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Video: Deja Hoops!

If you were a Celtics’ fan watching the Bulls v. Heat game the other night, you may have broken out into an uncontrollable cold sweat and a screaming fit.  This is called PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   This happens when you are forced to relive an experience, or experiences, that caused you trauma.

After the Heat closed out the Celtics in five games, you may have thought, “it’s over.  He can’t hurt me anymore.”  You were wrong.  You may not have known it at the time but LeBron James was going to make you relive the turning point in the Eastern Conference Semifinals that spelled doom for the Celtics.

After leading for virtually the entire game, the Bulls found themselves in the unenvious position of having their opponent storm back and tie the game.  The Bulls, like the Celtics, shouldn’t have even been in this situation.  The game should have been on ice long before it got to this point.  By the time it did, the Heat had hoarded all the momentum and weren’t about to start sharing.

With the game tied and Miami in possession of the last shot, Ronnie Brewer drew an offensive foul on James.  While the foul looked questionable, James did something really petulant.  He was in midair for the potential game-winning foul-line jumper when the whistle blew.  As soon as he heard it, he stopped his follow through, landed with the ball, and started demonstrably complaining.  If he was so sure he didn’t charge into Brewer, why didn’t he assume the official was calling the foul on Ronnie Brewer?  Why didn’t he shoot the damn ball?

At any rate, now the game is really starting to conjure memories of the Celtics’ game four loss to Miami.  Replace “charging into Ronnie Brewer” with “turning the ball over to Ray Allen” and you have the same situation.  Tie game, only seconds left, a team capable of closing out.  In both instances, poor execution won out.  The other night, Derrick Rose provided a few cross-over stutter-step dribbles and took a step back long two: a shot he makes consistently when his opponent isn’t 6’8″ and super athletic.  The shot clanged off the rim and the game went to overtime.

You know the rest of the story: Miami out athletic’d the entire Bulls team and strung together a few scores to put the game away.  The funny part was the announcing crew that spent the entire Celtics’ experiencing talking about age catching up with a veteran team and running out of gas in the fourth quarter was using the same excuses for the Bulls.  After watching Kevin Garnett try in vain to gut-out the last moments of his career season, I don’t want to hear about Joakim Noah being “out of gas”.

The similarities between these two games rival the Lincoln/Kennedy conspiracy theories.  Both losing teams were known for the defense, yet couldn’t shut Miami down late in the fourth quarter and overtime.  Both teams ran the same “Tom Thibodeau” set of defensive rotations.  The late turnover by James game the opponent the final shot to win the game in regulation.  The subsequent botched attempt.  Even right down to the blown traveling calls on LeBron James:

Celtics Game 4:

Bulls Game 4:

Full Disclosure:  these are meaningless.  They are travels, they are turnovers and should have been called as such.  But the Miami Heat won both of these games because James couldn’t be stopped, not because of these isolated incidents.  Although, part of me wants a press conference reporter to ask James about these so we can get another “crab dribble” sound byte.
The Heat now hold the same commanding 3-1 series lead they held over Boston and will probably close out in five or six.  If you’re like Wyc Grousbeck, this sucks.  But at least you know you’re a Mavericks fan for the rest of the season.

  • SteveB

    Very traumatic watching those Lebron travels over again. The worst part is he does is so blatantly and doesn't get called but a guy like Big Baby or KG gets called for taking one extra step on a move to the basket. Add the lack of travel calls to Lebron getting a lot of fouls calls at the rim to bail him out. These aren't sour grapes, just a frustration as a fan and viewer. When I watch the game and yell TRAVEL while watching live on TV and the refs miss it every time something is wrong. Those plays don't even look right with him covering so much ground without dribbling.

  • Yes and yes.

    The funny (or devastating) part is, that with the shifted pivot foot against the Celtics, LeBron didn't take three steps on either of these travelling non-calls. HE TOOK FOUR.

    It's easy to see why Wyc wants the Bulls to win so badly, especially with the Thibodeau (and Scalabrine) connection. I like what Thibs has done to slow Dwyane Wade in this series (http://www.anaheimamigos.com/2011/05/trying-to-make-dwyane-wade-one.html), but he has to figure out how to slow LeBron.

    Giving him four steps at a time makes it that much harder.

  • kricky

    uggggh. I f***ing hate Lebron.

    And to add insult to injury he plays lock down defense on Rose to end the game. I may has well have hired someone to stick bamboo shoots up my fingernails.

    Why do I even watch these games now that the Cs are out?

    • SteveB

      I've watched very little since the Cs lost. I would only watch to root against Miami and since that isn't happening it's kind of difficult. I will probably watch the finals, mostly once they reach a close out game, but that's about it. Watching Chris Bosh act like he's the man and watching them celebrate every win like they just won the national championship is sickening. Win it all and then feel free to go crazy.

      • diehardceltic

        Spot on on Chris Bosh! The other day I saw him pull a KG chest pumping move and I was so disgusted…..I thought to myself, hey, thats a patented move, don't even go there! Its so frustrating to watch the Heat win, Chicago has really let the C's fans down! Hopefully Nowitzki and the Mav's put an end to the Heat celebration coz otherwise we will never here the end of it!

        Urghhhhhh, is it October alread???

        • jeff

          well lebron ripped KG`s entire routine so is any of this new heat are copiers whiners and cheaters
          i stopped watching after the C`s where eliminated hoping we buy some draft picks this year cheaper than resigning veterans i have my eye on Travis lesley and the Brazilian center and maybe one more big 10 veterans and 5 young players including avery this year at the least

  • blockout54

    Yes "the King" gets away with traveling and pushing off with his elbow but the bulls are inept. The game is tied, the bulls "flatten out" to give Rose room to get around James and twice Rose settles for the worst option. That's not intelligent basketball. Damn, life's frustrating! Go Celtics.

  • Morpheus

    I have only watched 2 games since the Celtics were eliminated. Game 6, 7 Memphis vs Thunder.
    While watching these games i found i had this empty feeling inside, like "what the hell am i even watching this game for", the reality of being taken out by Miami was like drifting in and out of conciousness from a KO blow in the ring. It's real….it's not real….i don't want it to be real….ARGH i can't believe it is real…

  • bgsbnny

    big baby spotted monday in allston buying a long board. scalabrine is supposed to be dressing for the game tonight. these are the things about the Cs that we have to distract ourselves with. it's definitely a bummer.

  • BeatTheHeat

    Is it wrong for me to want Miami to close out tonight? The Mavericks have always been my second favorite team, and I think it would be much sweeter if they beat the Heat (06 Finals revenge?) than if the Bulls won the ECF. Just putting in my 2 cents.

  • I_Love_Green

    Bulls and Thunder writing the book on how to choke away a 4th quarter lead with under 5 minutes to go.


  • janos

    Going cheer for Mavs, when Bulls blow lead tonight I throw bowl of soup at TV – no more comeback Lebron, sick of it! Who going to come clean up this mess?

    • someguyinsac

      Derrick and Noah among others, are free for the summer now. Give em a call. =)

  • WTF

    Hatred aside, I got to admit that better team and player win. LeBron proved in this series that he’s the best, on O and D. Rose is not at that level yet. Now, can possesed Dirk out duel LBJ and Co.? We’ll find out soon.

  • someguyinsac

    Hey, I'm a Mavs fan now!

    (Only temporarily though.)

    • Morpheus

      Move over, this bandwagon is getting full really fast

    • Jay P

      Supported is the word, not fan.

      • someguyinsac

        Hey, I'm a Mavs supporter now!

        (I stand corrected.)

  • lakershater13

    I must admit Miami is an easy team to cheer against. The celebrate a Celtic defeat like they just won the Olympics for their country. I love the Miami fans who say Lebron is great for taking a discount. Your right the guy is an angel for signing for 110 mil for 6 years. Rondo 5 years and 55 million. Now that is a discount. I hope Kidd and Peja finally get a ring. The Big 2 plus Bosh have plenty of time to get one.

    • Batman

      Rondo is nowhere on the level on Lebron so why would he have a salary anywhere near the level of Lebron's?

  • DannyAinge4President

    Whatever we may think of the Heat, they've massively-boosted interest in the NBA this season. (domestically and internationally) …..maybe enough interest so that players/owners understand that a prolonged fight will not be in their interests.