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Wyc Grousbeck Talks Heat, Potential Trades on WEEI

Celtics majority owner Wyc Grousbeck took some questions on WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show Wednesday morning which covered the variety of topics. You can check out the full interview from the link above, but he hit on a number of notable topics summarized here:

On The Heat: “I am watching this year because I want Miami to lose so badly,” he said, adding “I’m rooting hard against the Heat.” Grousbeck did give the Heat credit. “I thought they outplayed us in the series,” he said. “They had more juice. They had more pop. I can’t really deny that. I would have loved to take that Monday night game in Boston and make it 2-2 and see what happened. I think we might have won the thing. But I don’t really regret with like a huge missed chance. I’m just annoyed we didn’t beat them.”

On Perk: “He had already rejected our maximum offer to him, so he was gone,” Grousbeck said. “At this point now, we have the rights to Jeff Green that we will pick up and extend, and we have a first-round pick from the Clippers in a year or two, hopefully. So, we’ve got some assets that we wouldn’t have had.”

On Re-Signing Doc: “He had a good year this year, it wasn’t as wearing on him as last year I think way. Last year he was pretty beat up. This year, he seemed to be excited. We all collectively decided let’s make him this offer. I thought we ought to do it during the week off between New York and Miami — go ahead and get it done so we’re not in this bidding war with the Lakers and everything else at the end of the season. And he said, ‘Yeah, I’m a Celtic. I love it.’ ”

On Potential Future Moves This Offseason: “That could be future draft picks, trade somebody. We’ve got a bunch of guys we could sign and trade.”

  • Stephen

    If they extend Green, I'll take some time off from my fandom. I did it in the Montross/Acie Earl, in a town w so many great sports options, I don't have time to root for teams that shoot themselves in the foot.

    • Jay P

      The bandwagon will be ready when you get back, chump.

      • Mike

        My thoughts exactly.

    • CsFanInArkansas

      Very lame, Stephen.

      Why don't you take your "fandom" talents to South Beach or Orange county where they would better serve either of those communities…

      What a joke, dude…

    • I_Love_Green

      No room in Celtic's nation for anyone like you. You aren't welcome.

      Good bye.

    • God

      are you sure you aren't a heat fan?

      • Batman

        Hey God

    • Stephen

      I'm certainly not Danny Ainge's bitch, that's fo' sure.
      I'm not saying I'm not a fan – – and I certainly hate the Heat – but over the last few years, great NBA team have shown some proven ways to win. Extending below average players (because you have a "hunch" about them) is not one of them. Lots of cap space so that you can sign multiple superstars in the prime is the way to win.

  • dslack

    I suspect that what Stephen's expressing is something pretty similar to how I feel: Jeff Green is a below average player. His PER is and always has been below 15 (league average) and PER is primarily an offensive stat. As a below-average defender, he clearly doesn't make up for his poor offensive efficiency on the defensive end of the court. The surest way to mediocrity is to spend big money on below-average players. The Celtics made a mistake by trading Perkins for Green, but they should not compound this mistake by overpaying just to keep Green.

    Just to be clear: I'm not saying that the Celtics lost *because of* the Perk trade. I think that a different trade for a different small forward would have left the Celtics better equipped to compete against Miami this year, but Miami's really good and probably would have won anyway. Nevertheless, the trade made the team worse, and therefore was a terrible trade in a season in which the Celtics had a chance to win a championship.

    • CG12

      I'm not much of an advanced stats guy. Not because I think they're wrong, just because I don't feel like taking the time to learn and research them. But I read enough analysis to know that advanced metrics don't like Jeff Green. And it's one thing to be Brian Scalabrine and have poor advanced stats, since everyone knows he's an "intangibles" guys. Jeff Green, however, is supposed to be an offense-oriented guy, so the clear trend definitely makes me worry about his long-term value.

      I do hold out some hope that he could be formed into a more efficient player. If he could avoid mid-range stuff and post-up small guys and shoot the occasional 3, I'd feel better about that. His D on LeBron was surprisingly good. But I'm an optimist, perhaps foolishly so…

    • Rex

      That JGreen is below average is backed by other advanced stats (Win Score & Wins Produced). And if you want the eyeball test…dude's an undersized PF who doesn't rebound well and takes low percentage shots. Sound familiar?

    • Diego

      Well said. The main issue here is that management had that precaution of not signing -or in this case bringing -anyone for a nice amount of money; 1. to keep cap space safe and 2. to see what the new era brings.
      Imagine if instead of Green we had Gerald Wallace from Charlotte –he was let go for cap room)….. still Jeff Green is young and we can only hope it all works for the franchise and he doesn’t cost a lot of money -NBA wise- and that he starts to play at a good level, which honestly, we all know he can, he just, in my opinion needs to get mentally strong.

  • English Major

    i dont read this blog to see perfect english, i read it because i loved the celtics since i was 4 yrs old. so thanks brian for writing this article where i wouldnt have heard it otherwise. OMG im writing without proper capitalization oh no!

  • CG12

    Nice work, jackass. "Getting rid of diction"? Quoth Webster's: "diction" "style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: 'good diction'." You can't get rid of diction. It's either good or bad, but it's always there. A word of advice: a writing to criticize someone else's writing should be a little less obviously poor. I don't love the way the internet seems to promote sloppy writing, but I don't go around correcting people, and anyone who does is super annoying.

  • philip

    i'm with cg12; it's pretty lame to call for a writing tutor on a sports blog. i'm particularly perplexed by nickfaldo's observation stating that "the rest was garbage." am i the only one who is confused about what this is in reference to? the rest of the post was comprised of quotes. um, brian, i think you suck at transcribing quotes? thanks for clearing that up, nickfaldo!

  • CsSinceDee

    The rest is garbage? The rest is quotes from Wyc. Are you stupid?

  • kricky

    I'm with Grous on the Heat. I almost hate them as badly as the Fakers. But it looks like they have CHicago on the ropes. Let's hope the Mavs can keep Lebung from getting a ring this year. (OKC looks done too – sorry Perk)

    • I_Love_Green

      Honestly, and I'm not hating on the heat here, I don't think the Mavs will be stopped this year. Dirk has been incredible, they play elite defense, and they have shooters everywhere.

      • dslack

        I hope you're right but the Mavs haven't faced a defense that's as big, fast, and smothering as Miami's. Teams have been wilting down the stretch under Miami's defensive pressure, and LeBron seems like the ideal guy to guard Dirk — amazing athlete, great quickness and strength.

  • Joeschmo

    “I am watching this year because I want Miami to lose so badly,”

    I am a Heat Fan. As a Heat Fan, I respect this much more than that idiot Barkley. At least this guy has the stones to fully say "I don't like the Heat and I want them to lose" whereas Barkley just pretends to like them while on Miami radio and then talks all sorts of trash on the air.

    If you're gonna hate the Heat, do it publicly man up to it dammit!

    • Alvarez

      National television broadcasts are certainly more public than local Miami radio. Your logic is internally inconsistent. I see how you may prefer the consistency of Wyc’s stance over the apparent flip-flopping Charles is engaging in, but I would imagine it’s easier to maintain an entirely consistent viewpoint on a franchise as the principal owner of a rival than as an ostensibly unbiased sports reporter.

    • theredstain

      OK, Heat Fan:
      I hate the Prefab Five as much as I do the Lakers, with their ego-maniacal, ball-hogging rapist.
      I suspect that Pat Riley was in collusion illegally to assemble a "team" of All Stars in their prime. It's a short-cut to a team's natural maturation process. And the difference in the Celtics' Big Three? They were all past their prime and never won a title. They deserve to go to a winner.
      Happy now?

  • C-rod


  • C-rod

    All of you are a whiney bunch stfu and watch next season I garuntee all of you will take back your comments about green. He went from a starter playing close to 40 min to off the bench playing 20 min. Completely different offense in boston than okc and completely different defense. A full offseason with three hall of famers. Prove all you doubters wrong

    • kricky

      C-Rod you can wish in one hand and shot in the other and see which one comes up first.

      Green wasn't that great as a starter in OKC either. Look at his numbers. The idea was that he'd be better playing at the 3 instead of the 4 and off the bench (where you play against the other teams' bench players). That didn't happen. ANd he's a bit to old to expect a sudden improvement in his game. So he is what he is.

      • dslack

        Per minute his numbers were almost identical in Boston and OKC. He was a below-average 40-minute starter in OKC and a below-average player in about 2/3 as many minutes in Boston. But thanks for the guarantee.

    • LACelticsFan

      I completely agree, transitioning from being a full time starter at PF in the West to a back up swing forward in the East was difficult. Green will be much better next year when he gets all of the schemes down. As will Krstic. But I really hope they bring in two PFs(a rookie-Johnson and a vet-McRoberts), then shore up the back court with Tracy McGrady. Using the two midlevels on those two could be really good.

      • C-rod

        I agree I like to see that your a fan who also has faith

  • C-rod

    And the funny thing is you’ll be the first to praise him and write all about it.

  • I_Love_Green

    I don't know if I'm alone on this one, but it makes me sad watching the Mavs get to the finals. Just remembering how good that felt in 08, and last year.


    • kricky

      Agreed. But it's better to see them than the Fakers gain. Man that would really sting.

    • skeeds

      Agree, but if there's one team it hurts the least to watch reach the Finals, it's the Mavs. They're playing the best basketball I've seen any team play the last 3 years, since 2008's Celtics. And I can't think of anything to say about Dirk Nowitzki that wouldn't make me sound like a 14year old groupie.
      Also. How CLUTCH is Marion?

      In the end, I'll be more than happy if the Mavs get the trophy, they deserve it. And if they pulverise the Heat on the way, I'd be ecstatic!

  • skeeds

    No it's not. They deserve to win a championship because they're playing the best basketball I've watched in a while. Simple as that. If you want I could give you a more detailed explanation on why I believe that, but it's still just my opinion. I'll just say that there's a completeness about them, like all the pieces have fallen in place. Much like the C's of 2008.

    On a different level, I'd like to see players like Dirk and Kidd, who have "paid their dues", finally be rewarded, as we all wanted PP and KG to get a ring, not just cause they are Celtics, but because they "deserved" to get one. But that's not the real reason, it's just an added highlight.

    • Batman

      Do u mean u think they r the best choice to win a championship or that you think they literally deserve a ring for their past history?

      • skeeds

        No man, offcourse they don't literally deserve a ring for their history, that's why I said it'd just be a highlight.

        It's exactly as you said it, the way they're playing, they are the best choice to win it all, and so they should.

        • Batman

          alright good then lol

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