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NBA champion. Two-time All-Star. Defensive First Team selection. Dude who regularly gets interrupted in interviews.

Maybe it’s the fact that he’s one of the youngest players on a team of insane people. But whatever the reason, there’s a growing trend on Youtube of Rajon Rondo being interrupted in the middle of interviews by his teammates. It’s true. I submit that there is no player in the league who has been documented being interrupted more than Rajon Rondo, and challenge science to prove me wrong.

These interruptions, though they might seem disrespectful, are really the best possible result of a Rondo interview for all involved. Rondo himself always looks like he’s ten seconds from a nap attack as he’s forced to talk about “what he’s learned from playing alongside four Hall of Famers” again. But when he gets interrupted, he smiles despite himself, happy to have an excuse not to talk anymore. Just an ideal situation all around. On to the list.

Interview: Preseason with Mike Gorman
Interruption: Kevin Garnett

This video is basically your template for a Rondo interview interruption:

1) Rondo is sleepily murmuring his way through a bunch of questions about leadership and whatnot.
2) A hush falls over the interview…this thing is being interrupted.
3) KG or another stimulant enters, waking up everyone. Disorder ensues. The day is saved.
4) Rondo never finishes not answering the question.

Pretty simple formula. KG, as you might imagine, is a master practitioner of stealing the spotlight, which he does literally in this case.

Four more after the jump!

Interview: Media day with Mike Gorman
Interruption: Kevin Garnett

Because actually entering the room to interrupt Rondo had become too easy, KG derails this interview from across a wall with screaming alone. He probably conducts experiments each time Rondo sits down with Mike Gorman, testing distances and various wall thicknesses to see exactly how far away he can be and still stop the interview from happening. You can tell it’s Mike Gorman from the distinctive laugh at the end.

Interview: Postgame, after win over Bobcats
Interruption: The comedic stylings of Nate Robinson

There have almost certainly been hundreds of interviews interrupted by Nate Robinson doing impressions, but this is the only video evidence I can find. It’s definitely Nate, right? Of course it is.

Nate basically launches into the “crowd work” portion of his standup routine here, enthusiastically making fun of a reporter for sounding like a Southern plantation owner/rodeo clown. At one point Nate definitely says that Rondo’s hairline is looking “rugged.” Does anyone know what this means? Google is not helping.

Interview: Rondo trying to have a conversation with his moms
Interrupter: Andre Iguodala

This doesn’t really belong in the list because it’s not an interview or real. Still, pretty incredible that the guy can’t even finish a conversation in a fictional scenario.

Interview: During practice
Interruption: A basketball

The perfect Rondo interruption: Rondo starts to answer a question, and a basketball nails him in the head. Beautifully simple, sublimely not subtle.

A detailed explanation for how this ball arrived at Rondo’s dome is provided by Tony Gaffney’s face in the background: he looks up for a rebound, watches the ball carom hard off the front rim, then grimaces in anticipatory agony when he sees that it’s about to doink Rondo’s noggin and there’s nothing he can do. You should definitely pause the video at 13 seconds to see Gaffney’s expression. FINE I’LL DO IT.

Rondo tries to resume answering the question, then has a brief concussion, then regains consciousness and turns to yell at Gaffney and whoever took that shot. He’s just playing around…or so it seems. But where is Tony Gaffney today???

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  • Batman

    He hates interviews lol

  • hdavenport

    The fourth video wasn't embedding right but now it is.

  • someguyinsac

    Thanks for the comic relief, I really need it this summer.

  • wess

    rugged hairline refers to the appearance ones hair gets when one hasn't had a haircut in a while to smooth the lines when one keeps their hair short like that.

  • I_Love_Green

    Hahahaha that was great stuff. Its a shame he can never finish an interview.

  • I_Love_Green

    Off topic:

    Would anyone welcome Allen Iverson if he signed for the minimum, and came off the bench for 15-20 minutes a game? Our backcourt would be Rondo/Ray/West/A.I. then. Just wondering what you guys think…

    • bgsbnny

      i think that everyone here who read about AI's intent to come back to the NBA thought about him coming to the Cs. it would be less of a risk than Shaq and JO, could really pay off because iverson would be grateful to be here, he's probably got another good year left in him as a reserve, just like the others theoretically did. could also be a big waste of time if he's not up to speed and/ or injured, like what we saw this season. injuries ruined the Cs chance at a title this year, that and nothing else. not perk, not jeff green, not big baby, it was the injuries that killed the team's chances. mostly something that couldn't be controlled. assuming the other holes are filled, i'd love to see iverson spend one season in green, he was always a fierce competitor.

      • I_Love_Green

        Excellent point. He's basically a no risk because we aren't signing him for much money, and we aren't asking him to do anything except provide a spark off the bench. If he's injured we still have West and Bradley as the guards off the bench. Although AI has always been one of the most durable players in the league.

    • los

      A.I. hasn't had a great history and i'm not sure if he'd be a right fit for this team. plus right now we're lacking some size especially with kristic heading overseas, so that's more of a priority

  • LOLs. Those guys really wanted to interrupt interviews.

  • I_Love_Green

    Lebron with 0 in the 4th again.

    • I_Love_Green

      Excuse me, 2 points. He just scored.

    • lakershater13

      Where is batman saying he is not a choker??? 1-4 in the 4th quarter. that basket was when they were down 7 and with 20 seconds to go instead of shooting he gives it to bosh for a 3 pointer. James lets bosh shoot 3s instead of himself with the game on the line.

      • Batman

        how is being passive choking? he didn't play well in the 4th but calling him a choker would be an incorrect label

        • Batman

          also please don't think of me as a "lebron defender"
          i neither like him or dislike him

        • lakershater13

          When your the best player on your team and your team blows a 15pt lead(game 2), a 9pt lead(game 4) and give up a 10-1 run when up 4(tonight) all in the 4th quarter and your no where to be found your a choke artist. Plain and simple. The guy cannot hit a shot to hold a lead in the 4th quarter. He gets called out after game 3 for disappearing in the 4th. He tells the reporter to look at his defense. Jason Terry then calls Lebron out and says Lebron cannot guard me for 7 games. Then tonight Terry sticks a huge 3 to go up 7 in Lebrons face with 33 seconds to go. So even Lebrons defense choked when he needed a stop.

          • Batman

            But the terry 3 was a long one and lebron was defending it perfectly. what more could he do?

          • I_Love_Green

            Dirk has 52, and Lebron has 11 points in all of the 4th quarters combined in the finals. Thats A LOT more than just being passive.

            Being afraid of the moment? Lebrondown part II? Who knows, but he isn't playing well in the most important parts of the game.

          • CsFanInArkansas

            It's hard to not think of you as a "lebron defender" when you do a lot of lebron defending…

          • Batman

            its hard not to defend him from unfair criticism

  • Batman

    So Wade gets "hurt" and leaves the game. He then returns and plays well and everyone loves him
    When Pierce gets hurt, and leaves the game and comes back and helps his team win he gets criticized
    double standard?

    • Batman

      I'm not saying that Wade wasn't hurt, but people keep bringing up the wheelchair game and yet I don't hear any bad mouthing of Wade

      • I_Love_Green

        The wheelchair is what pisses people off.

        But I've been bad mouthing Wade because he was out for so long in a pivotal game 5 of the finals, and Rondo came back into the game a few minutes after dislocating his elbow. Makes me question his toughness.

        Also, I love karma biting Wade in the ass tonight.

        • Chris O

          Guys you can't question anyone for how they leave or how long they are out with an injury if they come back and play IN GAME. Clearly Pierce and the team thought his injury was worse than it was. Clearly Wade wasn't milking time being out. I doubt most play thru those injuries and this isn't like Scottie Pippen not playing cuz he got a headache (wait hasn't Wade done that?)

          • Batman

            I'm not questioning Wade. I'm just wondering why he gets a pass and Pierce doesn't

  • janos

    Haynes this video-post 5th most funny celtichub history. One where celtic make voice joke southern report is best – I laugh so hard! My son say – what funny?? And I show him and we start from front again and is second time i watch but first for him and we laugh. I watch him , make sure he laugh right spot and he did. i watch four time and make a like on the youtube. Very good one today.

    • I_Love_Green

      Janos should write for Celticshub.

      • CsFanInArkansas


        I'd appreciate two things:
        1 – Background information on "Janos" – where did this guy come from, where is he, is his writing just tomfoolery or legit, how old is he, etc…
        2 – The Weekly Wreport by Janos – a weekly post on whatever Janos wants to post about.

        • janos

          Hi guy, is Janos.
          Thanks for ask know me and recommend job, is nice make friend on NBA. I am current night secure guard and have the two adult kid…so am probably older than you!! My ideas not always number 1, but is not fool?? I am not with official but my idea is legit as other.
          Best have Celtic web manager make the column they are expert on NBA more than me? I like make post all sort of thing, East conference, west conference, rockandroll, red sox, carl etc….

          • I_Love_Green

            Janos you're my dude.

  • James Patrick




  • Rajon Rondo

    Those videos are hilari…

    • rav

      Well played, Sir.

    • I_Love_Green

      HAHA ohhhhh I get it now!

  • misel

    hahaha… how about that one interview during the 2k11 shoot when the interviewer asked rondo, "can i choke you now?". that was an epic WTF moment =))

  • kricky

    Not to get off topic (and what a critically importntn topic it is LOL).

    But have you guys seen the video of LeBung and Wade mocking Dirk (who has outplayed both of them BTW) before game 5?

    What a bunch of f—ing DOUCHEBAGS! Seriously, I hope Dallas torches them tomorrow. They are not fit to be champs. Right now they are just slightly behind the Fakers in my pantheon of team hate.

    • Chris O

      4 real Krick they are douches

      • Batman

        Funny thing is Ric Bucher (Who I loathe) thinks they r COMPLIMENTING Dirk and not making fun of him

  • Chris O

    When he's sayin its rugged he's just sayin he needs a line up

  • Chris

    When are the Celticshub commenter awards being presented?

  • Morpheus

    Wade and Bron mocking Dirk like that is about as low as it gets. FUCK THEM, this is why it would be disastrous if they win it. Wade and Fraud would be poor role models/faces of the NBA. It's like Lost, how the survivors HAD TO KEEP the evil smoke monster from escaping from the island and infecting the world with it's wickedness. Keeping the cork on the bottle so to speak.

  • someguyinsac

    Awesome, it's the Miami Heap this year!

  • kricky

    Congrats to Dirk and Co. AND a Huge thanks for not let the Manssengil Heat win.

    This is the very definition of Bittersweet. It could have been us: a veteran tough team disciplining the frontruning douchebags if it wasn't for the injuries.

  • Robert

    Evil has been defeated!

  • LOL that was some pretty funny stuff! Does KG not respect him or are the just messin around?