern Conference guy.

    Welcome to our EC-oriented blog, you WC dude you.

  • bgsbnny

    when miami was on, their defense was awesome to watch, the way they covered the floor and harassed everyone touching the ball. which, too bad for them, wasn't often enough. jason terry was also really enjoyable to watch. what fan of sport and competition could not be happy for dirk and kidd? they played to win and brought it home.

    here's a treat for the lbj haters:

  • iamtheman

    why didn't lebron go to college????
    because he doesn't want to show up for the FINALS!!

  • someguyinsac

    Look! Macy's is having a sale in Miami.

  • sauce

    I disagree we have to support only EC teams, I like the teams that play the brand of basketball I love, That so happens to be the Celtics.

    Seeing we went home early this year for a round of Golf or whatever I wanted to still watch and support a team and I did so on who I liked the best, it just so happens no EC team was liked by me for various reasons like attitude or lack of personality, but a big white dude, much like myself was liked and thus supported and damn enjoyable it was too.

    • DannyAinge4President

      …..so with respect to the Mavs (and their big white dude) what you're saying is that you're a bandwagoner? Thanks for the honesty.

      Additionally, if you're remotely comparable to Dirk in any way (as you "clearly suggest", LOL), why don't you have a talk with Ainge and Doc about gainful employment under the new CBA….?

      • DannyAinge4President

        I totally forgot about the "other" "big white guy", Brian Cardinal.. …such a forgettable player.
        Which one are you, Dirk or Brian?

        • sauce

          Who did you support in the finals then? the heat? there where only two options.

          Don't take it too seriously mate, lets got or a comparison, Dirk is tall and white, I hope you would agree, so am I, thats the similarities.

          chill out though yeah, three replies is a bit ott

  • Dirk earned his ring and he was the real closer last night. He has had to wait on long time for his ring, longer than other superstars. Congrats Dirk, J-Kidd and Co.


  • duggyfresh88

    Just because the Celtics are in the Eastern conference has nothing to do with what team we should root for in the finals. I like a lot of Western conference teams.. Dallas, Oklahoma, memphis, portland, etc

  • Batman

    andrea bargnani?

    • andrea from italy

      no……….I'm a C's fan from late '70s…………though a lot of people think that!!!!……………maybe even a.b.!!!……………i forgot to say CONGRATS MAVS…..c u next season.

  • Batman

    So next year we better have a zone plan for Miami
    I think if we beat Miami we can beat Chicago
    Then its the Finals baby!

  • Great Job Mavs!! At least Dirk got 1 now as he is been playing in NBA for many years of his career. Congrats to mavs team.

  • Amazing!! They just ended it to game 6. Dirk is really hungry to the champ ring likewise with Kidd who are also been playing for a long time in NBA.

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