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Report: Nenad Krstic Signs Deal With Russian Team


Remember that report a week or two back about the strong interest Nenad Krstic was getting from teams across the pond? Turns out it was just as big of a concern as we all thought it might be, as Krstic appears poised to sign a two-year deal with CSKA Moscow according to a report from Interbasket.net

The Serbia national team centre agreed to a two-year deal worth six million euros with the reigning Russian champions. Despite being targeted by other European giants, such as Olympiacos and Barcelona, the 27-year-old opted for the Reds given the amount of money involved

Now that dollar amount is worth roughly 8.75 million dollars here in the USA, if the report is indeed true of this signing. A fair contract to be sure, and a number I would have expected the C’s to be willing to offer to the young big man. It’s clear though, there may be a number of other complicating factors here, i.e. the lockout and new CBA, a desire to return closer to home for Krstic, etc.

The bad news is anyway you slice it, this is a pretty tough initial blow for the C’s in free agency if the report holds true. As we’ve covered here at CelticsHub, Danny Ainge has very limited resources this offseason to fill a number of holes, and Krstic was one guy that the C’s had Bird Rights on, making his signing a seemingly likely proposition. For now though, it might be time to start looking through the free agent (and draft) market for some potential solutions. And just like it was when we looked two weeks ago, the pickings are still pretty slim.

Too expensive

Tyson Chandler
Samuel Dalembert
Greg Oden

Realistic Possibilities

Yao Ming (doubtful)
Joel Przybilla
Jeff Foster
Nazr Mohammed
Spencer Hawes (restricted)
Kwame Brown
DeAndre Jordan (restricted)
Ryan Hollins (player option)
Dan Gadzuric
Shelden Williams
Miami’s aging ineffective center trio
Theo Ratliff
Jason Collins
Tony Battie
Hilton Armstrong
Earl Barron
Kurt Thomas

Much more on this story as it develops…..

  • Batman


  • Keenan Williams

    Good!! Nenad was too soft for us in the middle…shot jumpers like KG! We need a BANGER, someone who defends and plays good defense inside. I really Wish we would have kept Simi If we were into European style Centers! But here nor there..NAZI MOHAMMED would fit Nicely with this group of guys. He has a good defensiveside and won’t panic with the ball in his hands. He available and affordable.

    • Brady D. Callahan

      Oh nice, Mohammed would be great. Boom, there we go. Nazi Mohammed as the starter, Kurt Thomas as a backup and JaJuan Johnson from Purdue out of the draft. I would take those three big guys along with KG. I don't think Big Baby will (or should) re-sign so a much more athletic Johnson could take his spot.

  • kricky

    This stings a bit, but I don't think he'd help us anyway as he played himself out of the playoff rotation.

    Those are some intriguing names on the list. Jordan would be a steal (but I'm sure the clips aren't giving him up). Thomas or Mohammed would make good backups for JO.

    • TMC

      If that Kaman-Iguodala trade goes through, there is no chance we are getting Jordan.

  • Jim

    I liked Kristic and I am sorry to see him go. He had some skills we could use. Why we played BBD and not Kristic so much in the playoffs was a mystery to me . I wish BBD was the one signing over seas . I really hope we do not resign him!

  • Tony

    I will take Barron. He won't score, but he will bang and defend. Like Perkins except he can jump. Maybe Thomas as a backup obviously at this point in his career.

  • Tony

    Of course the dream would be Jordan, but as mentioned above the Clips won't let him get away. I would even trade our #1 pick this year for him. It is too hard to find a good young center these days.

  • I_Love_Green

    I would love to get Nazr and then draft Kenneth Faried, or Jajaun Johnson. Those guys along with JO/KG would be awesome. It would also help us for the future because JO and KG could take the draftee under their wing, and teach him some stuff.

  • lakershater13

    i thought krstic would be helpful in the playoffs due to his size and offensive ability. Instead Doc sat him on the bench as a defensive liability. Which was a good idea. We need guys who can play both ends of the floor. At the same time i do think krstic would have been a decent guy to eat up minutes during the regular season to rest KG and JO. Oh well time to move on and see who we can pick up this off season.

  • Patrick

    Let's hope Philly isn't stupid enough to trade Iggy for Kaman. I want Ainge to go for DeAndre Jordan with all he can. Cut loose Big Baby. With that cap room freed up along with Kristic's contract, that should be enough to sign the big fella. The list of FA guys is awwwwwwful!!! Przybilla is too injury prone, Kwame is awful, Jeff Foster is mediocre, Yao isn't coming back, Shelden Williams was turrible…The only guys I would want to see in Celtics Green would be Nazr, Spencer Hawes (for dirt cheap), DeAndre, Ryan Hollins, Kurt Thomas and possibly Hilton Armstrong.

  • dasein

    I'd move Jordan up into the not gonna happen category. No way Clippers are letting him leave. Shoulda drafted him when we had the chance.

  • Jason

    I'm certainly not broken up about Krstic moving on. If he had to play a meaningful role next season, it would not be good. He's a below-average player who makes the defense worse when he's out there. Since he blew out his ACL, that's been the case and that was unlikely to change next season. He's only a big on paper, he doesn't play like it. The Celtics are not losing much.

  • Jeremy

    Because hes getting paid more elsewhere. Plus with the lockout coming who knows what the new situation will be. Better to have stable employment when you're not some superstar rather than none at all.

  • LACelticFan

    This might be what BBD and his agent were looking for because as of right now, what other bigman knows the Celtic way of Defense or system? None. BBD does, and yeah he thinks he is better than he really is, but I would rather have someone who at least knows the system than to plug new pieces into a system that may or may not be open. Plus this move by NK will open up more $$$$ for Green if DA wanted to offer him more. But we still need a PF of the future and either a starting C or a back up C that can play big minutes. I still say Johnson in the draft, and McRoberts & Foster as FA's.

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