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I’ve seen basically every video on Youtube except a couple, but somehow this highlight reel of Jiri Welsch’s NBA career had evaded me…until today, a day that I will henceforth consider to be my birthday. The video is set to “Goodbye,” a lesser single from the Spice Girls’ third album, released in 1998. Jiri Welsch left the NBA in 2006. This video was uploaded in late 2009. Hold your questions.

It basically has every piece of footage of Jiri Welsch ever to pass through a curved lens, including autograph sessions, media interviews, and shootarounds. Everything about it is excellent. Get ready for five minutes you’ll wish you could have back…to watch this highlight mix again!

Probably the best part is at 2:28–right as Sporty (it sounds like Sporty to me) kicks into the chorus and sets up the mix to go into emotional hyperdrive, we get a close-up of Jiri running in slow motion down the court, his hair bobbing almost in rhythm. Just the most incredible combination of image and sound in history.

(IMPORTANT: when the end credits roll and the music fades out, that does not mean the video is over. Stick around for an 100% unironic epilogue highlight of Jiri stealing the ball, going coast-to-coast, and missing a two-handed dunk. You’re welcome.)

But I’m really just using the discovery of this highlight mix as an excuse to remind everyone that Jiri Welsch was essentially the key to Boston basketball’s foreseeable future. For realsies. Click the jump.

I just don’t want people to forget that Jiri Welsch was traded for Rajon Rondo. The Celtics sent him to Cleveland for a 2007 first-round pick, which they in turn traded to Phoenix for the rights to Rajon Rondo during the 2006 draft. That’s it. There’s pretty much a one-for-one relationship between Jiri Welsch and Rondo, in terms of Celtics transactions.

Jiri was actually pretty good in that one 2003-2004 season, when he started 68 games and the Celtics still made the playoffs because the NBA couldn’t wrangle up anyone else on short notice. He was probably that awful team’s best long-range shooter, and could rebound serviceably for a guard. I mean, as far as Czech basketball players go, he was the second coming of George Goddamn Zidek.

But Jiri, still just 31, is now playing in the outermost reaches of darkest Spain. Rajon Rondo is the single most important player on the Boston Celtics.

Take a second to give thanks: for that trade, sure, but mostly to the NBA for letting sentimental Czech people use its copyrighted footage for whatever they want.

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  • Dan

    jiri F'n welsh….worst player iv ever seen….,EVER….couldnt dribble,couldnt shoot, not good on D….Dam was he bad

  • Sauce

    Someone please tell me who this man is?

    At as early 2007 convert to the BC I have no idea who or what this man is.

  • scott

    it is appropriate that an absolutely un-listenable song accompanies an unwatchable player

  • jeff

    you know who jiri welsh is if you where a C`s fan before the big three + complimentary bandwagon came along

    • duggyfresh88

      Yep. Mark Blount, Ricky Davis, Raef LaFrentz, Tony Battie, etc. Pierce used to play with some real talent….

      • I_Love_Green

        Don't forget Tony Delk and Kenny Anderson!

        • duggyfresh88

          And of course Walter McCarty!

        • lakershater13

          I LOVE WALTA!!!!!

          If your going to mention Tony Delk why not meantion Rodney Rogers. Well to be fair Rogers never scored 50 in a game like Delk did once.

      • Sauce

        Wow dream team or what

        • Batman


  • duggyfresh88

    Anyone else see this crap all over ESPN about LeBron all the sudden being not only the next Jordan but possibly better? This is the kind of stuff that infuriates me. Crowning him before he has even won a ring. I get it – he is a great player, and this postseason he looks on another level. But saying he could possibly be better than Jordan – winner of 6 FINALS MVPS is pure insanity. I hate ESPN

    • Batman

      you're right about the Finals MVPs but I don't think rings should have anything to do with an individual player's skill level

      • Morpheus

        They're not comparing skill level though. They're basically crowning Bron as great as MJ. That's just effing hilarious, since he's yet to win a championship.

        • Batman

          I don't disagree but if he wins a championship this year does that make him a better player than he was before? Also weren't they not crowning him but comparing him to Jordan?

          • duggyfresh88

            Batman – It all depends on the circumstances. LeBron has been on 60 win teams favored to win the championship and failed to come through. He was given a pass because he didn't have enough help. He went and got a lot more help and then predicted they would win at least 7 titles "easily". So yes, the number of championships he wins based on the circumstances will ultimately define him. And right now that number is still 0. I don't have a problem having this discussion in 10 years, but right now, it is absurd. When you want to compare someone to the greatest of all time, they have to have done some of the greatest things of all time. LeBron hasn't done that yet.

          • duggyfresh88

            Also, people have such short term sports memories. It can't be overstated how great Jordan was. In 86-87, he averages 37 PPG through a full 82 game season on 48% shooting. In the 1990 playoffs he averaged 36.7 PPG on 51% shooting, with 7 rebounds and y7 assists through 16 games. I could go on and on, just have a look at his basketball reference page. http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/j/jor… LeBron has not even come close to matching that resume.

          • Zee

            Jordan never lost a finals appearance. And who else could win three straight, take a break for a few and play baseball, and come back and win three straight again? No-one. He didn't even skip a beat. He could have 8 rings right now.

          • Batman

            Who is denying Jordan's greatness? What is the argument?

    • lakershater13

      MJ was 6-6 in finals. Lebron 0-1. That should settle that.

      Also MJ played at a time where you didn't have flagrant fouls. If you went to the hoop you knew you were getting decked like a man and you had to take it. The game today allows superstars to score more easily because of all the touch fouls. If they had called the game the same way in the early 90s think of how many FTs MJ would get a game.

      MJ made a comeback with the wizards. He came to Boston and did a one handed upfake on Eric Williams at the 3pt line. Eric Williams went flying past him. The whole arena applauded MJ. Thats the respect you get for being the greatest. Only way Lebron gets cheered in Boston is if he breaks his leg or announces his retirement.

  • bgsbnny

    after reggie and before pierce we had almost nothing. xavier mcdaniel, montross, dino radja, i don't even want to try and remember all the dopes that we had on the team. i actaully was an antoine walker "fan", just because he had a flair for the dramatic and he truly believed he was basketball greatness, which had high entertainment value. always watched the games whenever i could, but it was rough when there were so many other great players and teams around the league…

    • Batman

      Oop nvm u listed him

      • janos

        hey Batman, is Janos. Are you watch Red Sox this week? Carl Crawford doing very good. He is my favorite player of Red Sox.

        • Batman

          Argh rubbing Crawford in my face 🙁
          But yes He is also my favorite player on the Red Sox, as much as I hate them

  • Sauce

    Oh my dayz, I don't know whether it's a good or a bad thing that I don't know who any of these guys are, must of been grim to be a fan back then.

    From greatness to dino, yipee.


    He is still playing in Spain….

  • janos

    **This is message for content admin of board.

    Is OK ask question to fellow poster that is not NBA?
    I was going ask Batman what he think of Carl Crawford this week, is much better play?
    Is OK ask Batman this?

    • Board Administrator


      • janos

        thank you

        • Batman

          Hmmm I think he's finally getting into his stride, just have to wonder how long he can keep it up
          His play has been great for the month of May but this past week has been otherwordly
          Probably can't keep it up but if he regresses to his career averages well then his contract doesn't look so bad

          Now as a Yankee fan I really wanted Crawford but I'll have to make due with Granderson
          Also Granderson > Crawford

          • janos

            That crazy Batman that you no like Red Sox. Oh well is free country. Granderson hit many homerun since late last season almost as meny as Batista!

  • I_Love_Green


    • janos

      is good yes!!! plus the one!

  • Jason

    I actually have fond memories of Jiri because he was part of a 5 game stretch before the Ricky Davis trade that was the best stretch of basketball the Celtics had played since their franchise slippage. They had started the season a lot better than their 6-11 record showed before that stretch because they had blown several 20 point halftime leads. Even getting a 20 point lead, much less several of them, was impressive for a Celtics team, even if they ended up blowing them after teams started pressing Mike James. Jiri played a pivotal role in helping the Celtics finally put together whole games that ultimately resulted in wins. Pierce was the biggest part–he was putting up ridiculous across-the-board numbers–but Jiri chipped in with solid defense and unselfish facilitation. I was happy to witness a real glue guy on the Celtics.

    The Davis trade turned everything to pot. Whereas they were a high scoring team before the trade despite limited personnel on paper, they struggled to barely crack 90 points thereafter, even though Davis was supposed to be a potent offensive option. Jiri turned into a different player after the trade. I thought he tried to compete for his minutes by trying to outscore Davis. We were treated to many fruitless, forced drives and unmakeable shots off the dribble. He also freezed out Pierce a lot, something I attributed to Pierce seeming to favor Davis over Jiri.

  • Sauce

    I wouldn't doubt this guy has game and he could play real ball and contribute, buts it's funny people who play in the best basketball league in the world still get this title, maybe its because they are really good but playing against people so good it makes them look bad sometimes even if they can play and contribute?

    Anyone else have an idea why that is?, because I am flummoxed.

  • the-facts

    welch would be a better celtics now than before, because we got rondo now. the celtics wanted him to play the point guard position when he was here. He was 6"7 he could shoot the ball but he could not run the team as a PG. And he was a terrible defensive player. If he was playing now with garnett, paul, allen, and rondo he would be a much better player.