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Shaq Retirement Press Conference Highlights

  • James Patrick

    If only JO had the heart the Big Fella has I wouldn't be so worried about next season.

    • Batman

      Where is all this Jermaine Hate coming from?

      • James Patrick

        Everyone here has a short term memory when it comes to the fact that JO let us down, didn't get the surgery when he should have. There were several posts about it on this site and back then people were upset, now, everyone thinks he's awesome! lol

        • Batman

          Who thinks he is awesome? WE NEED HIM

  • duggyfresh88

    Long live Shaq!

    • Fuggydresh89

      Long live Shaq? More like short life Duggy.

      • duggyfresh88

        short life? 19 years in the NBA is a short life?

        • fuggydresh89

          Duggy i am talking to you…you have a short life buddy. After that terrible post.

  • dslack

    That was fantastic.

  • janos

    Hey Bryan, is Janos

    Thank you for make link share Shaq conference.

  • I_Love_Green

    I hope he doesn't leave the game. He should be an analyst on TNT. Him and Barkley would be the greatest ever.

  • Deb

    Since Kevin McHale has accepted the position of Head Coach for the Houston Rockets–Shaq could slide right into that position (if conditions right for Shaq. We'll miss your hart Shaq–thanks for your contributions both on and off the court.